Chapter thirty

Charlie, James and Sirius walked into the Leaky Cauldron and went straight over to Tom.

'Tom, have you seen Harry?' Charlie asked the old barman.

'He came through not long ago Charlie, or should I say, stormed through and went straight through to Diagon Alley.'

'Thanks Tom,' Charlie, James and Sirius made their way to the back and tapped the bricks opening the archway to Diagon Alley.

The three of them stepped through and looked around. 'We're are we going to start to look for him?' asked Sirius.

'I don't know, let's head up towards Gringotts and go from there.' Charlie said looking at James and Sirius.

They nodded and the three of them walked off towards the large white building. As they got closer they saw Bill walking towards.

'Charlie, what's going on? Katie just told me about Ginny, I only saw her this morning.'

'Just after she left here, that woman, the one that Harry had in the Leaky Cauldron when he was drinking, she approached Ginny and poisoned her. Harry lifted the memory from Ginny, where here trying to find him. He said he was going to kill her.'

'I saw Harry about twenty minutes ago, he asked about when Ginny was here, I knew he was upset and followed him out trying to find out what was wrong. He walked up to that woman and he apparated out holding her arm.'

'We need to get to him before he does something he'll regret.' James said looking worried.

'I've told Fleur, she's going over the see Ginny now, and I'll help you find Harry. We all know what he'll do to anyone that hurts Ginny,' Bills aid looking around.

'Yeah, we do. But where would he take her?' Sirius asked Charlie.

'I don't know, he might take her to your old house James or maybe Grimmauld Place. No one is at either of those places, so if he intends to do anything to her, he might go somewhere that's private.'

'Let's go look, that's all we can do at the moment.' James said, worried about his son.

'Charlie, how's Ginny, you never said,' Bill saw the look that came to his brother's face.

'She's not good Bill, Baily's got a friend who's trying to work out what poison was used. Let's go find Harry, then we can get back to Ginny.' Charlie put a hand on his brothers shoulder, seeing the tears come into his eyes.

'Alright, let's go,' the four of them made their way back down to the archway and through the Leaky Cauldron to the alleyway. 'We'll meet at Grimmauld place first.' Sirius suggested and everyone nodded before apparated away.

They arrived a few seconds later in the park across the street. They walked up the steps and Charlie tapped on the door, and the four of them walk in and started to look around. There was no sign of Harry anywhere, so they walked back outside.

'Do you want to try our old place next Charlie.' James asked but before he could answer a patronus appeared speaking in Arthur Weasley's voice.

'Harry's here, get here straight away.'

'Let's go,' Charlie said and all four apparated away. They arrived a few seconds later and walked through the wards of Harry's place and ran straight around to the door.

'Dad, where is he?' Charlie asked his father.

'He's down the back of the property with that woman. We heard screaming and ran down, he's torturing her. We tried to get to him but he's got a shield charm up. Kingsley's down there now still trying to get through to him, but he's not having much luck.

'How's Ginny dad?' asked Charlie.

'Not too good at the moment, Baily's still doing he's spells every time she has trouble breathing. He's waiting for his healer friend to come back.'

'There's nothing we can do here for Ginny at the moment, let's get down and see if we can get through to Harry.' Bill said and the five of them walked off towards the back of the property.

They heard the woman screaming and Kingsley trying to get Harry to stop. Charlie, James, Sirius, Bill and Arthur walked up to him and saw Harry standing over the woman.

'He's not listening, he keeps torturing her, then letting her go before he starts again.' Kingsley said looking around. 'James maybe he might listen to you.'

'I'll try,' James moved a little closer until he came up against the shield charm. 'Harry, please listen to me, you need to get back to Ginny. Please son, let her go.' James called, but Harry didn't appear to hear him so he tried again. 'Please let her go son, come back to your family.'

Harry looked around once at his family, and they all saw his face. It was rage, fierce and they knew he wasn't going to stop.

'She's going to pay for what she's done to Ginny,' Harry shouted back at them and then he hit her with the cruciatus curse again. He was looking down at her with so much hatred and anger on his face. 'I'm going to kill you for what you've done.'

'Help me,' the woman screamed when Harry stopped the curse.

'No one can help you,' Harry said and hit her again.

'We need to get him to listen to us but I don't know how.' Arthur said looking around.

'Harry, please listen to me. She'll pay for what she's done, but you need to let her go.'

'No,' Harry shouted. 'I let Briston go, I'm not doing it again. Every time Ginny and I finally start to be happy and have a life, something happens to try and wreck it and I'm not going to let this bitch get away with what's she's done to Ginny. Now leave, you're not going to want to watch this.'

'Harry stop, you need to go back to Ginny, go to your wife Harry.' James yelled at his son, he could see Harry was losing it.

'I'll go back to Ginny when I've finished with her.' Harry shouted, then he stood there looking down at the girl, then he turned and looked up at the house. 'I'm sorry Ginny.' Harry said then turned back to the girl, Arthur, Kingsley, Charlie, Bill, James and Sirius all saw the green light hit the girl before she fell dead. Then Harry sat down on the ground and didn't move.

James moved towards the shield and realised it was down. He walked over to his son and sat down next to him, pulling him into his arms. He didn't say anything as he held his son, he looked around and saw Sirius, Kingsley, and Charlie walk over to them.

'Harry, son, let's get back inside, let's go and see how Ginny's doing.' James said softly but Harry didn't move. 'Harry, come on.'

Harry looked at his father and everyone saw the pain on his face, 'Every time, why, why does this keep happening to us?' Harry said looking at his father and everyone heard the pain in Harry's voice.

'I don't know Harry, but let's get inside, let's get you back to Ginny.' Harry nodded and James helped him up but kept his arms around him and they slowly made their way back to the house.

James walked Harry up the stairs back to his son's bedroom and led him over to his bed. Molly moved out of the way and Harry sat down and took Ginny's hand.

'You don't need to worry anymore Gin, I've taken care of it.' Harry leaned over and kissed his wife. 'She'll never hurt you again sweetheart.'

James tapped Lily on the shoulder, and Arthur did the same thing to everyone else and they made their way out of the room and down the stairs.

'What happened James?' Lily asked seeing the look on her husband's face.

'Harry killed her.' James said flatly and everyone gasped.

'Oh my poor boy,' Lily started to cry and James pulled her into his arms. 'How can we help him?'

'We just have to be there for him, that's all we can do.'

'It's not going to be that simple James, the Wizengamot will know about this. They have ways of detecting the killing curse, they'll know what's happened.' Kingsley said sitting down heavily, and putting his head in his hands. 'I don't know what they'll do.'

James, Lily, Sirius, Nicky, Arthur, Molly, Bill, Fleur, Charlie, Katie, Percy, Audrey, George, Angelina, Ron, Hermione and Kingsley all sat there, looking from one to the other, all wondering what was going to happen to Harry.

The fireplace turned green and Joanna stepped out. 'I've found out which poison was used, but there's no antidote, I'm sorry.' she said looking around at Ginny's family. 'I'll go speak to Baily, maybe we can come up with something that might help.' she said and walked up the stairs and everyone followed her.

They all stepped into the room and Joanna whispered to Baily, he nodded and went back over to Harry. 'Harry,' he waited but it looked like Harry wasn't going to look up at him. 'Harry, there's no antidote, there's nothing we can do, I'm sorry.' Baily said kindly.

'There's something I can do,' Harry said and he concentrated and the wand flew into his hand.

'Harry, we don't know what it will do, if you use the wrong healing spell, Ginny could die.'

'She's going to die if I don't do something, she can't breathe Baily, I've got to do something, I can't lose her.' Harry shouted then turned to look at his family. 'I can't lose her, but if anything happens to her, I know I won't survive, I'm sorry. Mum, dad, keep the twins safe.' then Harry turned back to Ginny.

'Harry, son, what are you talking about?' James looked panicked at he walked over to his son. 'Harry,' he put a hand on his shoulder. 'What are you going to do?'

'If this doesn't work,' Harry took a deep breath and sniffed trying to hold back his tears. 'I'm not going on, I can't.'

'Harry no,' Lily cried and pulled her son into her arms. 'Harry please, don't say that.'

'I'm sorry mum, but I can't live without Ginny, I won't.' Harry took his mother's arms from around him and gently moved her back to his father, then looked down at Ginny. Harry closed his eyes and he could hear everyone talking to him, but he ignored them. He concentrated and started working the spells over his wife, he stood there for a long time going over and over with the healing spells, until he collapsed onto the ground.

James and Sirius picked Harry up and put him on his side of the bed. A few minutes later, Ginny started to wake up and Baily walked back over to her.

Baily waved his wand over Ginny with Joanna looking down at her as well. Ginny's eyelids started to flicker as her body tried to wake up.

'Ginny, can you hear me?' Baily asked. She blinked her eyes a few times before she was able to keep them open. 'Ginny, how do you feel?'

'Tired, what happened?' Ginny's voice was soft and croaky.

'You were poisoned Ginny, but you're going to be alright,' Baily said giving her a small smile. He moved back from the bed and allowed her parents to come closer.

'Ginny dear,' Molly said taking her daughters hand.

'Hi, mum,' Ginny looked around the room then spotted Harry. 'Harry,' Ginny moved slowly over to Harry and put her hand to his face. 'What happened?' Ginny started to cry and she put her head down on Harry's chest.

'There was no antidote Ginny, so Harry healed you,' Baily said looking down at Ginny.

'Oh, sweetheart,' Ginny leaned up and kissed him. 'Baily, is he the same as before?'

'I haven't checked him yet, I was waiting for you to wake up properly. I'll do it now.' Baily walked over to Harry's side and waved his wand over him. 'Yes Ginny, he's the same as before, so we just have to wait.'

Ginny nodded and put her head back down on Harry's chest. Kingsley looked around at everyone then back at Harry and Ginny. He tapped Charlie and James on the shoulder and jerked his head towards the door.

The three of them walked down stairs. 'I need to go to the ministry, I'll try to intervene with the Wizengamot, but I had an idea. James everyone I've ever spoken too all care about Harry and want him to have a happy life after everything he done and gone through. Can you get a story ready about what Harry has been through, everything he's been through and what's taken place here, because if the Wizengamot wants to charge and convict Harry, I've got a feeling that a lot of people will come to support Harry.'

'Alright, but are you sure I should put everything in it?' James asked.

'Yes, everything, the wound on his chest, the loss of the baby, he's drinking, the attempted kidnapping, put in all of it James, let people know what Harry has been through since the battle. I need to go, they can't get through these wards so as long as Harry stays here, he's safe. I'll go and see what I can do, Charlie I'm going to send Mark and William here. They care about Harry, so they will protect him, and they've learned a lot from him, so they shouldn't have a problem if anything happens.'

'Alright Kingsley, and thanks,' Charlie and James both gave Kingsley a hug and watched as he stepped into the fireplace.

'I'll be in the library, working on the story, but Charlie, what are we going to do with the woman's…?' James couldn't finish.

'Let's wait until Kingsley comes back and we'll ask him. You go start the story and I'll wait down here for Mark and William.' James nodded and walked into the library.

Lily and Katie walked into the sitting room, Katie going straight over to Charlie and Lily into her rooms.

'Where are Harry and Ginny baby?' Charlie asked his wife.

'There in the nursery, we conjured a couple more cots and they asleep, Victoire is in there as well.' Katie could see the look on her husband's face. 'What going to happened to Harry?'

'Kingsley's gone to try and work something out, he's got James getting a story ready about what Harry has gone through in case the Wizengamot want to charge and convict Harry. He's hoping the public will support him.' Charlie said and wrapped his arms around he's wife.

'We need to help and support him Charlie, after everything he's done for us and everything he's gone through, we can't let them lock him up.' Katie said as she started to cry.

'I know baby, I know, we'll help him, don't worry.' Charlie said as he held his wife tighter when he noticed the fire turn green. Mark and William stepped out along with ten other aurors.

'Charlie,' Mark said walking over to him and shaking his hand.

'What's going on Mark, Kingsley said he was just getting you and William.' Charlie said jerking his head to all the other aurors.

'We're all here to support Harry, none of us are going to let the Wizengamot arrest him. The rest of the aurors are outside the wards keeping watch.'

'You mean all the aurors are here to support Harry?' Katie asked.

'Yep, and the magical enforcement squad are supporting him as well, so there outside the wards as well. They told Kingsley and he's going to inform the Wizengamot. There's a lot of people who care about him Charlie, they won't let anything happen to him.'

'Thanks Mark, thanks all of you, when he's conscious again, I'm sure he'd appreciate that.' Charlie said looking over at all the aurors. 'I need to speak to Ginny now she's awake, I'll be back down soon,' Charlie kissed Katie and walked back upstairs and into Harry and Ginny's room.

He watched Ginny as she cuddled up to Harry talking quietly to him. 'Harry sweetheart, come on, please wake up.' Ginny caressed his face and kissed his lips but was getting nothing from him.

'Ginny, I need to speak with you for a moment, it's important.' Charlie said walking over to her.

'Can't it wait Charlie?' Ginny said looking up at Charlie then back down at Harry.

'I'm sorry Ginny, but it can't wait. Come down stairs with me, please.' Charlie waited until Ginny nodded and she leaned over Harry and kissed him before getting off the bed and following Charlie out the door.

Charlie led Ginny over to the couch and sat down. 'Ginny, um, I need to tell you something.' Charlie hesitated wondering how he was going to tell Ginny what Harry had done.

Ginny saw that Charlie was anxious about something. 'Charlie, what's wrong?'

'Alright, before Harry healed you, he pulled the memory of you from this morning,' Charlie waited to see if she'd know which memory he was talking about, but she looked puzzled. 'When you were outside Gringotts, remember, you were arguing with that woman.'

'Yeah, I remember, she kept telling me she was going to get Harry away from me. But what does she have to do with anything?'

'She was the one that poisoned you Gin, we saw the memory of her, she touched you're back just before she walked off. Baily found a Mark on your lower back that what made Harry look at the memory to see how you had gotten it. He went to find her Gin,' Charlie hesitated again. 'Harry did something and it's bad.'

'What are you talking about Charlie?' what did Harry do?' Ginny was feeling anxious now, seeing the look on Charlie's face and knowing that Harry found that woman.

'He brought her back here, no one could get through the shield charm, he was torturing her before…' Charlie didn't know how he could say it.

'Charlie, before what, what did Harry do?' Ginny had started to cry knowing that something was seriously wrong.

'He killed her Ginny.' Charlie saw the shocked look on her face before she broke down completely, Charlie pulled her into his arms and held her knowing there was nothing he could do.

Everyone stood around watching Harry as he started to move, waking up slowly. They were all anxious wondering what was going to happen to him.

Harry suddenly woke up and looked over at Ginny's side of the bed. 'Ginny, where's Ginny?' Harry pulled himself up and swung his legs off the bed.

'Harry take it easy, Ginny's fine, she's downstairs.' Sirius said going over to stop Harry from standing.

'I need to see her,' Harry was trying to stand up but he's legs wouldn't support him and he fell back down. 'I need to see her Sirius, help me.' everyone could hear the fear in Harry's voice.

'Alright Harry, just hang on, I'll help.' Sirius said and looked over at Ron. 'Ron, give me a hand will you?' he nodded and walked over and help Harry stand. 'We've got you Harry, now take it easy.

Sirius and Ron helped Harry out of the room and down the stairs, Harry saw Ginny sitting on the couch with Charlie.

'Ginny,' Harry called and they helped him over onto the couch and sat him down. 'Ginny, you're okay.' Harry put his arms around Ginny and held her. 'You're alive, oh god Gin,' Harry started to sob as he held his wife.

'I'm fine Harry, you healed me,' Ginny said as she held Harry. She saw all her family go past them and walk outside. 'Shhhhhh, Harry, everything's alright now, please calm down.' Ginny could feel Harry heaving as he cried.

'I thought I was going to lose you gin,' Harry kept grabbing at Ginny trying to hold her as tight as he could. 'I thought…I…oh god Gin.' Harry couldn't control himself as he's sobs got louder.

'Harry, it's alright sweetheart, I'm fine now, come on.' Ginny pulled slightly back and took his face in her hands and saw the anguish there. 'Everything's alright now Harry, please don't' cry anymore, I'm fine.' Ginny could feel that she was starting to choke up at the look on Harry's face. 'I'm…I'm fine, Harry.' Ginny saw the room get brighter for a moment and realised someone had just come through the floo, but she didn't turn around to see who it was, she just kept holding Harry until she could get him to settle down.

Kingsley saw Harry and Ginny both crying, holding each other and walked outside knowing that's where Mark and William would be and he saw that everyone else was outside as well. Kingsley spoke with Mark and William for a few minutes before walking over to speak with everyone else.

'Kingsley, have you spoken to the Wizengamot?' Charlie asked looking anxious.

'Yes, I spoke to them, their issuing an arrest for Harry. I've tried to talk them out of it but they wouldn't listen.'

Everyone started shouted at once, and he couldn't understand anyone except that they were all angry and weren't going to let this happen.

'Please, just listen for a moment.' Kingsley waited until they all stopped shouting and calmed down. 'They want him in court the day after Tomorrow to face charges, and asked the aurors to come and arrest him to take him to the holding cells until then. I told them all the aurors were here protecting Harry and would support him and not the Wizengamot, they then wanted the magical law enforcement squad to do it, but again, I told them they were all here to support Harry, their not happy at the moment and are trying to work out how to bring Harry in.

'I'm turning myself in Kingsley,' Harry said from the doorway, as he staggered out with Ginny's help.

'No you're not Harry, you can't,' Kingsley said as he walked over to him with James and helped Harry stand up.

'I know what I did, and I'm not sorry about it. I'll face them and take whatever they decide to do to me.'

'Harry, please,' Ginny said as she started crying again. 'No, you can't.'

'Let's get you back in and sit down and we'll talk about this.' James said as him and Kingsley took Harry back inside and sat him back down on the couch, Ginny sitting next to him and taking his hands.

'Harry, I…no…please…' Ginny couldn't go on and Harry put his arms around her.

'Ginny, I killed her, I have to face the charges.' Harry rubbed her back trying to ease her tears.

'Harry, everyone is supporting you, none of us want them to charge you and we're going to stand up to them and stand by you. And there is nothing you can say to change our minds.' Mark said as he came into the room.

'I appreciate that Mark, but I need to face the charges. I know what I did was wrong, but I'm still not sorry I did it. People are getting away with doing things, there getting off too light. I know I shouldn't have taken the law into my own hands, but I just couldn't let the Wizengamot let her off for almost killing Ginny. If I hadn't healed her,' Harry looked down at Ginny, caressing her face. 'I could have lost you,' he looked back up at everyone, 'She would have only gotten a couple of years, max, and that's wrong. My wife could have died and I wasn't going to let that go.'

'Harry, please, I can't lose you, if you face them, they'll send you away.' Ginny started to cry again and Harry pulled her to him, holding her tight.

'I don't want to lose you sweetheart, but I have to face what I did, if…if,' Harry couldn't help the sob that escaped his lips. 'If they send me away, then they do.' Harry touched Ginny's face.

Kingsley listened to Harry and knew he wasn't going to change his mind, he looked to Charlie, James and Mark, jerking his head towards the library. They all got up while Harry was occupied with Ginny and they walked into the library.

'We can't let him do this Kingsley,' Charlie said looking devastated.

'I know Charlie, but you could hear it in Harry's voice, he's going to do it and nothing we say will change his mind, but I have an idea.' Kingsley turned to James. 'Did you do that story on Harry?'

'Yes, it's finished, it's not a nice read Kingsley.' James said looking at his old friend.

'Send it out, make sure it's the feature story in the morning. We're going to let Harry face the Wizengamot, because I don't think we have a choice, he'll do it anyway, but I'm going to offer my resignation and Marcus, as head of the auror department is also going to tell the Wizengamot that the whole auror department and magical law enforcement squads are going on strike, and I think after the story is out about Harry's life, then there will be a lot more people that's going to support him.'

'Kingsley, you can't resign, you've done a fabulous job as minister and Harry won't let you, you know he won't.' Charlie said, then turned to Mark. 'And he would never let any of you do that for him.' Charlie told Mark.

'We're not going to tell him, we know we can't talk him out of this, so we just go and support him, and if the Wizengamot sentences him, then we're all going to strike. It's the only way that they might understand how important Harry is to the wizarding world, but also everyone can get pushed too far, Harry did and after what he has gone through his whole life, he just lost it completely, so hopefully with the story and us, they will listen.' Mark said, looking at Charlie.

James stood there, listening to the three men talk and he started to realise just how much Harry is loved, not just by the people that know him but also by everyone else and he was extremely proud of his son, and he hoped what they were saying will work, because if they tried to separate Harry and Ginny, I don't think either would survive.

Harry sat holding Ginny as everyone around him tried to talk him out of turning himself in to the Wizengamot. He just wanted to be alone with his wife.

'Look, it's been a long day, and I'm tired. I appreciate everyone's support I really do, but I've made up my mind, now I'm going to bed.' Harry turned to Ginny, 'Give me a hand Gin?' he said sending all his feelings of love and wanting to her.' she nodded and stood up helping Harry.

Harry and Ginny never looked at anyone as they made their way up the stairs and into their room.

Harry turned to Ginny. 'I need a shower Gin, I feel…well, I don't know what I feel at the moment.'

'Alright Harry,' Ginny said as tears came back to her eyes as she helped Harry into the bathroom. 'Sit down sweetheart and let me help you out of your clothes.'

'I like the sound of that,' Harry sat and as Ginny started to take his shoes off, Harry rubbed her hair, 'I always loved you're hair, the way it falls across me when you're lying across my chest.' Harry knew that today and tomorrow might be the only time has left with Ginny and he was going to make the most of it, 'Especially after we've made love.'

Ginny looked up and saw the look on Harry's face. 'You're still weak Harry, you need rest.'

'If I only have tonight and tomorrow left with you, I'm not going to waste it.' Harry said standing up and finished stripping his clothes off.

'Please don't say that Harry, I don't want to think about that, I wish you'd just change your mind and stay with me.' Ginny couldn't stop the tears falling again, thinking that Harry might get sent away.

'I want that Ginny, I really do, but I have to face what I've done.' Harry took Ginny's face in his hands and kissed her tenderly until Ginny threw her arms around him and started to kiss him forcefully, passionately, grabbing at him fiercely. 'Let's have a shower Gin,' she nodded and they finished undressing and stepped into the shower.

Ginny pushed Harry down on the seat and straddled him, kissing him again. She moved her hand down until she wrapped it around his arousal, feeling it pulse under her hand.

'God you feel god, I'm going to miss this.' Harry said kissing Ginny's neck.

'Don't say that, Harry. Let's not talk about that or anything else. I just want us to make love.'

Harry looked into Ginny's eyes, and feeling all the love she had for him and also her fear. He decided to do what she wanted and not talk about anything. He grabbed the soap and started to wash his wife's body, turning himself on as he's hands moved all over her. He turned her around and made her sit with her back to him and he groaned every time she moved. Harry finished washing her and Ginny took the soap from him and started to wash Harry, she moved slowly over his body, then came to he's erection. She moved her hand around him, washing very slowly, then rinsing him off. She knelt down in front of him and licked up the sides and around the top of his arousal, feeling it pulse under her tongue. Harry gripped her head moving it over him and Ginny opened her mouth and slowly lowered it over him. She listened to Harry groan loudly as she moved back and forth, flicking her tongue at the same time. She knew he was getting close, she could feel it so she started to move her mouth faster, until he groaned again. As soon as he finished, she started to lick up the sides again, before putting her mouth back over him and feeling him growing under her mouth.

Harry pulled her up, sitting her down and knelt in front of her. He moved his hands slowly up the inside of her legs, pushing them apart as he went. He licked up her leg and she started to quiver under his tongue, he reached her heat, and closed his whole mouth over her, taking all of her into his mouth. Harry pushed his tongue inside as he felt her desperation and knew she wanted it hard so he went hard and she groaned loudly gripping the rails as she screamed his name. He flicked his tongue against her and felt her quiver, he flicked faster until she gripped his head forcing it to her as her climax hit. Harry stood Ginny up and lifted her, she wrapped her legs around him then reached down and gently put him at her heat. Harry looked into Ginny's eyes knowing she was waiting for him, so he slammed hard into her giving her everything he had. The moved together building up momentum, knowing each other wasn't going to last long. The moved faster and faster, never taking their eyes from each other until they both groaned loudly.

Harry picked Ginny up, went back into the bedroom laying her down. He lent up on his elbow looking down at her, 'Are you hungry?'

'A bit, but I don't want to move from here,' Ginny reached up and pulled his head down kissing Harry fiercely, letting him know she wasn't finished, that she wanted more.

'I'm in the mood for some icecream, what are you in the mood for, I'll get Kreacher to bring it up here, that way we can stay right where we are, and I don't think it will worry Kreacher that we're both naked.'

'Sounds good, you have icecream and I'll have…' Ginny thought for a few minutes, 'some strawberry's, I'll dip them in your icecream.' she smiled up at Harry.

'Good idea,' Harry kissed her again, 'Kreacher.'

With a crack Kreacher appeared. 'What can Kreacher do for his Master and Mistress?' he bowed to them.

'Can you bring up some icecream, two spoons and some strawberries please Kreacher?'

'Of course, Master Harry, I'll be right back.' and with another crack he was gone. Harry leaned down and kissed Ginny fiercely until he heard the crack of Kreacher reappearing. 'Here's your icecream and strawberries Master Harry,' the elf bowed handing Harry a tray, 'Is there anything else Master or Mistress wishes?'

'No, thank you Kreacher, if we want anything else, I'll let you know.' Harry said and Kreacher bowed, snapped his fingers and disappeared. 'Let's sit up Gin.' she nodded and they both sat and put the tray between them and started to eat.

'Hmm, this is good, taste Harry,' Ginny placed the strawberry at Harry's mouth, and he slowly sucked it then bit the end.

'Hmm, that is good, how about some icecream to go with it.' Harry picked up a strawberry and dipped it into the icecream and fed it to Ginny, watching as she sucked the icecream off, seeing some drip down onto her chest. Harry bent his head and licked the icecream from his wife's breast. 'Hmmm, now that's tasty.' Harry smiled as he licked around her nipple.

'Two can play at that game,' Ginny said and she dipped a spoon into the icecream and let it drip over Harry's body, all the way down. She started to slowly lick the icecream off making her way down, her mouth was cold by the time she got to his erection that was covered in icecream. She slowly moved her mouth over him.

'Oh god Gin, you can't believe how good that feels,' Harry lay back as his wife's cold mouth moved over him.

Harry and Ginny continued to play with their food while making love for hours that night, until they fell asleep holding each other.

Harry woke early and looked down at his wife, sleeping on her stomach. He wanted her again knowing he didn't have a lot of time left, but decided to let her sleep. He got up and showered before making his way down stairs. Everyone was still asleep, so he made himself a cup of coffee. He walked into the studio and sat down at his piano and started to play softly before he started to sing, knowing he will miss this when they lock him up.

He felt Ginny before he saw her walk into the studio and she walked towards him as he sang. She stood watching until he finished then sat down next to him and kissed him fiercely.

'Harry, I want you to do something for me,' Ginny was sending all her feelings of desperation to him, trying to let him know how she was really feeling.

'I can't, I'm sorry. I need to face what I did, please understand, I have to do this.' he could see the tears coming to his wife's tears, and pulled her into his arms. 'Try and understand Ginny, I want to stay with you, desperately. I don't want to be apart from you, but I have to do this, I have to take responsibility for my actions.' he could feel Ginny's heartache and wished he could take away her pain. He picked her up and sat down on the couch with Ginny in his lap keeping his arms around her.

James and Lily stood at the door of the studio looking over at their son, wishing Ginny could make him change his mind. They walked back into the sitting room and sat down, each holding one of their children.

'Do you think it will work James, I don't want to lose Harry.' Lily said as tears came to her eyes, she hadn't been able to stop crying since Harry said he was turning himself into the Wizengamot.

'I think I might Lil, with what Kingsley said, everyone is refusing to take the Wizengamot side, their all supporting Harry, so it's got a good chance.' James said looking down at his daughter asleep in his arms.

'I just wish he'd change his mind, but I'm finally starting to understand why Charlie keeps saying he's stubborn. With what I've seen and heard about he's power, they couldn't touch him.'

'But that wouldn't be the right thing to do mum,' Harry said as him and Ginny walked into the room, and sat down. 'Please understand, I need to do this.'

Lily decided to try one more thing, she stood up and placed Hayden into Harry's arms. 'What are we supposed to tell your brother and sister Harry, what if someone else tries to take them?' Lily knelt in front of Harry and put her hand to his face. 'Please, Harry, think of them, think of Ginny, please don't do this.'

Harry put his brother back into his mother's arms and stood up. 'I don't want to leave any of you, but you need to understand how I'm feeling. I killed someone mum, can't you understand that, I took a life, not because there was a war, me, I used my magic and killed her. I could have stopped at just hurting her, but I didn't. I made the decision and now I have to live with it.' Harry couldn't take anymore, he walked out of the house and saw all the aurors standing around. He shook his head and walked down to the water, standing there taking in everything around him. 'I'm going to miss this Gin.'

'How did you know I was behind you?' Ginny stepped around Harry, holding him tight.

'I can always sense whenever you're near me, and I felt it.' Harry put his arms around his wife, looking down at her. 'I'm sorry if this is hurting you Ginny, but please understand that I have to do this. I can't expect special treatment just because I'm Harry Potter. I killed her and I have to accept whatever the Wizengamot decide to do to me.'

'I know you have never wanted special treatment Harry, even if you deserve it. But I'm sorry, I can't understand how you can willingly leave me, leave all of us. This is killing me Harry, I feel it and I don't want you to do this.'

Ginny started to cry into Harry's chest. 'Let's not talk about this anymore, let's go inside, I want to hold you for as long as I can.' Harry reached down and took Ginny's face in his hands, making her look at him. 'Let me love you while I can Gin, please.' he lowered his head and kissed her tenderly, as he felt her need. Harry picked Ginny up and carried her back to the house and straight upstairs to their room.

'Love me Harry, I need you.' Ginny started to take Harry's clothes off, and Harry could feel her desperation, so he let her do what she wanted. He knew his decision was hard on her, and nothing he said would change that, so he wanted to hold her for as long as he had left.

Ginny lay on top of Harry panting, as he rubbed her back. He rolled her over and looked down at her. 'We haven't eaten yet, do you want to get up and get something?' Harry leaned down and kissed her tenderly.

'Alright Harry,' Ginny sat up and started dressing but she couldn't stop the tears in her eyes. She turned to Harry. 'I can't take this Harry, it's killing me.' Harry went too reached for her but she ran from the room.

Harry sighed, got himself dressed and went down stairs and saw his parents sitting on the couch with Sirius and Nicky. 'Do you know where Ginny went?' Harry asked and everyone could hear the sadness in his voice.

'She went out the door, down towards the water.' Lily said. Harry nodded and walked in the opposite way and headed for the studio.

'What are we going to do, there both heartbroken. Why is Harry doing this?' Lily said looking around at everyone.

'He feels he needs to, Charlie told me last night that Harry has never wanted special treatment because of who he is, so he feels this is the right thing to do, no matter what anyone says.' Sirius said looking over at his long-time friends, knowing this was hurting both of them and decided to try once more to talk to Harry. He leaned closer to Nicky. 'I'll be back.' he gave her a kiss and walked into the studio.

Sirius stood at the door and saw Harry sitting on the floor with his head in he's hands. He walked over and sat down next to him.

'Do you know how much you're hurting everyone Harry?' Sirius said putting a hand on his godson's shoulder.

'Don't you think this is hurting me as well, but there's nothing I can do. I won't take any special treatment because of who I am, I'm going to be treated like everyone else.'

'But you're not like everyone else Harry, you're the saviour of the wizarding world and you need to accept that. More people would be dead or suffering if it wasn't for you Harry.'

Harry stood and look down at Sirius, 'I'm the saviour because there was no choice. I didn't choose that, Voldemort did the moment he made me a horcrux. If he would have realised that I had a piece of his soul inside me, all he would had to do was have someone else destroy it first, then he could have killed me, then I would have died a long time ago. It was chance that made me the saviour, and I don't deserve special treatment for that. Now please Sirius, let it go.' Harry walked out of the room and back up to his bedroom.

Sirius walked slowly back into the sitting room. James and Lily looked at him seeing his dejected look and Lily broke down in tears again.

'He won't listen to anyone, not even Ginny. Charlie said when Harry makes up his mind about something, whether it was good or bad, he always follows it through. This looks like one of those decisions, and he's not going to change his mind, no matter what anyone says to him.' Sirius said.

Everyone sat around the Potter house hoping that tomorrow Harry would get off. They knew if he was sent away, the whole wizarding world wouldn't like it. James has been hearing from Kingsley all day, ever since he's article had come out, every single person he has spoken too have said they were going to be there to support Harry. James hoped Kingsley was right when he stands up and tells the Wizengamot that everyone from shop owners, to the professors of Hogwarts will go on strike if they send Harry away.

Ginny wandered back into the house late in the afternoon, she never looked at anyone or said anything, just kept walking towards the stairs. She walked into the bedroom and saw Harry sitting on the floor leaning against the bed with his head in his hands. She walked over and sat down next to him.

'You haven't eaten all day have you Harry?' Ginny said as she put her head on his shoulder.

'No, I haven't felt like it, I bet you haven't either, have you?' Harry took her hand and placed it on his face.

'No, like you, I haven't felt like it, My stomach is all in knots.' Ginny couldn't stop the sob escaping from her until she broke down completely, laying her head on Harry's lap.

Harry knew there was no use saying anything, he'd made up his mind and was going to take whatever punishment the Wizengamot decide for him. He looked down at Ginny, running his hands down her hair, letting her cry. He knew she was in pain and wanted to stop it, but he had to do the right thing, he could feel it. He didn't know why, but he knew it was the right thing to do.

'Harry, I love you, do you still love me?' Ginny said but she kept her head in his lap.

'Of course I do Gin, I will always love you.' Harry knew where she was going with this but there was nothing he could do to help her understand.

'Then why do you want to leave me, if you still love me.'

'Ginny please, try to understand, I don't want to leave you, it's not my choice. The Wizengamot will decide my fate, we just need to accept it.'

Ginny sat up and looked into Harry's eyes. 'Let's leave, go away somewhere, just me and you. Please Harry, I can't be away from you.'

Harry saw the pleading in her eyes and heard it in her voice. 'I can't, I have to face up to what I've done. I've learned to accept that all the deaths in the battle were not my fault, but this one was, so please, Gin, try to understand.' Harry felt his own voice choke, knowing this might be the last time he can hold his wife. 'Let's get into bed and let me hold you Ginny, I need to hold you.' the tears Harry's been trying to hold back all day finally broke free, spilling down his face. 'Please Gin.'

Ginny looked up at his face again and nodded. She stood up as Harry stood up as well, they stripped off their clothes and got into bed. Harry put his arms around his wife, holding her tight, both of them still crying but not saying anything, just content to hold each other until they both fell asleep.

Harry woke early and saw Ginny was still asleep, he knew he wouldn't be able to talk her out of coming with him today, so he decided to have a shower and change and go downstairs to wait for her. He saw his parents, Sirius and Kingsley sitting at the kitchen table.

'Morning,' Harry said flatly and sat down. Kreacher brought him over a cup of tea and Harry looked down at the cup, not able to look at his parent's faces.

'Morning son,' James said trying to relay his love to him.

Nobody said anything as they all looked at Harry, knowing he hasn't changed his mind and hoped what Kingsley said was right and the Wizengamot will listen to everyone who turns up today.

Ginny walked into the kitchen, not bothering to say anything and just sat on Harry's lap and put her arms around him, holding him tight as she started to cry again. Harry ran his hands up and down her back trying to soothe her but he knew nothing would.

Kingsley looked over at Harry, 'I'm coming with you today Harry, to try and get the Wizengamot to drop the charges.' he said flatly.

'I don't want you to do that Kingsley, just let whatever going to happen, happen.

'Sorry Harry, but I'm going to do whatever I can, no matter what you say.'

'Fine, but it's not going to change my mind, so we might as well get there and get this over with.' Harry pulled Ginny up as he stood and noticed his parents, Sirius and Nicky stood up as well. 'I hope you don't think you're coming too.'

'Of course we're coming Harry, you're our son, and we're going to be there right beside you.' James said and he looked seriously at his son and saw he was going to argue. 'Don't try and say anything Harry, we're coming.'

'Fine, but it's not going to do any good.' Harry said as he took Ginny's hand and they made their way over to the fireplace.

Kingsley stepped in first and disappeared, then Sirius and Nicky. Lily and James both looked at Harry once more and they stepped into the fire and disappeared. Harry looked at Ginny and nodded, and they both stepped into the fire and disappeared.

Harry and Ginny stepped into the atrium at the ministry and saw thousands of people all looking towards him. 'What's going on?' Harry said to no one in particular but Kingsley walked over to him.

'They are all here to support you Harry,' Kingsley said looking down at Harry's amazed face. 'The Wizengamot have realised that they can't stop people going to your hearing, so they have to hold it in the atrium.'

Harry looked around and saw the whole Wizengamot up the other end, some of them not looking very pleased with the situation. Harry nodded to Kingsley and walked towards the other end with everyone following behind him.

When he reached them he stood in front of the Wizengamot, he heard people calling for him to sing. He looked around and saw everyone all chanting his name.

The head of the Wizengamot stood up and called for quiet, 'That is quite out of order, this is a hearing, not a concert.'

'If you're going to try and send Harry away,' someone yelled, 'then we want him to sing to his wife for the last time.'

Harry felt himself getting choked up at the realisation that he might never be able to sing to Ginny again and decided he'd do it, it's not like the Wizengamot could do any more to him.

Harry turned around to face the crowd and called for quiet. 'Thank you everyone and I'd gladly sing to my wife one more time.' Liam walked up to him holding a guitar and grinned at him. 'Did you plan this?' Harry asked his friend.

'Not just me Harry, we all did,' John, Patrick, and Nicky walked up to him as well. Kingsley waved his hand and a stage appeared in the middle of the atrium.

'There all yours Harry,' Kingsley said smiling at his friend.

Harry nodded and they walked up on the stage, Harry still holding Ginny's hand. When he looked around he saw everyone he knew standing there watching him. All the Weasley, all his friends from Hogwarts, all the professors including Hagrid, all the shop owners from Diagon Alley, everyone he'd ever met was there, all looking up at him. Harry felt himself get choked up again and he felt Ginny send him her love. He caressed her face and sat down at the piano putting his guitar down next to it.

He found he's sheet music on the piano and looked over at the rest of the band. They were all smiling at him. 'When you're ready Harry,' Liam smiled.

Harry nodded and looked at Ginny and started to sing. Harry never took his eyes from Ginny's face as he watched her tears fall as his started to fall as well. Everyone heard how chocked he's voice sounded when he finished. He stood up and pulling Ginny into his arms and kissed her passionately, not caring about how many people were watching him. He heard the applause inside the atrium and it was deafening as he pulled back from Ginny. He looked around and saw that a lot of people were crying.

'Can we now get on with the hearing?' the head of the Wizengamot said angrily and loudly. Harry took a deep breath and turned towards them and nodded. 'Take a seat, please Mr. Potter.'

Harry gripped Ginny's hand then tried to let go, but she wouldn't release it until Kingsley walked over and took Ginny by the shoulders.

'It'll be alright Ginny, have faith.' Kingsley whispered in her ear.

Harry sat down and faced the Wizengamot. 'I'm ready.'

'Harry James Potter, you are charged with using an unforgivable curse, the killing curse. Do you accept this charge?'

'Yes,' Harry said flatly and he could hear Ginny's cries over the cries of others.

'Do you have anything to say in your defence Mr. Potter?'

'No,' Harry said again flatly.

'The use of an unforgivable would normally get you a life sentence Mr. Potter, but taking in your circumstances, we hereby sentence you to ten years in Azkaban.'

Harry gasped and had trouble breathing as looked down then felt the shock and pain go through Ginny. He turned and saw Kingsley holding her up as she collapsed in tears, before he had Charlie take her. He saw his father holding his mother tightly as she cried into his chest.

'I'd like to address the Wizengamot and speak on Harry Potter's behave.' Kingsley said loudly.

'That won't be necessary Minister Shacklebolt,' said the head of the Wizengamot.

'I think you should hear what I have to say.' Kingsley stared at the whole Wizengamot.

'Very well, let's get this over with. Say what you came to say.'

Harry stood up and looked around, 'Kingsley,' Harry took a deep breath as he's voice cracked, 'You don't have to do this, I told you I would take whatever they decided.'

Kingsley didn't look at Harry but kept his eyes on the Wizengamot. 'I have been authorized by the head of the auror department and the head of the law enforcement squad to inform you that until Harry Potter is set free, they are all going to strike and refuse to enforce the law. I also have been informed by the headmistress of Hogwarts school of witchcraft and wizardry that the school will be closed and every professor will not teach until Harry is set free. Also, every shop owner in Diagon Alley will not open their shops again until Harry is set free. If it wasn't for Harry, there would be no aurors, there would be no Wizengamot, Voldemort would be running our world, not you, not me, not any of us, and most of us would be dead, so I also offer my resignation as minister of magic because I believe Harry Potter deserves our gratitude not imprisonment.'

Harry stood there in complete shock at hearing what Kingsley had said. He looked around and saw Ron, Hermione, Charlie, and Katie, holding the twins, Minerva, Marcus, William and Mark, Mr. Ollivander, and a heap of others all looking nervously at the Wizengamot.

The head of the Wizengamot looked angrily at Kingsley before he turned to spoke quietly to the rest. After a few minutes he turned back, looked at Kingsley before looking back at Harry.

'It seems Mr. Potter that you have quite a lot influential and important friends, and we really do not have a choice. All charges are hereby dropped, you're free to go.'

Ginny ran up to Harry and threw her arms around him knocking him over and kissed him fiercely as everyone started to clap and shout. When Ginny pulled back, she stood up and pulled Harry to his feet and wrapped her arms around him again as his parents, Sirius, all the Weasley's, Kingsley, Minerva, the aurors, the band and a heap of others came up to him. Harry saw the smiles on all the faces.

'You planned this didn't you?' Harry looked around at everyone.

'It was my idea Harry, but everyone instantly agreed and they were willing to do what they threatened to do.' Kingsley smiled at him and clapped him on the shoulder.

The crowd started to chant Harry's name again wanting him to sing. Harry looked around stunned, he didn't know what to think.

'Go sing Harry, there all here because they believe in you and you've given them the chance to live in peaceful world.' Kingsley said.

Harry looked around then looked back at Ginny, who was still holding onto him tightly. She nodded and let him go and stood with Kingsley, who put his arm around her, smiling at Harry.

Harry nodded and walked back up onto the stage and saw the band already standing there waiting and showed him the sheet music for he's new song that he hadn't showed anyone yet. He looked at them and picked up his guitar and looked at Ginny took a deep breath then he started singing. Everyone could hear how choked he's voice was as he started.

As Harry finished singing, he put his guitar down and picked Ginny up and kissed her fiercely, everyone cheered, watching their saviour and his wife knowing he has finally found peace he'd been looking for all he's life.

The end:

Continued in part three, Harry Potter, the truth behind it all.