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"Puck, will you just stop mucking around." Meghan sighed and rested her hand on the iron table; Ash's mouth turned up into a smirk and chuckled.

"No, Princess. Mucking around is my speciality. Now, what is it so important that I had to abandon pulling a prank on the witch?" The infamous prankster winked at her and I sighed.

"Is it that witch?" Ash asked skeptically.


"I can't believe it, you're crazy." He shook his head with a bewildered look.

"Nah, is just that you've soften up. Ice-boy."


"Whatever." Puck mimicked the exact same reply.

"Sometimes, I wish you two are still trying to kill each other." Meghan murmured tiredly and both of them turned to her with a glint in their eyes.

"Really?" Two voices in unison.

"No, I'm only trying to get both of your attention." She grinned and turned to me, standing in a corner away from attention.

"Kierran wants to go to the human world." She scowled at me and crossed her arms over and looked to her husband and her best friend for guidance.

"Well, I don't see why not." Ash shrugged and leaned back, that's great. I've gain the former winter prince's permission.

"Yeah, I would go with him. If you like." The summer prankster grinned at my mum and at me.

"You two.." She sighed and banged her head against the table, I could clearly imagine her as a teenage girl.

"C'mon mom. I'm seventeen, and all I've seen is nymph and faerie that is not very attractive."

"Fine, but Puck is going with you." She glared at Puck, warning him not to mess around.

"Impossible, Princess." He shook his head, red curls bouncing up and down as he skipped over and grabbed my arm.

"Come on, kid."

"I could see why my dad wanted to kill you." I grumbled as he pulled me out of the room and down the stair.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah." He retorted back without so much as glancing back.


New York

The new guy was surrounded by a group of cheerleaders. Not surprising, we hardly get any good-looking boys in here. I sat far away from them, staring at the new boy who had just arrived a week ago from Alaska. Apparently, her mother was divorced and they decided to move here to escape the cold and the painful memories.

Even though I've only caught a glimpse of him as we passed each other in the hallways, it was memorable enough. With unnatural cropped silver hair, bangs covering a pair of icy-blue eyes. A long and lean body frame and a smile to kill for, why would any girl forget him?

Though I wouldn't have a chance, I could already see Ashley flirting with him, shaking my head I stood up and walked towards the library. As I lifted my head, the boy turned and locked eyes with me for a moment. He smiled and my heart raced like hell, blushing furiously, I ducked my head and headed for the library.