Chapter 18

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Changeling groaned as he lay his head back against the wooden chair. His eyes hurt. His face hurt. Damn, everything just HURT! But he had to time it just right… Changeling was not weak as people seemed to believe, he just had to time his escape.

Wasn't all about brute force you know.

His sensitive hearing picked up on her footsteps before she even touched the door handle.

Game time he thought as a slight smile played at his lips.

Raven paced her room. She had this feeling in the pit of her stomach that something was severely wrong. Her emotions had been so jumbled lately that she couldn't tell the difference from instinct and paranoia. Raven NEEDED to meditate that much was for sure. She needed to focus on what has been bugging her since Garfield came back. He felt fake. Artificial, but it was so hard to pin-point what about him was fake. And his eyes… blue to green? Was she imagining that? Maybe Raven was just nuts.

Or maybe something is seriously wrong. She thought bitterly. Raven growled and marched out of her room. Content on going to the roof to meditate she didn't bothering teleporting. She told the elevator her command, and it complied.

What did surprise her however, was that Cyborg was sitting on the edge of the roof, his large metal feet dangling over the edge.

"Oh I'm sorry." Raven said as she went to turn around. Cyborg turned back at her and smiled

"No Problem Rae. Care to join me?" He asked.

"I really should meditate…"
"I can be quiet." Cyborg said. Raven thought for a moment. What the hell, if Starfire could be quiet so could he. She floated her way next to him and sat in her lotus position. She started to breath, and felt herself drift farther and farther away. When her emotions started to calm, she felt that fake energy again… as she tried to zero in on it, a deep voice broke her concentration

"Sorry Rae but… I have to ask something." Raven blew out a breath. When she didn't say anything, Cyborg continued

"I was wondering… well. What happened that night Bb borrowed the T-car?" Raven opened her eyes and looked at him, a slight blush lighting up her cheeks.

"Nothing!" she said quickly. Cyborg grinned

"You like him down you?" Raven scoffed

"Of course not."

"Liar." Raven growled and let her feet touch the ground

"I don't see how it's your business Cyborg!" She snapped Cyborg chuckled

"Secrets safe with me Rae." Held up a hand in defeat. Raven growled, angry at herself for being so obvious. As well as embarrassed for being put on the spot…

"On second thought I'll go in my room." She said as she walked away. As the metal door shut behind her, Cyborg smirked and his face changed. Dark skin and Machine was replaced with pale skin and baby blue eyes. Logan smiled as he pulled out a small black and orange communicator

"The half demon has trouble restraining her emotions.." He said curtly. He tucked the communicator into his utility belt, before heading towards the door. As he walked, he shifted into a man with black spandex, and spikey gelled hair.

Starfire sat at her vanity mirror and stared at herself. She still felt sort of empty. Yes, Nightwing had expressed his feelings for her but Starfire couldn't help but wondering. He has been distant since he told her. Leaving her to sleep alone, and eat alone save for Cyborg and Raven.

Starfire never wanted to feel alone… she hated that feeling. It reminded her to much of the box…

Dark and cramped… Starfire closed her eyes tightly, forcing the memory away. There was a sudden knock on her door, and she hoped it was Wildfire. She had not spoken with him in quite sometime

"Enter." She said as she picked up her hair brush and started on her lovely locks. The door hissed open, and she saw in her mirror Nightwing. She tensed, but also smiled. She was happy to see him. Maybe things would change

"Hey Starfire." Nightwing said Lamely. Starfire set down her brush
"Hello friend Nightwing. How may I help you?" She turned around in her swivel stool to look at him. He rubbed the back of his neck, something he did when he was nervous

"So… Uhm, I know that things have been… rough between us and well I think it's because I don't know much about you. Your people I mean." Nightwing looked at her with masked eyes. She cocked her head.

"What do you mean? You know of Tameran, and how my people are the warrior race. What else is there to know?"
"I want to know about your past." Starfire tensed. That was not a topic she liked to speak of.

"Nightwing that is a very personal, and painful, topic."

"Start with when you first came here. Why did the Gordanians take you?" Starfire fiddled with her thumbs as she cast her eyes downward. She liked that he had taken an interest in her, however she was ashamed of how she ended up on that ship, on her way to the citadel. She took a deep breath, to muster up as much courage as she could and began

"I was on that ship because the Gordanians had captured me from my home world. We were already at war with the Gordanians, Mother and Father had perished in an attack years before, so it was Blackfire, Wildfire and I. Galfore had said that since Wildfire was prince, and since he had rights to the throne, that he was to be smuggled off world. I was not told of his whereabouts, and neither was Blackfire. However news had made it to the Gordanians and they had attacked the night Wildfire was to leave. I had suspected it was Blackfire, since she was nowhere to be found… however, I had fought with a battalion of guards long enough for Wildfires ship to jump to hyperspace. But there were so many of them…. As my troops feel I was captured.

"They put me in chains, bound my wrists tightly and shoved me in a metal box. I remember that when they shut the door on me, it pressed against my chest. I could hardly breathe… My knees could not bend, and my elbows touched the sides." Starfire closed her eyes and took in a shuddering breath.

"Gordanians had no yet gathered Hyperspace technology, so I was stuck in that box for months… I was fed once a week, and given water through the small slits in the box. When the guards weren't banging on the metal to try and scare me, they would leave me alone. But I felt that was the worse torture… I would stand in the box, not able to sit, and I would feel the darkness close in on me. I would suffocate, I was afraid, cramped, stuck…" Starfire met Nightwing's eyes, which had not left her face.

"When I found out I was to be sold into slavery, as a sex slave to some horrible tyrant I panicked. I became angry. Fearful. Though I couldn't move my legs and arms, I could move my head. I summoned all of my alien strength, as much confidence as I could ever feel, and I banged my head against the metal. It hurt, and I growled through the pain. I did it over and over, until I felt the metal dent enough for my arms to move." Starfire shook her head, and she stood.

"You know the rest of the story, please go now. I am very tired." Starfire felt tears sting her eyes. The thoughts of the box terrified her to no end… Nightwing frowned, but said nothing as he walked over of her room.

As the door slid shut behind him, he pulled out a small red and orange communicator

"Starfire suffers from severe Claustrophobia."

"Excellent Logan. I will handle Cyborg and Nightwing, return when you are ready." A sly voice spoke back. Logan grinned and shifted into the green version of himself and headed towards the garage.

Changeling took a deep breath, Ravager was minding her own business. Good. He looked deep within himself, and latched onto the most primeval thing he had.

A snarl came from the back of his throat, and he felt his legs and feet grow. The chair started to lift from the ground, and as his legs grew in size along with his chest and arms the restraints started to splinter and hiss. His face elongated, large teeth filled his mouth and his large green eyes shrunk, and became white. Ravager looked up from her work, and gasped. Nearly falling on her ass as she stumbled backwards.

The Beast roared, and the chair shattered, and the leather restrains snapped. Long claws, 3 inches long each, grew from his hands. Thick course hair covered his entire body and the beast crouched low to the ground. He stared at Ravager, who was wide-eyed with fear.

With another loud roar, the beast charged towards the metal door. Ravager dove out of the way, but stood to go after him

"Don't." Slades voice came through her earpiece.

"But he'll ruin our plan!" She said.

"With the information we have gathered, there is no need for surprise anymore. Let him go." Ravager relaxed, though her fists were still clenched. She could hear a wall explode, and the beast roar in triumph. She shook her head, and turned back to her computer, getting the final preparations for their master plan.