Warning: sexual content, detailed sexual scenes and strong language.

Chapter one

It had been a couple of weeks since the party Harry and Ginny had thrown. Charlie woke knowing what he wanted to do as he looked down next to him. Katie was asleep on her stomach, breathing evenly. He leaned over and kissed her bare back, very gently. He wished she would wake but didn't really want to disturb her. He got up and went into the bathroom to have a shower, when he finished he came out and walked over to get his clothes.

'You look sooo good,' Katie said sitting up in his bed. She dropped the sheet that was covering her.

Charlie's started to breathe heavily as he made his way over to her. He stood right next to the bed feeling himself getting aroused. He looked down at Katie then she leaned over and put her mouth around his erection. Charlie closed his eyes enjoying the sensation, until he couldn't control himself. He pulled away and picked her up and she fastened her legs around his waist, lowering herself onto him as Charlie held her. He turned and sat down on the bed kissing her fiercely as her hips started moving, first slowly, then urging him on. They moved together watching each other, never taking their eyes from the other's face.

They were laying holding each other, when Charlie leaned up on he's elbow, looking at Katie. 'Have you got anything on today, I'm going out and I was hoping you'd come with me.' Charlie asked.

'I'm not doing anything, I don't get together with the band until tomorrow, were rehearsing for a concert up north.' she pulled down and kissed him. 'So I'm all yours. Where are we going?'

'That's a surprise, you'll see when you get there, why don't you go shower and I'll go see Harry and Ginny, then meet you in the kitchen.' she nodded then pulled him back down to her, Charlie wrapped his arms around her kissing her fiercely. Charlie couldn't get enough of this beautiful little woman in his bed, but he needed to get things organised. He looked back at her knowing she was just as turned on as he was. 'I've got things to do, so go have you shower and we might be able to get back to this later.'

'Oh alright,' she hoped out of bed and walked to the door of the bathroom before looking back. 'You're sure you don't want to join me.' she said seductively.

It took all of Charlie's resolve to say no. 'Not this time baby, go before I change my mind.' she dropped her lip then smile and went in to shower. Charlie shook his head, trying to get the image of her out of it, at least for now. He got up and dressed and walked out to the kitchen.

Harry and Ginny were sitting there eating breakfast. 'Morning,' Charlie said, leaning over and kissing Ginny on the head, then clapped Harry on the shoulder.

'Morning,' they both said, as they smiled at Charlie.

'I just wanted to let you know that I'll be going out for a while today, will you both be okay?' Charlie asked them seriously, it will be the first time since they lost the baby that he left them alone.

Harry and Ginny looked at each then back to Charlie. 'We're fine Charlie, everything is great, you don't have to worry anymore.' Harry said knowing Charlie was thinking about them because he cared.

'Charlie, you have got us through the worst times Harry and I will ever had, but we're better now. You taught us what we need to do so we never have to go through that again. So you can go and know we will be alright.' Ginny leaned over and kissed her brother's cheek.

'Alright, I knew you were, I was just checking. So you got any plans for today?'

'Well, Ron and Hermione are coming for dinner, but apart from that, no plans.' Harry said going back to his breakfast.

'You know, you're going to have to go out sometime. It's been two months, you can't stay shut up here forever.'

Ginny looked at her brother. 'I know Charlie, we're just not ready yet.' Ginny said sadly.

Harry took her hand squeezing it, knowing Ginny was frightened to leave her sanctuary where she felt safe.

'We'll get there Charlie, we just need some more time. Even your parents have been on us trying to get out to go out or even just over to the Burrow. Not yet, but soon.' Harry said feeling Ginny's fears.

'I know, I'm just worried about you two.' and he was worried, that's why his decision was good and bad, but the sooner he did it the sooner he might be able to help them start to move on and live their lives.

'We know you are Charlie, but we're fine. We just don't want to face people looking sadly at us or giving us there sympathies, we're just not ready for that.' Ginny said as tears came to her eyes.

'Well, I suppose a bit more time won't hurt,' he put his hand over Ginny's. 'I just want you both to be happy, you know that. After everything, you deserve it.'

'We appreciate that Charlie, we really do. We'll get there, but we are just enjoying being together and not having to worry about anything at the moment, that's a very strange thing for me. From the time I was 11 there's always been something, now there's nothing and it feels good. I just want to spend as much time with Ginny, and doing nothing for a while. We know we have to start working out what we want to do, I know we never have to work if we don't want to, but,' Harry looked at Ginny. 'That's not us.'

'Yeah, I can understand that Harry, you haven't had much peace in your life have you, not for a long time. Have you two discussed what you might want to do?'

'No, not really, like Harry said, we've just been happy to spend all our time just being together.' Ginny said as a smile came back to her.

'Well I can't say that doesn't sound good, and knowing I never have to work again either has taken some pressure off.' Charlie smiled at Harry.

Katie had slowly walked to the kitchen as she Harry, Ginny and Charlie all talking about never having to work again, she wondered what they meant.

'Morning all,' said Katie and sat down next to Charlie. He leaned over and kissed her.

'Morning,' Harry and Ginny said smiling at Katie. They had both come to care very much about Katie and she has become a great friend.

'Did Charlie mention we're going out today, but he won't tell me where.' she kissed him and nipped his lip.

Harry and Ginny laughed. 'Yeah, he mentioned it, but not what you're doing.' Harry said, then looked curiously at Charlie.

'No, I'm not telling, it's a surprise.' and that was all Charlie would say as he started eating.

Katie leaned closer to Charlie and whispered at him, then she sucked he's ear lobe before starting on her own breakfast. Charlie closed his eyes.

'You're not playing fair.' he shook he's head, as Harry and Ginny laughed, 'But no, you just have to have some patience.'

'That's hard isn't Charlie, when they use sexual teasing to get you to do something.' Harry said laughing at the look on Ginny and Katie's face. 'Well you do, and I know I've had a "hard",' he said with emphasis, 'time saying no when you do that.' Harry leaned over and kissed Ginny.

'Well that is something us girls have that we can use,' Ginny said and whispered in Harry's ear while sending her feelings to him. Harry's breathings got very heavy.

'Now that's not fair.' Harry said as Charlie and Katie laughed.

'I know exactly what you mean Harry,' Charlie said smiling at Katie. 'Come on and eat so we can go.' Katie nodded and started eating again.

'Will you both be back for dinner?' Ginny asked.

'We should be,' Charlie said still eating his breakfast.

'You not rehearsing tonight Katie?' Harry asked her.

'No, tomorrow we are, we've got this fund raising concert in a month up north, so we're getting stuck into some new songs tomorrow.

Harry looked seriously at Katie. 'What's the fund raising for?'

'Well, we spoke with Minister Shacklebolt at the party about an idea I had, and he said if we can raise the start-up fund, then he'd help. We going to get a wizarding orphanage built.'

'Really, that is a fantastic idea,' Harry said he's eyes lighting up. Ginny noticed straight away how Harry felt.

'Katie, do you think it will raise more if I joined you, I would love to help in any way I can and even though I don't like to use it, you could use my name.'

Katie's eyes widened. 'Of course it would help, you mean it Harry, you would perform with us?'

'Yes, I mean it.' he turned to Ginny. 'You wouldn't mind would you Gin?' Harry looked at her and Ginny could see how much this would mean to Harry.

'Of course I wouldn't, I think it will be great.' Ginny kissed him fiercely.

'That would be so good Harry, thank you,' and she stood up and wrapped her arms around him as Harry sat there. Then she kissed his cheek. 'You're the best.' she sat back down again with a huge smile on her face.

'Well, it looks like that's settled then,' said Charlie, thinking this just might be what Harry needs. 'You finished?' Charlie asked.

'Yep, all finished, let me just go get my bag and I'll be right back,' Katie got up and went into Charlie's room.

'I can feel how excited you are about this Harry. Why don't you guys rehearse here, you've got the shed already set up with everything, what do you think?' Ginny said.

'Yeah, I am, I know when I was at the Dursleys even though I now know why I had to stay there, but I would have preferred an orphanage,' he got an angry look on his face, he shook his head and turned back to Ginny, 'I'll talk to them about it, see what they say.

'Why would you have preferred an orphanage Harry if you lived with relatives?' Katie asked not knowing about Harry's family.

Charlie saw the look on Harry's face, he turned to Katie. 'Harry's muggle relatives treated him very badly Katie, they abused him, beat him, starved him and locked him up.' he saw the tears come to Katie's eyes and stood up and pulled her into his arms, then looked back at Harry seeing Ginny rubbing his face. 'I hope you didn't mind me telling Katie Harry?'

'No Charlie, I don't mind, I just don't like to think about it,' he looked at Katie. 'I'll tell you all about one day Katie, now why don't you two go and do whatever it is you have planned and we'll see you later.'

Charlie looked at Harry and thought Ginny will look after him. He turned back to Katie. 'You ready Miss O'Connell.'

'Yep, I'm ready, let's go.' Katie walked over and gave Ginny a hug then over to Harry and hugged him too. 'We'll see you later.' she went back to Charlie and they walked out the door. As soon as they got past the wards they noticed a few reporters still hanging around up the lane. They quickly walked the opposite way.

'I'm sorry about upsetting Harry, Charlie, I had no idea.' Katie still had tears in her eyes.

Charlie put his arm around Katie's shoulder. 'It's fine Katie, not many people do know how he was treated except us Weasley's.' he stopped walking and pulled her into his arms seeing upset she was. 'Really, it's fine Katie, Harry spoke with Ron and Hermione about it when he used to stay at the Burrow in the summers. I spoke to him about it one summer. He never liked to talk about it but I got most of the story out of him, I've always felt that talking to someone about something painful helps, and it did help Harry. He's pretty much gotten over it, but as you saw sometimes it comes back to him.' he held her tight until her tears stopped.

'How could they, didn't they know how important to the wizarding world he was?'

'No, what Harry told me was, they thought he was a freak and a waste of space. He laughed when he told me, but I knew it hurt him. Now come on, it's fine Katie, really so let's go, I want to show you something.' he leaned down and gave her a very tender kiss.

'Alright, let's go,' she kept her arm around his waist as Charlie kept his arm around her shoulder as they walked. 'Where are we going, are we apparating?'

'No, walking, you'll see.' he smiled at the quizzical look she had on her face.

They walked for about fifteen minutes until Charlie stopped in front of a beautiful house. Katie looked from the house to Charlie.

'What are we doing here Charlie?'

'Well, you're looking at the house I'm thinking about buying,' he turned to Katie. 'For us Katie,' Charlie sank down on one knee. Katie gasped as she saw Charlie pull a ring box from his pocket. 'Katherine Anne O'Connell, will you marry me?' Charlie said then took a deep breath.

Katie stood there with tears rolling down her face looking into Charlie's eyes. 'Oh Charlie, yes of course I will, I love you.' Charlie got up, picked her up and kissed her passionately for the longest time. 'Charlie, you mean it, you want to marry me?'

'With every fibre of my being, I love you, and I don't want to ever be apart from you.' he put her back down then he picked up her left hand and slipped the ring onto her finger. He looked back into her eyes and saw the tears still rolling down her face. He wiped them away. 'Do you want to look at the house, that's why I brought you here, I wanted you to see it,' she nodded then pulled his face down and kissed him again. 'Come on,' he took her hand and led her into the house. It was a large three bedroom house on a large piece of land, surrounded by woods. 'What do you think Katie?'

She looked up at him with a huge smile on her face. 'It's perfect Charlie, really beautiful. Can we live here, I've come to love this village, everyone is so friendly and I've come to care about Harry and Ginny and we won't be too far from them.'

'That's exactly why I looked around here, this village is perfect, quiet with friendly people. And yes Harry and Ginny won't be far, but neither will Ron and Hermione.' Katie looked at him in surprise. 'They have a property down towards the end of the village.' he smiled at her. 'Let's head outside and look around out there.'

They walked out looking around at the woods that were all around them. 'It's so peaceful here Charlie, you can feel it,' she already loved this place and it was going to be her home with Charlie. 'I love you so much Charlie,' tears came to her eyes again.

'I love you too, so, we're going to buy it, this is where you want to live with me?'

'Yes, definitely, but Charlie, can I ask you something?'

'You can ask me anything.'

'Well I overheard you and Harry both say that you never had to work again, ever, and I wondered what you meant by that.'

'Let's sit and I'll explain.' he took Katie's hand and he led her to a part of the lawn and sat down. 'Katie, Harry is a very wealthy man, I mean very wealthy, he's one of the richest men in the country and well,' he saw the surprised look on Katie's face. 'Harry gave everyone in my family a very large amount of money.'

'How much did he give you Charlie?' she asked in a shaky voice.

'10 million galleons,' Charlie said.

'What! He gave every one of you 10 million galleons, merlin, Charlie, I had no idea.'

'I know, none of us like to talk about it, we didn't even want to take it but Harry said some things the night he told us and well, we just couldn't say no. I haven't even been to the vault he set up yet. I haven't had any reason to till now.' he leaned over and kissed Katie again trying to get the surprised look off her face. He pulled back. 'Are you alright Katie, I know it's a lot to take in.'

'Yeah, it's just that I thought I was marrying a hard-working and very cute dragon handler, now…' she couldn't finish.

'Now you're marrying a million.'

'I admit when you said you wanted to buy the house for us, I thought we might just pay it off like everyone else, maybe go through some hard times, but now, you really mean you can literally buy it.' Charlie nodded. She smiled hugely again at the realisation, then she threw herself at Charlie knocking him backward till she was lying on top of him. 'You don't know how happy I am right now Charlie, you are making all my dreams come true. I never had a real home before, now I can with the man I love.' he kissed her fiercely.

When they finished Charlie looked at her. 'What do you mean you never had a real home Katie?'

He noticed her face saddened as she got up off of him. 'My parents died when I was small Charlie, I know I've never spoken about it before, it's something I don't talk about. They died in the first war with you-know-who and I was raised in a muggle orphanage. When I came of age I got a job in a pub and had one of the rooms there to live in, that's where I met the blokes and joined their band. We share this flat just outside of London, so you see, this will be my first real home.' tears had started to fall down her face.

'Baby, come here,' he pulled Katie into his arms holding her for the longest time. 'You will have a home with me, and you can decorate it anyway you want, make it yours.' Charlie said kissing her.

'We'll make it ours,' she said as she looked into his eyes. He nodded and pulled her back down onto him and kissed her hungrily.

Charlie looked back up at her. 'That's why you want to do this fund raising concert, isn't it?'

'Yes, I never knew anything about being a witch until I got a visit by Professor McGonagall at the orphanage, she told me what I was and about Hogwarts. When this war finished I realised that there will be other kids being put into muggle orphanages and thought we needed one just for witches and wizards.'

'You are a beautiful person, you know that.' Charlie smiled at her realising that Katie and Harry had a lot in common, and they are both good people, even if they had very bad or unhappy un-bringing. 'Let's go buy our home.' Charlie said and he let her got to get up off of him and he stood up, wrapped his arms around her pulling her into his arms. 'I want to bring all your dreams to life, so let's get started on the first one.'

Harry was sitting in the shed playing his mother's piano, he hadn't touched one for years and he was a bit rusty. He played an easy piece to try and get back into it when he heard something, he looked up and saw Ginny standing there watching him.

'Hey beautiful, what are you doing?' Harry said standing up and going over to his wife.

'I heard you playing, when you brought the piano here, I wondered why. You never mentioned you could play one, now I know you can. It sounded good.'

'Not really, I'm a bit rusty and I've never played a full size one before, only a small keyboard. With some practice, I'll get back into it.' he pulled back from Ginny when she didn't say anything. 'Something wrong Gin?'

'No, nothing wrong, it's just nice to be able to be with you anytime I want to, I'm just enjoying it.' Ginny said as tears came to her eyes.

Harry led her over to the couch sitting down with Ginny and pulling her into his arms, he felt how she was feeling and knew she just needed some time. He continued to hold her for a long time before she looked up at him.

'Thanks Harry,' she said and kissed him.

'You never have to thank me for anything Mrs. Potter. I'm here for you anytime you want me, remember that.' he felt her feelings change and kissed her fiercely.

'I want you now,' Ginny pushed him back and lay down on top of her, their hands all over each other, trying to get rid of their clothes as quick as possible. Ginny couldn't get enough of Harry and hope she never did.

Charlie and Katie went into muggle London and walked into the Leaky Cauldron. Charlie saw Tom and he walked him over.

'Hi Tom, how's things?' Charlie asked shaking the old barman's hand.

'Good Charlie, I wanted to ask how Harry was doing now, last time I saw him he wasn't doing too good.'

'He's fine now Tom, really good, and thanks again.' he shook hands again and saw Katie looking at him. 'I'll tell you about another time,' Charlie and Katie started walking back towards the outside to go into Diagon Alley when a woman stepped in front of Charlie.

'You know you ruined my party with Harry didn't you.'

Charlie looked very angry at the woman. 'You will never to go near him again, do you hear me, now get out of my way…or I'll make you.' people in the pub were all looking at Charlie and seeing the fierce look on his face.

'You had no right, he wanted me there.' the woman said.

'Move…now,' Charlie yelled at her. Katie put a hand on Charlie's arm trying to calm him down. Tom came over and took the woman's arm and pulled her away from Charlie.

'Let's go Charlie, come on.' Katie took his hand and led him through the back. She tapped the wall and pulled him through the archway. When the wall closed up behind them she stopped and turned Charlie around to face her. 'Charlie, are you alright, who was that woman and what has she to do with Harry?'

Charlie was breathing heavily, he looked down at Katie. 'There's too many people about, I'll tell you when we get back home, but please don't say anything to Harry or Ginny about this, you'll understand later.' he pulled Katie into his arms and held her tight.

Katie could feel how angry Charlie still was, so she held him until he got himself under control. She had to admit to herself, that seeing Charlie like that scared her, but he was so gentle with her that it pushed all her misgivings away. She rubbed his back until he slowly pulled back and kissed her.

'Sorry, I'm okay now, come on, let's get up to Gringotts and start on the paperwork for our home. Oh and by the way, we might see my brother Bill there, that's where he works. He used to be their main curse breaker but since he got married he took a job at the bank.'

'Alright, I've never really met most of your family, I've seen them of course, but never met them except for Ginny. Do you think he will like me Charlie, I'm a bit nervous about that?'

'He will love you, he will be able to see how happy I am and to anyone in my family, that's all that matters, come on.'

They walked to the bank and through the door, Charlie walked over to the counter to speak with a goblin. 'My name is Charlie Weasley I would like to visit my vault please and could I see Bill Weasley as well.'

'Certainly Mr. Weasley, I'll send for your brother then get a goblin to take you to your vault.' the goblin spoke to another goblin behind him and then turned back. 'Your brother will be out in a moment if you'd like to wait over there and you can see him first.'

'Thank you.' Charlie said and took Katie and stood over to the side. They stood there talking when Charlie noticed Bill walking towards them.

'Charlie, it's good to see you,' he hugged his brother. 'And this must be Katie that I've heard about.'

'Yes, Bill I'd like you to meet Katie, my fiancée.' Charlie said smiling hugely.

Bill looked at Charlie very surprised. 'Well, that came out of nowhere, congratulations brother,' he hugged Charlie again, then hugged Katie, 'Welcome to the family Katie.' he let go of Katie and stared at his brother. 'You sure know how to surprise someone Charlie, I never thought I'd see the day when you'd settle down.'

'Yeah, I know, but the moment I met Katie,' he looked down at her. 'I just knew she was the one.'

Bill could see how much Charlie loved her, he always thought Charlie would forever be a bachelor, but I suppose when you meet the right person anything can happen.

'Did you just come to see me and tell me your news or are you here to go to your vault.'

'I needed to go to my vault, but I also wanted to tell you about us.'

'Okay, I'll get you a goblin Charlie, but first, how's Harry and Ginny doing, we've wanted to go over there and visit, but knowing it still might upset them we thought it best to give them some more time.'

'Yeah, there doing alright, it's still hard on them, but their working through it, and I think a bit more time will help.'

'Okay, I'll tell Fleur, she's always asking how they are. I just hope they never let that little bitch out, or I just might lose it next time.'

'I know what you mean, I still hate knowing what I said in front of Harry and Ginny but when I saw her, I just lost it. I'm glad Kingsley was able to fix it with the Wizengamot, or I could have ended up in Azkaban.' Charlie said shaking his head.

'Kingsley and Harry would never have allowed that to happen, Charlie, and everyone understood. Listen I'll let you get to your vault, I have to get back to work.' he hugged Charlie again then Katie. 'I'll see you both later.'

Charlie and Katie nodded, then Katie looked at Charlie. 'What was all that about Charlie, about you ending up in Azkaban?'

'I'll tell you all about that as well when we get back home too, it's something I don't want anyone to overhear. Come on, here comes the goblin, I want to get the funds worked out and buy our home.' he kissed her, then took her hand.

'This way Mr. Weasley.' said the goblin. Charlie and Katie followed him to the carts then went down to his vault.

After they finished working out all the details of the payments for the house, they left and walked back through the pub and back to the alleyway.

'Let's head home,' Charlie said kissing Katie again as he held her and they turned on the spot and were gone.

Charlie and Katie apparated back to the quiet and secluded lane near Harry and Ginny's home. They walked hand in hand through the wards and into the house but they didn't see Harry or Ginny anywhere. They walked into the kitchen.

'Kreacher, where's Harry and Ginny?' Charlie asked them.

'Master Harry and Mistress Ginny are in the shed, master Charlie.' the elf bowed to him.

'Thanks Kreacher,' he turned to Katie and jerked his head. They walked through the laundry, looking into the shed. They quickly back out and closed the door. 'They need to learn to shut their doors, we'll talk to them later. They went back into the sitting room and Charlie pulled Katie onto his lap. 'They just gave me an idea, what about you.' Katie threw her arms around his neck and kissed him passionately. 'I was hoping you'd agree.' he picked her up and carried her into his bedroom, laying her down on the bed and started stripping off.

Katie watched him as he took his clothes off, she loved his muscled body, but his gentle hands. When he finished he started taking her clothes off and she let him, enjoying the feel as his hands brushed against her body as his removed her clothes.

They spent a wonderful hour making love, when they heard music playing. They got up and dressed, walking out hand in hand and headed for the shed again. They and stood there quietly as they heard Harry singing sitting at the piano that he had brought from his parent's house. They had never heard Harry play the piano, and it surprised them.

When he finished Charlie and Katie clapped and walked over to Harry and Ginny. 'That was amazing Harry, I never knew you could play the piano as well.' Katie said.

'I haven't for a long time, but when I brought my mother's piano here, I have been trying to get my timing back.' as Harry looked at Charlie and Katie he thought they looked very excited about something. 'What's up with you two?'

Charlie looked at Katie then back to Harry and his sister. 'We're engaged,' he said simply.

Ginny squealed and jumped up at her brother, he picked her up and Ginny kissed him all over his face. 'Charlie that's wonderful, I'm so happy for you.'

Charlie put Ginny down, 'Thanks Gin.'

Harry got up and walked to Charlie and pulled him into a hug. 'That is the best news Charlie, you deserve to be happy.'

'Thanks Harry,' Charlie said.

Ginny was hugging Katie, 'Let me see, let me see,' Ginny said excitedly. Katie pulled her hand out and showed Ginny her ring. 'Oh, that's beautiful, Katie, really, absolutely beautiful. You're going to be my sister, now I'll have two.' Ginny was so excited, Harry couldn't help but laugh.

Harry pulled Ginny into his arms, kissing her fiercely. 'Settle down Gin, or you'll bust something,' Harry laughed.

Charlie leaned down and whispered to Katie, she nodded. 'Ginny will you come for a walk with me, please?'

'Sure Katie,' she turned back to Harry kissing him. 'I'll be back soon.' he nodded and watched the two girls walk off.

'Harry, I wanted to talk to you for a minute if that's alright?' Charlie asked him.

'Sure Charlie, let's sit,' they walked over and sat down. 'What's up?'

'I wanted to ask if it would be alright to tell Katie about you're drinking, you see I'm going to tell her about me and I thought it might make her understand how hard it gets for me sometimes.'

'Of course you can Charlie, I've come to trust Katie and I care about her very much and I know thanks to you that having someone who knows that can help is very important.'

'Thanks Harry, I really appreciate it. But there is something serious I need to mention, that's why I had Katie take Ginny outside, I didn't want her hearing this and it might just be hard on you as well.'

Harry looked very apprehensive. 'Alright, let's hear it.' Harry said not really wanting too.

'Well when I went into Diagon Alley today, I stopped by and spoke with tom, and…' Charlie looked worried about having to mention this to Harry. 'That woman you were with, came up having a go about me kicking her out and that you wanted her there.' Charlie saw the pain on Harry's face.

'I'm glad Ginny wasn't here to hear that, I hope we never run into her.' Harry said thinking about what he would do if she came up to him when Ginny was there. 'I don't want to put Ginny through that again, we're starting to put all that behind us.'

'I know, that's why I needed to tell you, just in case. Maybe you should consider telling Ginny, in case you bump into her when you go to Diagon Alley, it might just make the shock less if Ginny is warned first.'

'I'll think about it, I really don't want to bring that up again, but I get your point. It might happen and if it does and Ginny doesn't know, it would be a real shock for her. I won't just yet though, when we have to go, then I'll talk to her about it. Thanks for the warning.'

'Not a problem Harry, well I'm going to go find my fiancée and talk to her before Ron and Hermione arrive for dinner, I'll see you then.' Charlie got up clapping a hand to Harry's shoulder and walked out.

'Damn,' Harry said, 'That's all I need right now.' he sat there thinking about what Charlie had suggested and decided he would say something to Ginny, but not until he needed to.

Charlie walked through the house and out the door looking for his sister and fiancée. He found them sitting down under at the table under the tree talking. Ginny could see him coming so Charlie put his finger to his lips, she gave him a very small nod.

Charlie walked up behind Katie and stood there listening to her telling Ginny how much she loved him. Charlie's heart swelled with the love for her.

'That is so nice to hear, do you know that?' Katie spun around seeing Charlie standing behind her. 'I love you so much Katie, come here.' she got up and Charlie picked her up and Katie wrapped her legs around him as they kissed very passionately, until they heard Ginny.

'I'll leave you two alone,' she got up.

'Sorry Gin, I just couldn't help it.' Charlie said.

'I know the feeling Charlie, and you definitely don't have to be sorry.' Ginny gave them both a kiss on the cheek and went back to see Harry.

Charlie put Katie down and they sat back at the table. 'Kreacher,' with a pop the elf appeared. 'Could you bring us down some butterbeer please?' Charlie said.

'Of course Master Charlie, is there anything else you and Mistress Katie would like until dinner?' the elf bowed.

'No thank you Kreacher,' and with a crack Kreacher was gone and Charlie saw the look on Katie face, he thought he better explain.

Kreacher came back with their butterbeers and left again. 'Why did he call me Mistress Katie, Charlie?'

'That's one of the things I want to talk to you about and some of them are not nice to hear.' Charlie said seriously.

'Alright Charlie, I'm listening.'

'First thing is, I'm an alcoholic Katie, I had a bit of a problem a few years ago but I got help. I don't touch anything stronger then this,' he picked up the butterbeer and showed her.

'Oh Charlie, I wish you would have said something before now, I've had a few drinks with you there, if I would have known, I wouldn't have.' she touched his face.

'It's alright, I can be around people who drink now, but that's only part of it, I need to tell you why I started drinking. It might be hard for to hear as it concerned an old relationship I had.' he looked at her to see if she would be upset by this.

'It's okay, I know you would have had girlfriends before, it would be stupid to think otherwise, so you can tell me, especially if it will help me understand.'

'Alright,' Charlie took a deep breath. 'A few years ago I was in love with this woman named Annatalia, we were happy, she even got pregnant.' he saw the shocked look on Katie's face and he gripped her hands. 'She lost the baby Katie and it destroyed us, we couldn't even look at each other, that's why I drank. But I don't hate her anymore, but I don't love her either. I'm so in love with you that my heart swells every time I see you Katie, but I just thought you needed to know, because it's get hard sometimes for an alcoholic, and I needed you to know that if I'm stressed too much, I might like a drink to help, but I don't want one and can't have one, if that happens I will talk to you or my friend Liam, or even Harry.'

Katie looked quizzical at Charlie when he mentioned Harry's name. 'Why Harry, is this have something to do with you helping Harry and Ginny through the loss of their baby?'

'Yeah, that's why I wanted to help, because I knew that if they didn't talk about things they could lose each other and nearly did. Harry started drinking, heavily, after everything Harry had been through in his life, that was just the final straw for him, losing their son. He tried to push everyone away by hurting us with words and actions. I knew I could help Harry if he would listen, but that was the problem, when you drink, you tend not to listen to people even if you love them.'

'Poor Harry, I had no idea.' Katie said with tears in her eyes. 'But he's fine now right, I mean he looks and acts fine.'

'Yeah he's fine now, but I had to resort to some very hard methods to get through to him,' he saw the quizzical look Katie gave him, he thought he should just get everything out. 'I literally had to beat the crap out of him Katie, I had to cause him so much pain that it would override his mind and hear what we were saying to him, it did work, I felt sick to my stomach with having to do that to him, but we got him back and as you can see, he is fine, but he can't drink either anymore but I still feel sick thinking about what I did to him.' Charlie had tears falling down his face.

'Oh Charlie, you didn't,' Katie looked upset.

'Yeah, he did,' Harry's voice came to them. Charlie and Katie looked up and saw Harry standing there. 'I thought I would come down and help explain to Katie.' Harry said sitting down with them and looked at Charlie putting a hand on his shoulder. 'Charlie you have to forgive yourself for that mate, you did what you had to do, and I appreciate that, I really do.' Harry saw the amazed look on Katie's face. 'Katie, what you have to understand is that I did everything and anything I could to push everyone out of my life. I said some cruel things Katie and done some things I'm not proud of. Charlie understood that why I was lashing out at everyone I wasn't going to listen to anybody.'

'What I did to you Harry,' Charlie let a sob escape.

'Where things you needed to do Charlie, if you didn't me and Ginny would be dead now, you saved us and gave us our life back. Now please Charlie, let it go.' he gripped Charlie's shoulder harder.

'It was really that serious Harry, you could have died along with Ginny?' Katie looked at him in shock.

'Yeah, it was that serious, so to me that pain I went through was nothing compared to what I would have gone through if I lost Ginny and I happened to survive. No, it needed to be done.'

'What sort of injuries,' Katie said, her voice shaky.

Charlie knew this was going to be hard to hear after what had happened to her. But before he could answer Harry did.

'Well, I had a few broken ribs, broken teeth, broken jaw, a dislocated shoulder and some internal injuries, but Charlie had Poppy Pomfrey standing by to fix me so I wouldn't suffer any longer than I had to. But it wasn't only Charlie, it was Ron, George and Arthur as well, while Bill mainly held me as I swore at them and lashed out with some horrible things. Katie, it was necessary, I know it's not nice to hear but it was necessary. Just remember that, if Charlie didn't help me I wouldn't be here and neither would Ginny and to me that tells me how much Charlie loves me. He was willing to go through that to help and I can't ever thank him enough, anyway, I'll leave you two to talk.' Harry nodded to Katie then jerked her head towards Charlie.

She nodded and watched Harry walk off. 'Charlie, I understand, I don't like it, but after the way Harry explained everything, you did it to save him because you love him.' she got up and kneeled down in front of him taking his face making him look at her. 'Charlie, look at me, you heard what Harry said, and I could see the love on his face when he looked at you. Please Charlie, look at me,' Charlie lifted his head and looked into her eyes. 'I love you Charlie, I know you have a kind heart and wouldn't have done it if you didn't have to, now please, no more tears.' she leaned in and kissed him very tenderly.

Charlie took a couple of deep breaths, 'I know Harry loves me and forgives me for what I did. I just see the way he looked in my mind sometimes and it disgusts me, and having to tell you what I did. I knew it was going to be hard on you to hear, but I don't want anything to be between us. I love you Katie, please don't hate me for that.'

'I could never hate you Charlie, I love you too much and I agree, we should never have anything between us, that's why when I started having feelings for you and I thought you were with me as well, why I told you about what had happened to me, so you would understand.' she kissed him again tenderly. 'Now why did Kreacher call me Mistress Katie, who was that woman in the Leaky Cauldron and why could you have ended up in Azkaban, you might as well get everything out.' she smiled at him and grabbed his hands.

'Alright, well as for Kreacher, when Harry was drinking and wanted me to help him, I had him order Kreacher to obey me as if I was his master so I could make sure he didn't get Harry any more Firewhiskey, and with elf law, we are engaged so that makes you mistress because I'm still master. Do you understand that, I know elf law is complicated but when you've been around them for a while you can start to understand them.'

'Yeah, I understand, until Kreacher I never saw a house elf before, but I've watched him since I've been with you, so I'm slowly getting how they are. Now what about the girl?'

'Well, as I said, Harry said and did some things to push everyone away, he hurt all of us with some cruel words. Some on truth that he twisted and some completely untrue. But with Ginny, she was the only thing still holding him here, so he did the one thing he thought might drive her away. He planned it, you see. I could read everything he was really thinking and not just that but what he was projecting for Ginny.' he could see the puzzled look on Katie face. 'Alright first I tell you what he did then I tell you what I mean by all that.' she nodded. 'He took that woman upstairs to the Leaky Cauldron into his room, and screwed her for us to witness. We found him naked with her in the room, I literally threw her out after she got dressed and Harry was still drinking heavily and then he passed out, so we bought him home.'

'You're kidding, and if Ginny found out about that, oh boy, and I could see why Harry would think it would push her away, I know it would for me.'

'That will never happen, I love you and I will never do that, ever,' Charlie said forcefully. 'Okay now about what I mentioned before. Harry and Ginny have a very rare bond, we only just found out that it started back when Harry was 12 and Ginny was 11 when he saved her live. Well just after the battle, we found Harry in a bad way, the killing curse that hit him and had left an open wound on his chest that wouldn't heal, and he had nightmares that caused him to thrash about, Ginny was the only one that could keep him calm, then she found out she could feel what Harry was feeling, and when Harry got better he could also feel what Ginny was feeling. But Harry is a very good occlumense, and he used that to block his real feelings from Ginny. Projecting to her that he was happy, when really he was suffering and getting drunk all the time. Now I knew what Harry was doing because I'm a very good legilimens. I could read Harry's real thoughts as to why he was doing all this, he planned for us Weasley's to follow him and find him with this woman so we'd tell Ginny.'

'That is quite a story Charlie, but I do see that they're both happy. They're forever taking off to the bedroom, so Ginny must have forgiven him for doing that.' Katie shook her head, 'Well, I really don't know what to say.'

'I know what you mean, and I went through it. As for Azkaban, well, I'm not proud of it. When Harry and Ginny lost the baby, we found out that this girl, a student from Hogwarts had sent a spell at Ginny's stomach to cause her to lose the baby. Harry went absolutely nuts, none of us had ever seen Harry that angry, he grabbed the girl by the face forcing her to stand up as he was yelling at her. Ginny had, with help staggered down to the great hall to stop Harry, as soon as he heard Ginny's voice he let the girl go, but that's when I stepped in. I used the cruciatus curse on her and I yelled that she murdered Harry and Ginny's baby.' Charlie said as tears came back to his eyes.

'Oh, Charlie, please don't cry get upset again, I'm sure Harry and Ginny understood. Please don't.' she grabbed him again and held him until his tears dried up. When he felt better he spoke again.

'But seriously Katie, I wanted you to know everything about me and my problem, so we can start our married life free of any secrets and whatever happened in our past.' he leaned in and took her face in his hands. 'I love you and I don't want anything between us, Katie,' he smirked at her, 'Just our naked bodies.' he kissed her passionately.

When Katie finished kissing Charlie, she looked up at him with a smouldering look. 'Well in that case, Mr. Weasley, take me to bed.'

Charlie stood up, picked her up and threw her over his shoulder and ran to the house, he opened the door and Harry and Ginny saw them head straight for the bedroom and they laughed.

'Well, sweetheart, the family really is growing,' Harry leaned over kissing his wife.

'Yeah, it is, do you think they'll be out before Ron and Hermione get here?'

'If there anything like us, probably not, but you never know. They should be here soon, it'll be good to just sit down with them.' Harry said and Ginny could still he felt anxious.

'Harry, everything is fine now, Ron knows everything and he's finally told Hermione what he saw when he broke the locket. You don't need to be anxious anymore, just remember I'm here for you.' she kissed him very fiercely for the longest time. Then looked up at him, 'Why don't you sing a song for me or even just play for a bit, that always seems to calm you down.'

'Alright, that's a good idea,' Harry said leaning over and picking up his guitar. He started singing one of the songs he wanted to show the guys tomorrow, when he was finished, Ginny smiled at him. He put his guitar down and pulling Ginny with him as he lay down on the couch, kissing her passionately, when they heard a familiar voice.

'There's still at it, will it ever ease.' Ron said and Hermione laughed.

Harry and Ginny pulled apart and Harry helped Ginny sit up. 'Hey, sorry about that,' Harry said smirking at them.

'Well, I'm getting used to it,' Ron said sitting down opposite Harry and Ginny, Hermione sat with him. 'Apart from what we just walked in on, what else have you been up too?'

'Nothing really, just hanging around, taking walks, it's nice, not having to constantly do things.' Harry said,'

'I see you are still playing your guitar, Harry.' Hermione said looking down at his guitar.

'Yeah, I love doing that, and singing to Gin, that's what I was doing before we started snogging.' Harry said then everyone heard a very loud moan coming from Charlie's room.

Ginny looked at Harry and smiled at him. 'What was that?' Ron asked.

Harry and Ginny lost it, falling over the couch laughing very hard. Ron was scowling at them when they stopped and looked up.

'It's Charlie and Katie,' said Ginny smiling at her brother.

'Oh, not them too, this place is turning into a sex palace,' that made Harry and Ginny brake up again. 'Will you cut that out.'

'Ron, I think it's great, leave them alone.' Hermione said scowling at him. They sat talking for a while, when Charlie and Katie walked out.

'Hey, what's up,' Charlie said as he and Katie came over to sit down. Charlie saw the look on Ron's face. 'What's got your wand in a knot Ron?'

Ron didn't say anything, 'We…ah…heard you when you were in your room, and when we arrived Harry and Ginny were at it on the couch.' Hermione said.

Charlie looked over at Harry and Ginny and saw that they were trying to hold in the laughter. 'So what you mean is you heard me and Katie going at it, then walked in on Harry and Ginny.' that was it for Harry and Ginny and they fell about laughing again, which started Charlie and Katie laugh as well. 'Sorry Ron, it's just that if you had been here more often you'd seen that that is nothing unusual around here. I didn't mean to make fun,' Charlie looked at Katie. 'We've got some news, do you want to hear it.'

'What news,' Ron said and he finally looked like he was calming down.'

'Katie and I are engaged.'

'Wow,' was all Ron said.

'Congratulations,' Hermione got up and walked over and hugged them both, 'That's great news.'

'Wow,' Ron said again.

'Is that all you're going to say Ron?' Charlie laughed.

'Well, anyone else, I'd expect, but you, I never thought you'd get married. Mum's going to be over the moon, she thought you'd be a bachelor forever.'

'That's what Bill said today when I told him. But like I said to him, when you meet the right person, you just know.' he looked back at Katie and kissed her passionately again, and wasn't coming up any time soon.

'Alright will you cut that out.' Ron said again.

Charlie and Katie pulled apart, and Harry ignored Ron's outburst and turned to Katie. 'Katie, when you meet with the blokes tomorrow could you ask them if we could rehearse here, it's all set up for it, and there's plenty of room and its secluded.' Harry said.

'I don't see a problem Harry, if you don't mind all of us here every day. I mean with you singing we're going to have to learn a lot more songs, so it will work out better being here.'

'We don't mind Katie, and I love watching you rehearse and I never get tired of Harry singing.' Ginny said smiling at Harry.

'What are you talking about, are you going to play again Harry?' Hermione asked.

'Yeah, Katie told me this morning that the Phoenix Flames are going to do a fund raising concert to raise money to build a wizard orphanage, I loved the idea, so I thought, well using my name might just bring in more money, so I'm going to do the concert with them. Even Kingsley's behind it.' Harry said smiling.

'That's a wonderful idea Katie, I'd like to contribute to that. Having a wizarding orphanage would be a great advantage to those children who don't know what they are.' Hermione said getting very excited.

'Yeah, it will be, I know growing up in a muggle orphanage I had no idea what I was until I got a visit from Professor McGonagall. It would have made it so much better if I grew up knowing the whole time.' Katie said and everyone apart from Charlie looked at her stunned.

'You were an orphan Katie?' Harry said to her.

'Yeah, my parents died in the first war with you-know-who, someone left me on the orphanage steps when I was just a couple of years old.'

'I'm so sorry Katie, I had no idea.' Ginny said.

'That's okay, I'm used to it now and that's why I want to get this fund raising to get the wizarding orphanage built.

Harry nudged Ginny and she nodded. 'I'll be right back.' Harry said and got up and left the room.

'What's he up to Ginny?' asked Charlie.

'You'll see,' Ginny said smiling at all of them.

Harry came back into the room and sat back down and handed Katie a piece of parchment. Katie looked at him as she took it. She opened it and gasped dropping it on her lap.

'What Katie, what is it?' Charlie said looking at Katie's shocked face. He turned to Harry. 'Harry, what did you give her?'

Harry picked up the parchment that Katie dropped and handed it to Charlie.

Charlie read it and looked up in amazement. 'You're starting off the fund with 5 million galleons,' Charlie said looking at Harry then back to Katie and saw tears running down her cheeks. 'Katie, are you alright, baby, come on, say something.' Charlie said in a quiet soothing voice.

'I…I don't know what to say,' Katie got up and threw herself at Harry hugging him tightly. 'Oh Harry, thank you, thank you,' she got up and looked at Harry. 'Sorry about that.' she said sheepishly, 'But are you sure about this, that's a lot of money.'

'I'm absolutely sure Katie, and we can afford it, and I can't think of a better thing for our money to go to,' he said looking at Ginny as she smiled at him.

'Thank you both so much, this is almost the whole amount to get it started.' Katie broke down in tears again, Charlie stood up and pulled her into his arms then sat down with Katie on his lap.

'Harry that was so generous,' Hermione said and she also had tears in her eyes.

'Yeah, Harry, it was.' Ron said

'It's for a good cause, like I said to Charlie, I sometimes wish I was brought up in an orphanage but a wizarding one would have been a hell of a lot better. So I can't think of anything better, and that's why I want to help.' Harry looked at Ginny. 'Sorry Gin, we want to help.

Everyone sat around talking about the fund raiser and the concert and just enjoyed being with family and friends.