A/N: Welcome one and all to my 'Sneak Peeks' gift! This is going to be a series of drabbles (yes, an actual 'story' not an announcement), 100ish words for each chapter, that will hint at what I have planned for my Academic Series and Lunar Cycle for 2013 when Series 7 of Doctor Who is over. For those of you just glimpsing this, you might want to check out those two stories, I've been told they're a worth-while read :) (which makes me squeal and smile like you can't believe).

This series will contain a 100(ish) word scene from the first five episodes of Series 7, each episode being posted one day, beginning with the Academic Series and my OC the Professor. It will then move into my Lunar Cycle story and my OC Evelyn 'Evy' Daniels. And finally it will progress into a THIRD(!) OC series whose title I'm still trying to come up with.

My OC for the third series, what her name is, will be introduced on the 11th (lol, love how that works out, 11th Doctor and all). This set of drabbles will be a little different as I will begin with Series 1 of DW and give you a key episode/moment in the OC's story, followed by a fan-favorite episode that has been voted on by you (mostly in November) and so on. This set of drabbles will have a separate chapter for each of the 10-specials and it will not include the first five episodes of Series 7, but only a fan-favorite for that Series, before being followed by the Christmas special drabbles for all three stories. Then we kick off the New Year with my first chapter of my new OC story, one that will be updated daily for an ENTIRE YEAR!

So here we go, on with the Professor...

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who, otherwise I'd know when Series 7 is resuming...(grumble, grumble grumble)...

Asylum of the Daleks:

"Your daughter is alive! You got to hold her, alive and healthy and perfect, in your arms and have her look up at you. You know the exact moment…" she cut herself off.

"Professor?" Amy whispered.

Something was VERY wrong.

The Professor just fell back against the wall, her head bowed, shaking it.

"Professor what's wrong?" Amy took a step forward. The Professor could only shake her head more till Amy stepped right before her, putting a hand on the woman's shoulder, "Professor…"

The Professor took a shuddering breath and uttered two words that shocked Amy to the core.

A/N: You want to kill me now for leaving it there, don't you? -evil smirk-

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