Wolves and Hounds.


The sea's waves crashed against the rocks sending spray over her as she stood barefoot on the wall, breathing in the heady scent of salt, and listening to the calls of the birds that flew high above her. The wind tousled her long, unkempt hair, snapping it in the summer breeze. She had not slept properly in weeks. Her father's rolling head still tormented her dreams and for the life of her she could not shake that image. She rejected everyone's advice and help, simply wishing to wallow in her grief alone. She wouldn't even let Sandor touch her.

Renly had declared war against the throne, hoping to gain it for himself, when he heard the news of her father's execution. Meaning that Joffrey and the queen regent were now keeping her hostage for the foreseeable future, leverage against the possible threat that Renly may become. Robb had declared war too, claiming a title that no man had claimed for centuries, King of the North. In retaliation Sansa was to be held as hostage to ensure that Robb didn't do anything too extreme.

Slowly the Seven Kingdoms were cracking into bits. Brother warred against brother. Friend against friend. It was all slowly crumbling into shit.

The sea was a sapphire blue in the evening sun as she gazed over it. Two guards stood a little way back. Always watching. After Renly's declaration the small council had seen fit that her freedom of the Keep and its grounds should be revoked. She could still wander about but had to do so under guard. Another reason why she hadn't seen or spoken to Sandor for a long time.

He had been raised to a new position. Now a member of the Kingsguard, he had made oaths that he would be celibate and protect his king, laying down his life should the need arise for the stupid, spiteful bag of shit that had killed her father without need or cause. So far he was doing well keeping both aspects of his oath, he hadn't been sleeping with her recently, in fact the last time they made love had been months ago. She had almost forgotten his touch.

She closed her eyes.

"Lady Baratheon?"


"Tilana… She wishes to speak with you."

"Is it urgent?"

"I… I think so. She's never been like this before."

Tarynn stepped back off of the wall, she collected her shoes from when she dumped them on the paved walkway before walking back up towards the keep. Her guards following her.

"When did you last shed blood?!"

Tilana held a bunch of clean strips of linen in one hand, in the other was a small bowl, her dark brown eyes were fixed on Tarynn.

"I've been under a lot of stress, it is natural for a woman to have delayed…"

"Don't try that physician mumbo jumbo on me. I was a prostitute who lived in a whore house for many years of my life. When a woman doesn't have her moonblood that means only one thing."

"I can assure you that I am not pregnant. I'm pretty sure I would know."

"Don't be foolish. Until you are showing you won't know but, luckily for you, I am close friends with one of Maester Pycelle's helpers. Here," She gave the small bowl to Tarynn, within it was a clear solution, "This is a technique that we use in Myr. Make water in it, the colour that it changes will determine the answers to my questions."

"Fine. If it will make you happy."

Tarynn took the bowl with her to the bathroom and did what Tilly asked of her. When she returned her friend was standing near the bed, folding some of Tarynn's clothes. She paused in her task in order to take the bowl form Tarynn before setting it down on the desk.

"Give it a few minutes, then we will see if my suspicions are right."

Tarynn laughed, taking her book of Valyrian letters from off her bedside table, "I can I assure you, I am not pregnant, I would like to think I would know if I was carrying a life inside me."

She began to thumb through the old book trying to put the pregnancy test to the back of her mind. Tilly hummed an odd tune whilst she put away Tarynn's freshly pressed dresses.

"Now. The moment of truth."

Tilly picked up the bowl and held it out underneath the light of the setting sun, "By the seven," Tilly turned to face Tarynn, her eyes wide, "I was right."

Tarynn placed the book down on the chair, "No. It's impossible. After every time I slept with Renly I took one of the vials, hand me that." Tilly gave up the bowl to her. "Blue… Light blue."

"You are pregnant. I was right."

"No. I can't be… I… No." Tarynn dropped the bowl, the bowl shattering on impact with the hard wood floor, the liquid spreading everywhere.

Tilly took her arm and guided her to a chair before running to the bathroom to get some towels. Tarynn's hand went to her stomach, a child was growing inside her, the thing that she did not want to happen was happening.

I never wanted to fall pregnant in King's Landing, I had made pains to ensure that would never happened, and yet…

Tilana's face swam into her vision, "Are you sure you didn't miss a vial?"

I know that after every time Renly and I coupled I took the mixture that prevented childbirth, I know I did, which means that the child… The father of my child… Sandor. But for the sake of my son or daughter I need to lie about their heritage, as far as the child will be concerned, Renly is their father.

"I must have done, for I am… Pregnant." She burst into tears and Tilly gathered her up in her warm, soft arms.

"Ah my dear, I know, I know."

A mixture of joy and sadness washed over her. She was going ot have a baby, she was going to be a mother, but at the same time she knew that the child will grow up living a lie and her father will never get to see his first grandchild.

"I just… Please, keep this between ourselves until I have written to Renly… When do you think I will start showing?"

"You are already more than two months gone, you will start showing very soon, you will have to announce it."

Tarynn gripped Tilly's hand tightly, her voice small, "I am having a baby."

The wind was cool against her cheeks as she made her way down the winding path towards the Godswood. She had hoped that the message that she had sent with Bronte had reached Sandor's hands. She had ordered the girl to take it to her brother Tedius, who was then to read it. Tarynn had disguised it as a thank you letter and a small amount of money to the boy for looking after her horse, Maiden, so well. But the envelope had ulterior motives. It had another letter which was to be given to Sandor and for him only.

She gathered her black cloak around her tightly as she entered the Godswood, she half expected it to be empty but no, Sandor was knelt on the ground in front of the Weir tree.

Her voice shook as she called out to him, "Sandor?"

"Tarynn." Silence passed between them, it seemed like an eternity before he stood and faced her, "You have been avoiding me."

She ducked her head, "I know."

"You still grieve."

"I fear I will be grieving forever. I have seen much, too much, things that no human should be forced to see… I saw my own father… beheaded." A lump formed in her throat, "So please, do not berate me for putting distance between myself and your touch."

"Why did you call me here? To explain yourself?"

"I… no." She looked at the ground, steeling herself. "There is something that I think you should know."

"What?" He took a few steps towards her, "What is it?"

"I… I'm with child."

"Your… You… Child…" His gaze went to her stomach and instinctively her hands went to it, trying to cover it from his view.

"Yes. I am having a baby." She took a deep breath, "We are having a baby."

Sandor's gaze flickered to her face, "We? Mine? You're carrying my child?"


In a few strides Sandor was impossibly close to her, his hands going to the top of her arms, "Mine… Not Renly's… You are certain."

She mustered all the strength within her to convey the fact that she was telling the truth, her hands went to his cheeks, her fingertips brushing over his scar. "Our baby. Your son, or daughter."

Sandor knelt down, his hand pressing lightly against her stomach, "A child… I never thought I would father any. I… Never thought that I would be able to have my own heir. You have given me so much already and now… Now you are giving me this. "He stood and drew her close, kissing her gently. "I'm going to be a father."

She laughed softly, pushing the fact that Sandor will never be able to publicly say that he was the father of their child to the back of her mind. Sandor leant his forehead against hers and closed his eyes, breathing out quietly, "We're having a baby."

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