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Caroline still couldn't believe everything. So does Stefan. Tatia is alive and she was right there in front of them. What happened next seemed very fast. They introduced each other, they had their meal, they had their polite chats and then it was finished. Caroline was too dumbfounded to ask immediately while Stefan observed Tatia and how she acts around the Mikaelsons.

Rebekah was the first one to leave. Followed by Elijah, who left with Tatia, who turned out to be very silent but nice.

Stefan, Klaus, and Caroline were left alone at the garden. How Caroline was able to laugh with and smile with all of them during that breakfast she didn't know. She was shocked and her mind wandered to all possible ways for such thing to happen but Stefan was the first to ask Klaus about Tatia.

"That was a surprise. Last time I checked ancient history, Tatia's dead." Stefan said with a smirk and raised eyebrows.

Klaus chuckled and leaned from his seat.

"She's enchanting isn't she?" Klaus said. "So very different from your Elena and Katherine." he said. "I apologize for the lack of entertainment she had given but I hope you felt warm and welcome by her smiles and nods." he continued.

"How?" was all Caroline said next, her eyebrows crunched.

"Katherine..." Klaus sighed. "...in exchange for her freedom, led me and Elijah towards a family of witches, a family who has lived more than their lives ought to last. They brought Tatia back from the dead, from this place they call the other side. You see, they're powerful, having been able to preserve their own bodies. "

"Expression?" Caroline whispered.

"Yes, love. They practiced magic as dark as their fate." Klaus replied.

Klaus's statement made Stefan's head turn to him for full attention.

"What do you mean 'praticed' and 'dark fate'?" Stefan asked. "They're dead?"

"Did you kill them?" Caroline seconded.

"Quick to judge aren't we?" Klaus said. He sighed, stood up, and walked around the table.

"They themselves ended their lives, and by doing so, they brought back Tatia. They have lived long enough that they had forgotten how to undo their magic.

"From their time, years and years ago, they had hated vampires, so they turned to learn the dark arts of preserving their bodies to outdo vampires, to prove that they are far more powerful than us, only to end up like vampires themselves, not capable of dying naturally. They couldn't kill themselves because by doing so, they would just die, turned to dust, and be... nothing.

"But they didn't want it because they want to cross to the other side, to be with others like them. And what they needed, are the blood of the first vampires and a powerful soul from the other side to be exchanged with theirs."

There was silence as both Stefan and Caroline took in what Klaus has just told them.

"So you gave your blood in exchange with Tatia?" Caroline asked.

Klaus nodded.

"And Katherine led you to this family?" Stefan asked.

"Yes. There's a story there but that's for another time." Klaus sighed. "I had never realized how useful she could be. She told me it's the last of her cards, and there is nothing more she could want now than being free from my threats. So here we are."

"She's human." Stefan then stated. "Tatia. I felt her heartbeat, her blood flows. Human."

"Yes, she is. Exactly like how she was like thousands of years ago." Klaus said.

Then, there was silence.

That night, Caroline found it very difficult to sleep.

So that was Tatia, she thought. She's quiet and sweet. She could see Elena in her but not really. She could see Katherine too in her, but not really. She's a different person, she only looked like them. But what really concerned her the most is that she can see, how much Klaus adores her.

What Klaus said that morning remained in her thoughts: "exactly like how she was thousands of years ago"

That meant something. A small pinch from inside her chest made her ache and it took a while before Stefan's embrace led her to forget that hurt, as she gave in to deep slumber.

The next day Caroline had to spend some time with Tatia. Stefan had to go away with Klaus and Rebekah to visit an acquaintance while she was there to accompany Tatia. She's meek and gentle. She's like a princess and Caroline is starting not to like it. Well, she liked it at first but she's just too silent. Rebekah told her she couldn't stand Tatia's behavior at all.

"She's too quiet" Rebekah told her before they left. "Nothing, ever, interests her. Well, except for my brothers perhaps. I never liked her. I don't know what my brothers saw in her."

There at the sitting room is where the two of them, Caroline and Tatia, enjoyed the cool cloudy weather and soft breeze of wind from the windows plus the company of good books. Caroline sat on the sofa while Tatia sat on the chair right beside the window, a book in her hands.

Caroline sighed. Elijah is somewhere in the castle, Caroline wondered why couldn't Elijah just be there with Tatia. Again, Caroline sighed, heavier this time. The silence then grew intolerable, so Caroline closed soundly the book in her hands she was pretending to read.

"Okay!" Caroline blurted out, with high spirits. "This... is a really good book but it can be boring..." She said out loud, sighing and dropping her Love in Time of Cholera.

Tatia looked at her for a moment and went back to reading.

"Soooo, you uhm, seemed to enjoy the book huh" Caroline said next.

Tatia looked again at Caroline, smiled, and nodded, and then went back to her book.

"What book is that?" Caroline asked.

Tatia moved the book silently for Caroline to see the front cover with the title. Caroline was surprised.

"Oh. A Shakespearean play. And a comedy huh. You know what, that book actually has a movie, have you watched it already?"

Tatia turned to her. "Movie?" she asked.

Caroline celebrated inwardly for making her speak at least. "Yes!" she almost squeaked. "Would you like to watch it with me? It's a really good movie. I mean, you'll laugh at many parts of it. The movie's called 'She's the Man'" Caroline continued, now standing up from the the sofa.

"Okay" Tatia said. "After I finish" she uttered and went back to reading. Caroline sat down again and sighed, defeated at the sight of the half-opened book at Tatias's palms.

"Well, a little break from reading seems nice, would you like to walk outside? Enjoy the fresh air?" Caroline asked, but she only got a little head shake from Tatia.

"Let's get some tea?"

"Let's walk around town?"

"How about you tour me around the castle?"

"Let's do some shopping! There are shopping malls around here right?"

"Let's go chat with Elijah!"

Caroline made a few more attempts only to fail. She leaned back at her seat in sighed deeply.

And that's when she realized she doesn't really need to be with Tatia, does she? Tatia isn't a child, and she's no babysitter so she decided to leave the room.

"Well, uhm, I'll just be downstairs, okay?" she said, finally heaving a deep breath in relief.

Those days were like a circus for Caroline, with so many things happening so fast. That day, aside from discovering Tatia to be like an introvert teenager wasn't the only surprise she got. Elena called her and she had one big surprise for her as well. A big one.

"Damon left me, Caroline" Elena said on the phone, crying. "He left me, he left Mystic Falls and he's ruined everything. Caroline, he killed people and we couldn't control him." Elena kept on crying. Caroline spent so much time on the phone comforting her friend. That moment, she wished she was there with her friend.

The news didn't only reach her. Stefan heard of it too and one day, the two talked about the issue and arrived with a plan.

"Are you sure you don't want me to come with you?" Caroline asked Stefan.

"No, stay here. Damon is difficult to handle when his emotions are turned off. I'm sure you remember how he was like before?"

Caroline swallowed, her memory of the evil Damon floated in her mind and she flinched. "Yes" she replied. "But I'm stronger now Stefan, And Damon no longer affect me that much. I've been through so many things I'm sure you know that."

Stefan sighed. "I know Care. It's just I don't want you to get caught up with what might happen. But I have to leave, I have to find Damon. I have to go and save my brother. And I want you to be safe, so stay here."

Their eyes lingered at each other for a moment. It was Caroline who broke the gaze to give out a small laughter.

"I can't believe your definition of safe is being with Klaus and his family." Caroline said.

Stefan smirked, and the two laughed together.

"Okay. I'll wait for you." Caroline responded.

The night Stefan chose to leave was the night Rebekah chose to throw another one of her parties. And the party, to Caroline's standards, is amazing. The party is in Rebekah's place in the castle and it has completely transformed. The lighting is perfect, the band is perfect, and there are many people, tourists and locals, vampires and humans, all of them are having fun, dancing around and it's so loud.

It's difficult to accept how Rebekah is able to throw such a great party but to hell with it, Stefan is leaving and that's what's making Caroline uncomfortable. Also, the view of Klaus and Tatia together.

No. I don't feel anything about them together. No. Nope. Caroline tried to deny her feelings to herself.

"So, what do you say?"

It was Rebekah, coming out behind her, beautiful, and proud, and confident.

Caroline smiled back politely.

"Well, nice party, I guess." she said.

Rebekah laughed. "I told you I throw great parties here." She said. "So... Stefan's leaving tonight huh."

"Yes" Caroline drank on her glass.

"And you're staying?"

"Well, yes. I'm going to wait for him."

Rebekah smiled and nodded. "Uh huh... with my brother."

Caroline turned to look at her and found her devious smile.

Caroline rolled her eyes and ignored her. Klaus, however, came into view, and with him is Stefan and Tatia. Caroline immediately straightened up.

"Goodbye Stefan, a few comrades will come to accompany you. They'll make sure you come back here alive mate." Klaus said to Stefan.

Caroline kissed Stefan goodbye.

It's been hours since the party ended and the sun is starting to rise from the huge blue mountains from the view of Caroline's bedroom window.

"You'll be fine. As long as you're with Klaus you'll be fine. Don't worry about me. I love you, I'll keep in touch okay?"

Those were the words of Stefan before he left.

A knock on the door made her sat up on the bed.

"Good morning love, can I come in?" The voice behind the door said. It was Klaus.

"Uh, yeah! Yeah sure" Caroline said as she quickly brushed her hair with her fingers and sat straight. She smiled as Klaus entered the room.

"How are you feeling?" Klaus asked Caroline with a smile as he walks straight towards her bed and sat at the edge of it.

"Good, I uhm, I feel fine. Stefan being gone hasn't sank in to me yet. Maybe later though."

Klaus nodded. "Listen Caroline, something came up and I have to leave the country today."

Klaus moved to take her hand.

"And I need you to come with me." Klaus continued. "I apologize if I did not give you enough time to enjoy the town. I hope it's okay with you." He gently said.

"Oh, it's fine, of course it's fine." Caroline immediately said. "And yes I don;t really have a choice but to come with you right?" Caroline chuckled. "But how about you?"

Klaus responded with a little laugh. "You've got nothing to worry about me love." Klaus pressed her hand once more before he took his and got up.

"Why, what about Tatia?" Caroline could not help herself from asking.

"Ahh, Tatia. Elijah's looking out for her, She'll be fine."

There was a moment of silence and Caroline broke it with a sigh.

"Okay!" she said in her optimistic tone. "When are we leaving?"

Klaus smiled. "Early this afternoon."

"And where to?"


to be continued...

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