It's been two years since Mystic Falls had gotten rid of the vampire hunters in town. They all could never forget that night of the battle that had taken place since many had died, Hayley, Prof. Shane, Jeremy and a lot of hybrids who rebelled against Klaus.

Although vampire hunters had come together that night, their strengths combined are nothing for Elijah and Kol returned and took care of everything. Only, Klaus wasn't successful in retrieving the cure, which was destroyed, and none of the existing vampires has ever turned human.

The Originals could no more find any reason to stay in town so all of them, including Rebekah, decided to leave. Klaus was angry and Elijah and Rebekah tried their hardest to prevent Klaus from going on a mad killing spree and kill everyone in town.

"I told you already Nik, you don't need hybrids. You have me. And Elijah. And even Kol. He might still be angry but he'll come around. We're family Nik. We're not going to leave you. I'm not going to leave you" Rebekah told her brother.

Rebekah once again showed Klaus how they could be enough for each other. That it's alright not to make more hybrids. And there's no more hunters to hide from. They can once again continue with their good vampire lives... outside Mystic Falls.

And so, they all left.

"2 years huh." Caroline told her best friend Elena while in front of Jeremy's tomb for his death anniversary. "It's been peaceful after that night"

"I know." Elena sighed. "It's just, I wish Jeremy never became a part of that." Elena tried her hard to prevent tears from falling down but she failed when Caroline turned to hug her.

The wind blew gently as someone walks from behind towards the two girls.

Elena smiled at Damon as she released herself from Caroline's hug.

"Stefan's been looking for you." Damon told Caroline.

Caroline's eyes widened in realization that she forgot something. "Oh no I forgot to tell him that I'll be here before we go."

Elena smiled. "It's alright Care. Damon's here, you go ahead. Enjoy yourselves alright. I'll see you when you get back."

"Alright, and we'll visit Bonnie together too okay?" Caroline beamed at Elena as she walks away.

Caroline has been waiting for this. She and Stefan has been together for more than a year now and it's the first time that they will go out of the country for a trip in Europe. She's very excited and very in love.

Caroline arrived home and saw Stefan putting bags inside the car trunk. She walked quicker towards him and surprised him by planting a soft kiss on his lips.

"Sorry I was with Elena. I'll get my bags." She said.

Caroline was about to turn around when Stefan grabbed her by her waist and held her against him.

"No need, it's already in the car. Now why don't we try more of that kiss?" Stefan grinned.

Caroline giggled like a highschooler and tiptoed to reach his lips with hers. And after tasting the sweetness of each other's lips and tongue, they moved away from each other while they both giggled like kids.

They headed for the car, drove to the airport and had the most amazing time while they get closer to their vacation destination.

They arrived in their hotel in Paris at night. And Caroline is very excited. Upon arrival, they didn't waste time to have fun.

They went to operas. They ate breakfast in fancy cafes in the city. They walked together hand in hand in the cobble-stoned streets of Paris. They revel at the beautiful sight of the night sky and city lights that Eiffel Tower allowed them to see.

And at night they share wonderful chats about the whole day, when they do not make love.

But most of the nights, they chat and then they make love.

They were both breathing heavily. It was a long, hot night. But it's almost sunrise now and Caroline and Stefan could not seem to take their hands away from each other.

Stefan, naked and sweaty under the sheets, snaked his arm under Caroline's shoulders and held her beautiful body close to his. Caroline placed her hands onto his chest and laid her head to rest on his neck.

He kissed her forehead.

"I'm so lucky to have you Caroline" He whispered.

Caroline smiled. "Me too Stef."

And both fell asleep.

"I don't think I will ever get tired of this even if I have to do this for an eternity." Caroline sighed gleefully as she laid her back against the comfy chair and raised her face towards the sunshine. Everything about this vacation is perfect and Caroline is enjoying herself so much.

They were having their breakfast of croissant and coffee in a cafe outside the street. Stefan sipped on his coffee and smiled at Caroline.

"I don't think this is all you want to do though." He chuckled. "This is only our first, there are more other places we can go. Just tell me wherever you want to go and I'll take you there."

Caroline stiffened. She gently straightened her back to look at Stefan. She knits her eyebrows before she made a small laugh.

"Aawww, Stefan that's so very sweet of you, but please, don't you ever say that again, okay?"

Stefan's eyebrow raised in confusion. "Why? Did I say something wrong?"

Caroline turned away to gaze on the street as she maintains a smile. "Oh, nothing. You just kind of reminded me of someone... But nevermind, how about we try that gondola? I've seen that in movies and it's so romantic!"

Stefan narrowed his eyes but chuckled it off away. "Alright, then let's go, we'll need a plane for that." he stood up and grabbed Caroline's hand.

"Wha- right now?" she asked, slightly surprised.

Stefan laughed as his eyes sparkled at Caroline. "Yes, right now" he pulled Caroline up and he placed her hand on his arm gently.

"Ooooh, so spontaneous! I like it!" Caroline amusingly told Stefan. She looked at her hand which Stefan grabbed just a while ago. "And domineering, so sexy" she added, grinning. Stefan laughed back at his beaming girlfriend.

Both laughed together happily as they headed straight on their way to Italy.

To be continued :)


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