A/N: Possible spoiler, this scene involves the TARDIS. 2 quick things, underlined in my next A/N is the title for my new story. Second thing, my very last note might be worth a read, it involves youtube and videos :)

The Snowmen:

Angel smiled as Clara wandered around the TARDIS, her and the Doctor moving to work at the controls, "Is it magic?" Clara asked, staring in wide eyed awe, "Is it a machine?"

"She's both," Angel laughed, "And she's so much more than that."

"It's a ship," the Doctor told her.

Clara giggled and dashed onto a small bit of steps, "A ship?"

"The best ship in the Universe," Angel reached out and stroked the rotor, the box humming lightly. She glanced at Clara as the girl dashed back to their side, "And she quite likes you."

Clara beamed at that.

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I really hope you come to like Angel as much as I have writing her. The Professor and Evy are always going to be special to me and, I feel, Angel has become equally so. I can't wait for you to officially meet her :)

Just to answer a review, LJ is the Doctor and Evy's son :)

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