Chapter 5

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Raven could feel the world start to set in. She could hear the electronic beeps of a monitor, the soft sound of ocean waves lapping against Titan's tower. She could smell the clean sheets, and the soft scent of pine trees.

A smile spread across her pale lips. Beast Boy smelt like pine trees.

She felt herself floating above the bed, her body finishing up a much needed healing trance. About damn time.

Taking a deep breath, she scanned her body. Minus major fatigue and an insane feeling of hunger, she was fine. The scratches and bruises on her body and face were gone, her soft grey skin looked untouched. Slowly, her body descended onto the bed. The mattress sunk in, and a warm… fuzzy thing pressed into her side.

That's uncomfortable. She thought. Raven then noticed how her hand was wrapped around another warm object … She wiggled her body, hoping to move whatever the object was. Instead, she got a groan from somebody else.

Instantly her eyes snapped open, the sunlight from the windows causing her to squint for only a moment. The warm thing pushed up into her side again, as if trying to make her body a pillow. She looked down to see Beast Boy hunched over onto her bed, his head now on her soft squishy side. Trying to pull her hand free, his grip only tightened.

Raven rolled her eyes.

She poked him with her free hand. When did his arms get so… thick?

Poke. Beast Boy groaned again.

"Beast Boy get up." Raven said.

"No." He said sleepily. Maybe he didn't realize who he was speaking too?

"Beast Boy. Get. Up." Her voice was stronger now. Again, the green teen groaned and then sighed before raising his head. His hair was tousled, bags underneath his eyes. He looked around the room, looking like he had forgotten where he was.

Finally, recognition set in and his drowsy eyes snapped open as he looked at Raven.
"Oh my god! You're awake!" His cheeks flushed. His eyes looked from her face to their intertwined hands.

"Uh…" He seemed to be trying to come up with an excuse.

"Just let go." Raven said calmly. His cheeks grew brighter, and he let go of her hand.

"Uhm, I'll go… I'll go get Cyborg and the others… They'll want to do some check up work." He jumped to his feet and rushed out of the door. Raven sighed.

She just wanted to go into her room, crawl into her bed, and try and get some sleep without any damn nightmares. Without noticing, she looked at her now cold and empty hand. A frown came to her lips.

His fingers felt so… comfortable.

Ugh, this is silly. He's her team mate… and friend. There would never ever be anything more. But Maybe-

"Friend Raven!" Starfires voice beamed. Raven instantly felt waves of joy and relief come from the Tameranian. A bit overwhelmed, she couldn't express her discomfort as the Alien girl flew over to Raven's side and picked her up in a famous bone crushing hug.

"Star- Can't…" Raven wheezed.

"Oh!" Starfire placed Raven back into the bed gently

"My Apologizes, I was so excited to see you I have forgotten that you are still injured." The Tameranian blushed. Raven smiled.

"Not Injured anymore Star, just… tired."

"There's my girl!" Cyborg smiled as he came into the room, followed by Nightwing.

"How are you feeling?" Nightwing asked. Starfire briefly looked at their leader with sorrow in her eyes, but then turned to look at Cyborg.

Raven would have to ask about that later.

"Fine, just hungry and tired." Nightwing smiled at his friend

"Well, it could be expected, you've been out for about a week." Cyborg said as he started to unhook the many wires from Raven.

"That long? Damn…"

"Friend Beast Boy refused to leave the whole entire time! I even had to make him go do the 'washing up' because he smelt 'the bad" Starfire said. Raven raised an eyebrow.

Beast Boy stayed with her? The whole time?

"I'll have to thank him later then." Raven said.

"Well, I can bring you something to eat if you aren't up to walking." Cyborg turned off the monitor and set a pair of fresh clothes for Raven on Beast Boy's chair.

"I'll be fine, just let me change and I'll meet you all down there." The Team nodded, each giving her gentle hugs before disappearing behind the door. Raven sighed, she could already feel her body start to shut down.

Food. She needed food.

Then Sleep.

But food first.

Her stomach grumbled in agreement.

She swung her legs over the edge of the bed and took a moment to gather her bearings before sliding down to the cold tiled floor.

Chills ran up her legs and Raven let a gasp slip her mouth as goose bumps littered her skin. Slowly, she stood. Her legs wobbled for a few but eventually stopped, and after a few more minutes Raven felt comfortable to put her weight on her legs.

Cyborg had grabbed her a pair of black sweats, a white tank top with a white bra.

Cyborg went into her room. Raven wasn't bothered by that at all. She trusted Cyborg, he was her big brother and he was the only one allowed in her room without her permission.

She smiled to herself as she remembered the first time Cyborg came in unannounced…

A 16 year old Raven had stormed into her room. Her uniform was ruined. Damned Beast Boy had gotten shot out of the sky by Plasmas, and well. He fell on Raven.

Which sent Raven into the giant green zit Plasmas calls an eye. She had gotten sucked into the green goo, and was trapped for sometime before Starfire popped his eye and Raven was then thrown into a sewage tank.

So, Needless to say her uniform was ruined and it would take MONTHS to get this damned smell off of her.

Unclasping her cloak, she dropped it down the laundry chute and kicked off her else boots.

That was the easy part.

The hard part was trying to get off a wet elastic leotard all by herself.

First, she tried to reach the zipper in the back. But every time it came between her fingers, it would slip and she would spend another 15 minutes trying to grab it. Raven couldn't gather enough focus to use her powers, so she decided to do it the hard way. Taking in a deep breath, she attempted to pull her arm out of a elastic sleeve. The material stuck to her skin like tap, and finally made a loud 'Snap!' and her arm came free.

Alright, one down… one to go.

Of course, it had to be then that Cyborg decided to knock on her door.

"Rae? Are you alright? Beast Boy is really sorry for what he did and Star is about to have a break down. Can you come out and tell them everything is okay?" His voice was sincere.

"But nothing is okay! I smell like 18 weeks of Jump cities shit, and I can't even describe to you how I'm going to try and get this green shit out of my hair!" Raven had somehow ended up with a leg out of her suit, but her arm had replaced it.

'How the hell did that happen?' she thought.

"Yeah But Raven it was all an accident. You can't hold a grudge for that."

"Watch me!" She was not standing on one foot.

"Look, Just consider it okay? You snapped at them pretty badly back there."

"I had every right to act the way I did! I- OOF!" Raven had lost her footing and had tangled herself in her own leotard and was now some sort of human pretzel on the floor.

"Rae?" Cyborg asked. Raven only grunted. Cyborg punched in the override code, and the metal door slid open.

"Hey!" Raven snapped. Cyborg shook his head as he crossed his arms.

"I swear girl… How the hell did you manage that?" He chuckled.

"I have no idea. Get out." Again, Cyborg laughed but didn't leave.

Instead he walked over to Raven and untangled her.

"Alright, I'm going to close my eyes, but I'm going to help you get this thing off okay?" Raven was tempted to shout at him for entering her room without her permission. But as she thought about it, it didn't bother her that much. She sighed.

"Don't… Don't tell anyone okay?"

"You have my word." Cyborg did as promised, and eventually Raven stood in front of him stark naked. She ran over to her closet and grabbed a soft bath robe and covered herself.

"Okay, I'm decent." Raven could feel her cheeks were on fire. Cyborg opened his human eye, and his cybernetic eye hummed and glowed a bright red.

"See? Not so bad. Go get a shower little Sis." He turned to leave, but Raven stopped him.

"Little sis?" She asked.

"Well, Yeah. I've always considered you to be family to me." He cocked his head, as if confused why she asked.

"Oh… I always thought… Never mind. Thanks for the help Cy."

"Nope, you already started saying it. Spill." Raven fidgeted underneath his gaze. Now she felt silly.

"I always thought you didn't like me…" Now she felt even MORE silly. Great. Cyborg laughed

"Of course I like you! Everybody likes you Rae! Your funny when you pick on Beats boy, you keep this team in good headspace and who knows how many times you've saved all of our lives. You're a true friend, and apart of the Family. Don't ever think you're not Rae."

Raven laughed to herself as she finished pulling on the rest of her clothes.

It was silly to think that, she knew she was loved by her friends. And now that she could feel a little more made her relationship with the rest of the team… easier.

Cyborg was right when he said the whole team was like family. Raven felt a special bound with both him and Starfire.

Shuffling out of the medical bay and into the elevator, she told the VI where she wanted to go and it hummed to life. Her mind took her right back to before.

With Robin, No Nightwing, she felt… close to him but not in a brotherly way. Like a best friend. He understood her in ways others didn't Not even Cyborg. But maybe it was because Nightwing was more like Raven than he would admit?

And well… Beast Boy… Raven blushed as he popped into her thoughts. She didn't know WHAT was up with Beast Boy…

Sure… She always had a… Small annoying taking to him and his stupid jokes. But ever sense his 18th birthday he just seemed to change in a way Raven couldn't explain. He was no longer a boy but a man. The only reason his name stuck was because the rest of the team didn't want to call him anything else. (They were lazy.) Sure, He and Cy still did pranks but not as often as they used too. Beast Boy was… different.

"Now at Level 10, main room of Titans Tower." The Elevator doors slid open and Raven walked out. Her eyes to the floor as her mind continued to turn.

What was it about him that was so intriguing now? Was it his maturity? Though it was a plus, that wasn't it. Was it because he was more bold? Raven bit her lip. For the life of her, she couldn't know the answer. Maybe because she wasn't supposed to know just yet…

As the Main room doors slid open, the familiar scent of Pine trees filled a Raven's nose.

Beast Boy was here. She looked up, and sure enough there he was. Sitting alone at the dinner table flipping through the pages of a comic book. The other Titans gone. Where they were, she didn't know. She glided over to the fridge and grabbed a small block of cheese and crackers and a few strawberries and a yogurt. Odd mixture of food, But it didn't matter.

It was all going to the same place. A line Beast boy had told her once… Shaking her head she walked over to the table and sat across from Beast boy. He glanced up from his comic and their eyes met.

She smiled, and he smiled back.

"How ya' feelin'?" He asked as he took another bite of cereal, looking back at his comic book

"Tired. Yourself?" She cut off some cheese and placed it on a cracker, popping it into her mouth.

"About that same. I haven't been sleeping a lot this past week." He flipped the page of his comic book, his eyes never leaving the pictures.

"Yeah, Starfire said something about that." Raven said as another cheese/cracker combo came into her mouth. This got his attention. Emerald eyes met Azure.

"Did she?" He asked calmly. Not showing a hint of worry or embarrassment.

"Yeah. Said that you didn't leave my side once." Raven quirked an eyebrow, eager to see his response.

He shrugged, took a bite of his cereal and flipped the page.

"Only once, but that was because Star made me." He spoke as if it wasn't a big deal. Raven studied him for a moment. His black tank top hugged his body, and his green hair was still tousled.

He felt her eyes on him, and finally he looked up. Their eyes met again, and they stared at each other. Both daring the other to make a move.

He was stronger, More Dominate. More… Primal

Raven felt chills run up and down her spine and her cheeks grow hot.
Why did he make her feel this way?

Finally, she found her voice "Well, Thanks. I appreciate it a lot." Her voice wavered. Dammit… He chuckled, and then smiled, his bottom fang protruding from his bottom lip.

No matter how hard he tried… He could still look like a boy.

"Don't mention it. Happy I could help." He then went back to his comic and food.

Interesting… She finished her small meal, and then rose from the table cleaning her mess.

"Well, I'm going to bed. Hopefully I get some sleep… Good night Beast boy." Raven said as she headed for the door.

"If you ever need anything, don't hesitate to knock." His voice called out to her as the main room door slid shut.

He said it as if he knew something she didn't. Or maybe… Knew something she didn't want him to know. Stepping into the elevator she told the VI where to take her. After descending a few floors, Raven exited and past Cyborgs room.

Her door slid open, and the familiar sight of her room filled her with a sense of joy.

Damn she was happy to sleep in her own bed.

The room was dark, but light enough to see. She levitated to her bed and fell on top of it.

Instantly her body sighed and she found herself smile. Curling up in a tight ball she laid her head on the cool pillows, the past weeks fatigue catching up to her.

But before she could fall into the empty void of sleep the image of a green teen smiling at her came into her mind.

Very Interesting.