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Chapter 13

She suddenly closed her eyes, and silent tears leaked from the corners.

Yet she said nothing. Her knuckled flashed with green energy, but it was quick. Like turning off a light. Her body started to shake, but her face remained emotionless.

It was like a battle was happening inside of her, like she was trying to decide whether to come back… or not…

Yet after everything Nightwing has put her through, after every lonely night, every empty word and hollow touch…

Why would she come back to that?

Raven sat quietly in her dark room, bouncing her leg, her mind deep in thought and worry, Starfire hadn't changed. She stayed in the comatose state, wincing and groaning to herself. And as day turned to night her date had gotten canceled and most of the titans turned in. Except her…

She wished there was something she could do… Help Starfire, her best friend, in some sort of way. But she knew there wasn't, it was Starfires choice whether or not to come back, and honestly Raven thought she wouldn't.

A soft knock on her door.

Without thinking, she rose from her bed and opened the door. Her eyes met a pair of green ones, and she found herself surprised.

"Come with me for a drive?" Beast Boy asked. Raven cocked an eyebrow. She was dressed in grey sweats and a black pull over hoodie. Yet he looked no better, in white under armor and black sweats, his eyes looked bloodshot and his hair tousled. He couldn't get any sleep.

"I really shouldn't…" Beast boy shook his head and held up the keys to the T-car. How in the world did he get those?

"I begged Cyborg, and told him I would do his chores for a month. Take a drive with me Rae…" His voice was smooth, and Raven felt herself shiver. Slipping on a pair of blue slippers, she stepped out of her room. The two titans walked down the hall in silence, and into the elevator.

"Garage please." Beast boy said. The elevator hummed, and down they went.

"Some day." He said. Raven nodded

"Some day…"

"How'd your date go?" He knew she never went.

"Canceled. It was for the best, probably some other time. Who knows." The elevator doors hissed open, and they walked to silver and blue vehicle. Beast Boy opened the door for Raven, and she sat in the passenger seat.

"Thanks beast boy."

"Please, it's changeling. Or Garfield for you." He shut the door, and got inside. The engine turned over with no problem, and the garage door started to slide open.

"Why the change?" Raven asked.

"It's time for me to grow up." He shifted the car into first gear, hit the clutch and then floored it. The T-car sped out of the tower, and down the thin highway that led to their home. Easily he shifted into 2nd, and then 3rd and so on. The street lights seemed like lasers, they were moving so fast. Raven liked it. Suddenly the speakers started to thump, Changeling had put on a song by the glitch mob. The bass and snares made Raven relax deeper into the leather seat.

"Drive it like you stole it." He grinned, his signature fang popping out from his bottom lip. He then shifted it into 6th gear, and they flew into the city. He took a sharp turn and the T-car power slid around a corner. Raven gripped the "OH SHIT!" bar and squealed. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins, and a sense of danger crawled up her spine. She LOVED it.

"Where are we going?" She shouted over the music.

"There's a spot I want to take you, it's been my secret hiding place for years now." He downshifted, and came to a stop at a red light. The Sub made Raven's hair brush against her back, the Dubstep sounded nice, it was smooth but had twists and turns you wouldn't expect. The light turned green, and Changeling turned left. They drove in silence for a few, and finally came to city limits and into the desert.

"Gar?" Raven asked, now curious. He didn't speak, just smiled.

They drove until the city disappeared from the horizon, and only darkness surrounded them. There was a small turn off, and he drove into a dusty field. The T-car hummed and rocked as it came onto the uneven surface.

Finally, he stopped and turned the car off.

"Ready?" He asked. Raven rolled her eyes.

"Close your eyes okay?"

"No." She said.

"Rae, please…"His voice was desperate. She sighed, and shut her eyes. Raven heard him open the door, and run around to her side. Her door opened, and cool summer air brushed against her soft skin. He placed his hand over her eyes, and guides her out of the car.

He then took his hand away, and Raven opened her eyes.

She gasped, and was amazed at what she saw.

Above her, like small little diamonds, were stars. Not the few stars you see in a city, but EVERY star possible. Trillions of them, she smiled. The arm of the Milky Way stretched across the sky, and a shoot star streaked by.

"Wow…" she gasped.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Raven looked to see Changeling staring up at the sky, a sad smile on his face.

"It's amazing." She said, not breaking her eyes away from him. Green met azure, and he half smiled again.

"In Africa, before everything happened my mother and I would lay out on top of the roof and water the stars for hours. Its… calming to me. And I want someone special to share this with, so I brought you out here." Special? Raven blushed.

Thank god it was dark.

"Thank you for sharing this with me Changeling." Changeling shook his head, and then hopped on the hood of the T-car.

"Come on up." He patted the spot next to him. Raven took the offer, and they both stretched across the windshield and watched the sky. After a few minutes of silence, Raven spoke up.

"You never really talk about your time before… about the time with your parents, and Africa."

"That's bold." Changeling's voice held humor but his emotions spoke differently.

"If you don't want to share it with me, I understand."
"No, it's fine. There isn't much to talk about really… My parents were hardcore scientists, I was ignored so I played with the wild life. I never really got much out of them, save for the time me and my mother spent watching the stars. She would tell me about her day, and we would laugh. I can't really… remember what her voice sounds like anymore." Raven set her hand on top of his.

"My dad, well… we never did much. We went fishing one time, and something snagged on his line and pulled him into the water. That was funny. But other than that, he was too busy with paperwork and lab stuff." Changeling chuckled, and shook his head.

"Look at me bitching when you've had it the hardest out of us all."

"I wouldn't say that. Despite my mother dying, and Trigon being my father, I had a fairly easy life." Changeling looked at her in disbelief.

"Okay, so not THAT easy. I mean, I wasn't allowed to feel, and I was feared. No one came towards me except Azar. She treated me like a human being, instead of a monster. I was very solitary; I guess I kind of hold onto that now."

"It's hard to break things that have been drilled into your head when you were little." Raven nodded.

"But I've always hated being alone. It left me to my own thoughts, and my emotions. Now, I can control most of it and being alone lets me reign in my powers. But I still don't like it…"

"Then why go off alone? If you don't like it, be with people. You can meditate with others you know."
"No one ever made a move to BE with me. It was only Starfire. She and I meditate, and honestly it's the best moments of my life so far."

"I always thought you hated me…" Raven snorted

"I did. I envied you, I was jealous that you could be YOU and not have to worry about it. You have so many emotions, you brood, you get angry, your happy, your sad, your even jealous. Envious, Lustful, Joyous, Depressed, everything. You could feel all of the emotions I have, and not worry about the effects. And for some reason I can hear your emotions louder than anybody else's." Changeling looped his arm around Raven's head and pulled her close.

Happy and Lust and another emotion, one she hadn't heard, cheered. Knowledge shook her head.

"I wonder why that is." Changeling said.

"Me too…" At that moment, a huge shooting start streaked across the stars.

"Make a wish." He said. She smiled, and closed her eyes.

I wish everything will be okay…

"What did you wish for?"
"Can't tell, or else it wont come true." She giggled. Changeling sat up.

"Oh my god." He said.

"What?" She started to panic.

"Your laugh. Oh my god. Your laugh. It's adorable." He smiled. She smiled back.

And for hours, they sat there on top of the T-car and talked. Past missions, their lives, the future, and even the present. He expressed how afraid he was, and she told him she was afraid too. He made her laugh, and she made him laugh as well. It was wonderful, Raven found herself laughing and smiling more than she has ever in her lifetime.

"It's getting Late, we should probably head back home." Gar suggested. Raven smiled, and they climbed into the T-car. the engine started effortlessly and they headed back to the city.