Hi readers, I apologise if I left any of you with too much suspense in the last chapter. I promised that this chapter would come out quickly, but unfortunately a lot of things got in my way. For instance, I stumbled upon this anime called Oda Nobuna No Yabou and ended up watching it for the rest of the week. And then I had to do fan art of the lolis. XD This is shameless self-promotion haha, but please do look at my art stuff. :3 Just search for Neithacultra on Deviantart. XD

Anyway, enough talk. Here's chapter 5. Not much humour in here, as things are getting a little grim...

Rin and Miku stared in terror as the red pyro's dilated pupils pierced into their souls. They would recognise that face anywhere. In fact, almost every vocaloid did, though none of them ever dared to speak her name lest she heard their call. Those notorious pink curls that were fastened at the sides of her head had been mentioned in many horror stories ever since the dawn of time. Rin and Miku thought she was supposed to be vaulted away in one of the world's most impenetrable asylums, which was built solely for the purpose of containing the girl herself. However, there she was, hunched with the madness beating upon her back, grinning so wide that her filthy skin pulled taut against the abhorred structure of her abnormal skull.

"T-t-teto?!" Miku stuttered. "Kasane Teto?! Impossible!"

"Well it's possible now," Rin grunted, clenching her fire axe tightly in her gloved hands.

"What the hell is she doing here?!" Miku screeched. "Isn't she supposed to be locked away after setting fire to my bedroom?!"

"I don't think we have time to question that now," Rin snarled. "You're lucky this is a story. If this were real, we would be dead for wasting all this time talking."

Teto laughed suddenly, her vascularised pupils narrowing and gleaming a deep crimson. She muttered a few strains of gibberish as she toyed with her flare gun, the malicious smile never wavering once.

"She looks hungry," Rin spat. "Let's feed her something, shall we?"

The blue pyro charged towards her adversary, brandishing the heavy fire axe fiercely. Teto watched as Rin swung the axe towards her with great velocity. However, at the last moment, Teto ducked underneath and delivered an unseen blow to Rin's chest with her knee. The impact shattered Rin's ribs, causing her to yell out in pain as her axe slipped loose from her hands. The blue pyro fell backwards, the red pyro glaring over her with her sadistic smile.

"No!" Miku cried. "Rin!"

Teto picked up Rin's axe and readied it high above her, preparing to split her skull in half. Fortunately, Rin managed to spin away to the side just in time as the axe buried itself into the ground just beside her. Taking the opportunity as Teto was trying to retrieve the axe, Rin took out her shotgun and sprayed the pellets into the red pyro's face at point-blank range. Teto screamed and withdrew, both of her eyes bleeding and her nose shattered.

"Rin!" Miku yelled again. "Are you alright?"

"I'm alright," Rin panted. "Finish her off."

Miku turned to Teto, who was blind but more enraged than ever. The red pyro extracted her flare gun once again and began to shoot about her randomly. Carefully, Miku sneaked up on her and knocked her out with a shovel.

"Okay, now that that's done," Rin yelled, "get me a medkit!"

"What was she doing here, anyway?" Miku asked. Rin's face immediately grew dark at the question.

"It appears that we're not the only ones here."

Meanwhile, Gakupo and Gumi were finishing the last of their sandviches. Gakupo thought it tasted like garbage, but tried not to upset his sister by keeping quiet and flinging bits away behind him. It perplexed him as to how his sister could enjoy a sandwich made out of rotten flesh and plants.

"That tasted wonderful, didn't it?" Gumi suddenly remarked.

"Errmm," Gakupo stammered, "of course it did."

"Well then, back to work."

"With what?"

"My elusive trap!" Gumi proclaimed, striking a triumphant pose. Gakupo stared at her as if he just heard her tell a really cold pun.

"Is that even legal?" the demoknight asked. "I don't remember seeing any 'traps' being set up when I watched you play the game before."

Suddenly, a deafening screech sounded so loudly that Gakupo felt his eardrums split slightly.

"What the hell was that?!"

In the distance, Gakupo and Gumi spotted a figure with a mop of blue hair upon his head. They thought that they recognised him, but doubts arised when they observed his face. It was not the friendly caring face they used to know. Something had distorted it into the complete opposite – a mask of brutality and bloodlust, completely dry of the slightest human emotion. His skin was translucent and awfully stretched, revealing the structure of his powerful skull from beneath. No more life breathed from the shrunken nostrils, and nothing stared out from the tainted black eyes. The only thing that still seemed to be functioning properly was his mouth, shivering as if in need of a specific entity to subdue it.

"Wait," Gakupo gasped, "is that Kaito?!"

Gumi adjusted her goggles and whispered, "Unfortunately, yes."

"What the hell happened to him?!" Gakupo screamed. Kaito turned his head slowly and ominously to glare at the both of them with his abyssal sunken eyes. Sniffing the tempting fragrance of life, the changed Kaito grinned menacingly, revealing two needle-like fangs which he hid behind his lips.

"Ahh, so we have a vampire here!" Gumi said, not shaken in the least. "Thankfully, I've read enough about Van Helsing to deal with a situation like this!"

Kaito let out an inhumane screech, like the dastardly noise of rusty gears grinding tightly against one another. He leapt unaturally high and landed right in front of Gumi, glaring directly into her emotionless goggles.

"Interesting," Gumi commented. "He's not turning to ash despite there being light all around."

"How can you just stand there without feeling scared?!" Gakupo screamed. "I'm beginning to be more frightened of you than I am of Kaito!"

"Indeed, you should be," Gumi chuckled. Vampire Kaito could not wait any longer and began to let punches fly at the engineer. Amazingly, Gumi just dodged every single strike with immense skill, her face remaining calm and emotionless as she did.

"What the hell?!" Gakupo yelled, watching in dumbfoundment. "How are you doing that? This is madness!"

Perfect timing.

"No," Gumi chuckled deviously. "This. Is. SPARTA!"

As she ducked underneath one of Kaito's punches, she swept both her legs up to land against the vampire's stomach. She pushed against the vampire mercilessly, channeling the momentum of the battle entirely into the direction of her kick. Kaito gasped as he was suddenly in the air, unable to control his movements at all.

"Is it me, or is everything in slow motion?" Gakupo inquired.

"It is you," Gumi muttered, before she turned herself a hundered and eighty degrees in mid air to slam her wrench directly on top of Kaito's head, sending the vampire flying down into an abyss that somehow had been there the whole time. Kaito screamed as he disappeared into the darkness, with Gumi sneering at the edge of the pit.

"See, now don't tell me the traps are illegal," Gumi laughed. "They seriously come in handy!"

"Hang on a second," Gakupo said quickly, "first things first. What happened to Kaito?"

"He probably got bitten by a vampire?" Gumi shrugged.

"But he didn't get roasted in the open sunlight!"

"Oh yeah. Hmm, the I suspect that is Luka's doing. Wonder what she's up to."

"If I find that mad woman, I'll slaughter her myself!" Gakupo snarled, clenching the hilt of his katana. "Though it's quite ironic that Kaito became a vampire. I mean, he's afraid of blood!"

"Indeed," Gumi snorted. "I think we should look for the others now. I'm beginning to feel that Luka is going to be the cause of our inevitable demise."

The engineer and the demoknight were beginning to walk off when they heard a groan from the pit. Gumi instinctively peered in and noticed that Kaito had turned back to normal, the friendly emotions flooding back into his eyes and cancelling out the darkness.

"Well, let's get him out of there first," Gumi suggested.

"He won't change back into a vampire, would he?" Gakupo spat. "If he does, it would be bloody annoying, heheh. Get the joke?"

"You just made the temperature drop by twelve degrees," Gumi chuckled. "Here, help me with this rope."

And at last, we can be getting back to Len, who was staring in utter disbelief at the white-haired girl who removed her shades before him. In a normal situation, people would only react like Len if the girl had taken off her shirt, but revealing her face was already enough to send Len's emotions running crazy.

"You!" Len cried, staring into the girl's cold blue eyes. "I remember you!"

"Yes, you do!" the girl hissed. "Say my name!"

Len fell silent for a moment, his eyes twitching and his hands trembling in the trauma.

"Say it!" the girl snarled.

"Yes," Len muttered. "It is you... Aria?! Or should I refer to you by your full name, Aria On The Planetes, better known as IA?"

A dramatic soundtrack which is apparently non-existent began to play as the camera zoomed in on the white-haired girl's crystal clear face. Her aqua eyes glistened mystically as she grinned beautifully, locks of her smooth hair carressing her gleaming cheeks. For once, Len observed her clothing, which was a long white robe that hung loosely about her stature. She was so beautiful that Len could not resist nosebleeding due to his inability to manage an erection. Aria noticed the blood trickling out his nostrils and glared at him as if he actually did have an erection in her presence.

"Clean that up, you disgusting moron," Aria hissed, shielding her face from the sight that revolted her. "You have got to improve your mannerisms one day."

"But what are you doing here?!" Len cried. "How did you even get here?"

"Surely you have already forgotten my argument with your pink-haired friend?" Aria chuckled. "She's not the only scientific genius amongst the vocaloids!"

Aria pulled back the unrealistically long sleeves of her robe to reveal a pair of colossal weapons in her tiny hands. By the looks of those, they seemed to be rocket launchers, just that there were innumberable screws and knobs upon their surfaces. The metal of the weapons glistened furiously as Aria rested them upon her back.

"Tell me where she is, Len," Aria coaxed.

Len just stared at her and said, "But why?"

"Didn't you miss me at all, Len?" Aria hissed again, her words slicing the still air. "It's been two weeks. That bloody mad woman is keeping us apart!"

"But... I don't even know you well."

"Yes you do!" she screamed. "Why, do you not love me?! I saw it in your very eyes, the sparkle and the flare when you first laid eyes upon me! I felt exactly the same way as you did! How could you cheat on me like this?!"

Len fell silent for a moment, quite perplexed by Aria's raucous behaviour. "I'm sorry, but I don't think I ever mentioned that I actually loved you."

"Lies!" Aria shrieked, pointing both of her weapons at the scout. "You do love me, you are just afraid! Wait, don't tell me you actually prefer those other girls to me?! So, you would rather have a yaoi-obsessed fangirl? Or a sadistic computer addict? Or engage in disgusting incest with your downright horrible sister?! YOU DISGUST ME, LEN! I AM ABHORRED BY YOUR EXISTENCE! PREPARE TO DIE!"

"What?!" Len screamed. "First you said you love me, now you want to kill me?! What's your problem?!"

"My problem," Aria snarled, "is YOU!"

"And me," a calm voice sounded. Aria turned to its direction to notice a pink-haired woman in a sharp suit. She smirked at the white-haired girl, pointing her sniper rifle at her skull.

"Luka," Aria hissed. "I am waiting for your head to be delivered upon my doorstep!"

"Unfortunately, yours might just arrive in my mailbox first," the sniper/spy mocked. "Get out of here, Aria. I'll take care of you another day the way I want it, one on one. Leave the shota out of this."

"Hey!" Len cried. "I'm not a sho-"

Luka flung a knife to hit him straight in the neck, killing him immediately to be sent back to respawn. Len did not even let out a cry as he instantly collapsed to the ground.

"Now, where were we?" Luka said.

"I'll kill you, you whore," Aria snarled. "I'll kill all of you for not acknowledging my existence!"

"Now that's a story I've not heard," Luka mumbled. "Would you mind sharing it with me?"

"What does my life have to matter to scum like you?" Aria snapped. "Now quit the talk and await your demise!"

Aria vanished from the scene, but Luka just chuckled, "Funny how you always end up referring to yourself."

Without even batting an eyelid, Luka extracted another knife from her pocket and stabbed it swiftly behind her, the blade plunging and stopping in mid-air. After a few seconds, Aria materialised back, the knife buried deep into her thorax.

"It won't be this easy," Aria snarled. She snatched Luka's handgun from her waist and shot the sniper/spy in the eye. Luka screamed and let go of her knife, falling backwards and swiping in front of her. Aria laughed maniacally before taking out a hammer and testing its weight playfully.

"I would love to see that little skull of yours shattered, Luka," Aria laughed. "Such a pity. Such a pity."

She heaved it high to drop it straight on Luka's face, but Luka slid downwards at the last moment and stabbed Aria in the groin. Aria screamed in a mix between agony and pleasure.

"I'm gonna tear your little pocket apart, you little wretch!" Luka screamed.

This next section has been censored due to material that may be unsuitable for minors. Just understand that as Luka was carrying out the gory indecency, Aria had surrendered. However, Luka, being the mad woman she was, ignored the girl's pleas and continued with the indecent act. It apparently lasted for an hour, Aria being helpless the whole time. Eventually, Aria was killed as Luka went into maximum overdrive.

"Well, that was a drag," Luka scoffed, keeping her bloodstained knife. "Sadly, respawn still works for her."

Luka looked to the sky, where the sun was setting. It was a typical sunset scene and I shall not continue describing it as I am apparently lazy. Do the imagining by yourself, and remember to imagine the end credits rolling.


"More to come?" Len echoed.

"Yeah, you heard the narrator," Rin spat. "It's our first official war tomorrow."

"Free wi-fi!" Miku screamed. "It shall be mine!"

"You all shall learn the glory in war!" Gakupo laughed, brandishing his sword in a dramatic pose.

"And the fun of it," Gumi chuckled. "Time to put my traps to the test."

"Can someone wake Meiko up?!" Kaito screamed. "She's been asleep for the past four chapters!"

"Shut up," Luka snarled. "Sleep."

Meanwhile, the camera pans to a deserted base, where a white-haired girl is laughing hysterically in the moonlight, her voice echoing eerily and foretelling the disaster of the days to come...

Yes, much more to come! However, I will not be able to get a chapter up very quickly as I would be leaving the country for about a week. I apologise for the inconvenience!