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"Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly merry Christmas." - Peg Bracken

"Christmas is coming up", he stated out of the blue as it was his habit. Reese raised her eyebrows slightly while continuing to type at her computer keyboard.
He kept silent for so long that she thought it had been all he was going to say.
Sometimes he did that. Stating something with no context at all, leaving her to decide what to do with it.
Not today though.
"It's only 24 days left", he continued, watching her over the tangerine he was peeling.
"I know that", she answered, slight annoyance already in her voice. What was he up to anyway? She knew that look on his face. That look when he was trying to steer the conversation into a certain direction and make it look like she was the one who brought it up. But today he didn't seem to have the patience to wait until she gave it up and simply asked what he wanted.
"Are we gonna exchange Christmas-gifts?", he blurted out, before he put a slice of the tangerine into his mouth.
Finally looking up from the report she was writing, she sighed: "We already had this conversation, didn't we?", sounding like she talked to a toddler who kept nagging about having a dog or some chocolate or whatever.
Crews cocked his head to the site, eyes slightly narrowed as if he had to think hard to remember. "Yeah, I guess, we did..."

"So", she cut him off harshly, eager to end this crap and return to her report. "Why are you bringing this up every year?"
He ignored her question, asking one himself: "What'd Christmas be without gifts?"
Reese sighed heavily, sensing that she wasn't going to end this quickly.
"Weren't you the one telling me, you wanted to lead an uncluttered life? And most gifts you get for Christmas are clutter."
"It's the thought that counts, Reese. And it's the gifts of time and love that really matter. Not the cluttery ones." He frowned at the word; she could practically hear him wondering, if it even was a word.
She simply rolled her eyes at him and continued typing.