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Summary: Out of 10,000 players, there will be two players. Two players who will each get the same unique skill, that can only be obtained through random selection process when logging in. What is this skill you might ask? In this world of swords, there are two archers. NarutoXSinon, NarutoXAsuna, KiritoXSilica, KiritoXLisbeth.

STORY START (hah... bad humor…)

Game stores everywhere, were packed to the brim, each person in line all after the same goal, the popular MMO, SAO, or rather, Sword Art Online. Some had even been waiting in line 3 days prior to the game release, causing many people who walked by to hold their noses in disgust.

However, as a certain blonde haired 15 year old walked by these lines, he smirked and thought, 'Heh, look at all these chumps waiting in line, I'm lucky enough to be related to someone on the development team, they managed to sneak me a copy, thanks Iruka-san'

A few minutes after walking past that last line of people hoping to get the new popular game, I arrived at a rather small 4 story apartment. You see, I had been living alone as far as I can remember, no blood-related family left to take care of me, finally when I reached of age, the orphanage kicked me out and put me in an apartment to live in, while sending me a monthly salary.

As I unlocked my door, I muttered a barely audible "I'm home." Even though I knew no one would hear it.

Dropping my school bag next to my bed, I decided that after a light dinner, I would re-enter that world again, the world of swords. Sitting down on my computer chair, I decided to check out the manual, mainly to see if anything changed since the closed Beta. I flipped through the pages mindlessly, while waiting for the ramen that I had started to cook earlier to finish, when one page caught my eye…

"Within the first 10,000 Copies, there will be two copies which have a unique ability linked to those copies alone. The skill will be revealed immediately on login, making two players very lucky, good luck to getting one of the two disks!"

"Hmm… Interesting… only two in the whole world? Well then maybe I'll give it a try" I muttered quietly to myself, completely forgetting about my Ramen that would soon become cold.

Walking over to my bed, I placed my copy of SAO inside the NerveGear, and slid the bulky helmet over my blonde hair, with a smirk, I shouted two words,


As a multitude of colors flashed before my eyes, several words popped up quickly before disappearing again.

'Complete Upload.'

'Checking status…'

'Checking complete.'

'Log in/Register?'

He lifted one hand, marveling at how natural it felt to move within the virtual world, and touched the Log Inbutton.

'Language: Japanese'

'Account: Naruto'

'Password: *******'

Creation Character:

Beta test data still available.

Would you like to use it?


Enter Now?

He smirked as he contained his excitement, to be in that world again… "Yes." Little did he know, this one word, would cause an event that would change the rest of his life.

Floor 1 – Town of Beginning

As Naruto's character formed in the game, it took the exact shape as his normal appearance in real life, mainly due to the fact that he believed if you had something to hide, show it, rather than leave it concealed.

Instantly a message popped up right before his eyes

"CONGRATULATIONS! You are one of the two special characters to receive this unique class: Archer!"

Naruto's eyes went wide in shock; he had definitely not been expecting this to happen to him, given his luck in the real world. He shook his head and tapped the 'OK' button on the screen, and was given his starting items, which consisted of light leather armor, a short training bow, a quiver filled with 30 arrows, and a small short sword

"Huh, wow, guess I do have some good luck after all"

Without thinking on it anymore, Naruto quickly turned on his heels and ran down an alley, not realizing that he had been spotted by a girl who had short blue hair that spiked slightly in the back

"Wait! You there with the bow!" She called after Naruto, who in turn stopped to look at someone who called at him

The girl with the blue hair jogged up to him and placed her hands on her knees, panting slightly, before calming her breath.

"You seem like you know what you're doing, so it's obvious that you're a beta tester, not only that but it also seems like I found the second person," She paused to hold up her bow, "Who has this"

Still recovering from the shock of finding the other player who obtained the same message as him, he looked around to see if there were being watched, before replying.

"Yes I am a beta tester, and it does seem as though we both received the same items, but how may I help you?"

"Well I was wondering if you could show me the basics, since I really don't know what to do…" The girl muttered slightly embarrassed.

The blond in front of her raised an eyebrow.

"You do know that since these items were added for the official release only, I wouldn't know how they work…" Naruto started, before being interrupted by the girl once again

"That doesn't matter! We can both figure out how to work these things, other than that, I really don't want to play alone…" the girl pouted after saying this, while giving him this infamous puppy eyes.

Naruto pinched the bridge of his characters nose, before sighing in defeat.

"Alright, follow me, by the way, the names Naruto"

The girl's face immediately broke into a smile, knowing that she had gotten herself some company for the start of this game.

"Thank you so much Naruto-san! You can call me Sinon!" Sinon called out in a slightly cheerful voice.

"Please, just Naruto is fine; I was never one with formalities"

"Ah, okay then, well, lead the way Naruto!"

Floor 1 – West Field

One hour passed, with both Naruto and Sinon training their new bows. Naturally since Naruto was a beta tester, he knew how skills worked in the game, and had easily gotten the first two skills given, down, being piercing shot and double shot. Piercing shot was a skill where one arrow was fired; however, this one arrow had extreme piercing ability that is said in the description to be able to pierce through the highest armor at the max level. Double shot on the other hand, was a skill where not one, but two arrows were fired at once, not with the piercing ability of Piercing shot, but it allowed for more damage to one target, or similar damage to two targets.

Sinon groaned in frustration as she missed another shot on a wild boar.

"This is impossible; it's extremely hard to control this!" Sinon shouted as she was just about ready to throw her bow to the ground.

Naruto grinned before looking back at her stance, the thing was, and she was being too impatient when it came to releasing the bow skill

"Sinon, try placing the arrow, and then pull back, but instead of just releasing it immediately, wait for the motion input to recognize that you are ready for a skill, then pause for just another moment, and let the skill explode"

Sinon looked confused at this, which Naruto noticed.

"Just watch me" he told her quickly

Naruto placed an arrow ready to fire, and pulled the string back as hard as he could, leaving it there for a half a second, before the arrow started to glow a light green color. Finally he released the arrow, which flew straight at a boar that had just spawned and pierced right through it, indicating that the skill he used was piercing shot.

"There, now try it, but slowly"

Sinon did the exact same thing that Naruto had done, except her arrow had taken a lightly colored red glow, and when she released it, the arrow flew straight at the bow, and once it hit the boar, it knocked it off its feet and sent it flying several feet back. This showed that her skill was neither piercing shot nor double shot, but was another of the beginner skills, power shot.

"Great job Sinon! Practice like that and you'll be set for the rest of the time you play." Naruto smiled as he praised his new student highly, causing said student to slightly blush in embarrassment.

"Thank you Naruto, if it wasn't for you, I probably would still be back in the Town of Beginnings, not knowing what in the world I was supposed to do."

Both smiled at each other, proud of their work in such short time. Speaking of time, Sinon took a look at her clock as she pulled up the menu

"Oh my, its 6:00 PM, I better go make some dinner for myself, Hey Naruto, do you mind if I add you? I'll be on after I finish eating"

Naruto thought about it for a bit, before nodding and pulling up his menu. Soon, in front of Sinon, a window popped up.

'Naruto has requested to add you as a friend. Accept/Decline'

Sinon quickly pushed the Accept button, and smiled before waving goodbye.

"I'll see you in about an hour or so!"

With that she opened up her menu and logged out.

Or rather, that what should have happened.

"Eh? There's no logout button?" Sinon asked out loud in confusion.

"Huh?" Naruto asked, "you might be overlooking it, just open up your menu and it should… be… here… where is it?"

True to their statements, as they opened up their menu, right below the settings where there should be a logout button, there was a blank space that could not be interacted with.

"Do you think it's a bug?" Sinon asked, slightly scared.

"Possibly, however if it is, the whole server should be freaking out about now, did you try to contact the GM?"

"Yes, but so far, no answer"

Naruto rubbed his chin in thought, looking perturbed.

"Well the GM should conta-" before he could finish he was interrupted as a blue circle enveloped them both in a blue light, before teleporting hem to the center of the Town of Beginnings.

'Group teleport?' Naruto thought, as he looked around, seeing multitudes of blue circles appear throughout the Town of Beginnings. Looking to his right he noticed that Sinon had a scared look on her face, to which he placed an arm around her to comfort her, which also resulted in her blushing up a storm. However this was not what caught Naruto's attention. What caught his attention was a small red flashing sign in the sky that stated a simple word 'WARNING'.

The sign flashed a few more times before it enveloped the whole virtual sky. Soon a red liquid that almost looked like blood, seeped through multiple panels, and fell before taking shape of a huge robed figure that floated in the sky, signaling that this was the GM of SAO.

"Welcome players to Sword Art Online, my world,"the hooded figure spoke in a deep and booming voice.

"My world?" Naruto asked in a whisper.

"I am Kayaba Akihiko, as of this moment the only person who can control this world,"the hooded figure greeted.

Most of the players were confused at this, not knowing fully who this person was.

"I know many of you are wondering about the logout button went missing. I wish to tell you that this is not a defect in the game, but all part of Sword Art Online, I repeat, it is not a defect in the game"Akihiko said making many eyes widen.

"What!? Is he insane?" Naruto shouted out, slightly scaring Sinon who was still right next to him

"You cannot logout SAO yourselves, and no one on the outside can shut down or remove the NerveGear,"Akihiko said before continuing, "if one were to attempt to remove your Nerve Gear during gameplay…the Gear would sent off microwave waves that would destroy your brain and thus, ending your life."

Many players gasped as some took a step back, but Akihiko wasn't finished.

"Unfortunately, some players family and friends has ignore this warning,213 people had already suffered that fate regrettably and gone forever,"Akihiko said bringing up a screen with various pictures of recently deceased players.

"213..." Sinon whispered.

"Damn it! I don't believe it!" Naruto shouted out

"The entire world news has already reporting this, including the deaths, thus you can assume the danger of NerveGear being remove is minimal. So relax and focus on beating"Akihiko said calmly."But, i want you to remember this clearly, there's no method to revive someone in this game, if your HP reach zero, your avatar will forever lost and the NerveGear will destroy your brain."

The players can only stare in shock of what Akihiko just calmly said.

"There's only one mean to escape, and that is to complete the game. Currently you are in the lowest floor of Aincard, floor 1, if you make your way through the dungeon, and beat the dungeon boss you may advance to the next level until you reach floor 100 where the last boss is waiting, defeat it, and you will clear the game."Akihiko said.

Many players were outraged at this, and decided to show it.

"What?! You can't do that! It's against the law!"

"100 Floors? Are you insane?!"

"And finally, I've added a present to your inventory, please see it yourself."

Every player, including Naruto and Sinon, opened up their inventory to see one object there, Mirror. This object confused many people who brought it out, and stared at it curiously.

Suddenly blue lights were shining everywhere as the mirror reacted to everyone looking at them. Every player had reverted to their original looks in real life, muscular people turned fat, tall people turned short, hell half of the girls turned into guys.

Naruto wasn't as worried about this as it wouldn't affect him much, but he turned to Sinon who he still had his arm around, he noticed that she had changed as well, revealing short brown hair that he felt looked cute on her.

"I'm sure you are wondering, 'Why?' Why would Kayaba Akihiko, the founder of SAO and NerveGear do all this? My goal has already been achieved, my goal in creating SAO... it's to create it and intervene it, and now it's complete... The tutorial for SAO launching is complete... good luck players..."Akihiko transform into a red mist and get back to the sky, making the red warning sign, disappear.

All the players look where Akihiko was before, all of them lost for words, that is, until someone dropped the mirror and let out an ear shattering scream.

"Screw you!"

"Let me out! Let me out!"

"Help us! Someone?"

"I have a meeting after this!"

"Help us! Help us!"

Naruto quickly took action and pulled himself and Sinon away from the massive crowd, soon they entered a field where there was not a player in sight.

"Listen, Sinon, I know of a safe way that could take us to one of the next towns over, knowing that quests and resources are limited people will generally rush the town of beginnings, so come with me and we'll continue on" Naruto stated with a serious look on his face.

Sinon looked from Naruto, back to the town of beginnings, and once again at Naruto, before she nodded her head enthusiastically, she did not want to be in this world of swords turned Death Game.

"Good, now follow me" Naruto grinned as he ran down the path, Sinon not far behind him.

A short distance ahead, both players could see a large bear spawn right in the middle of the path. However this did not slow down their run. Instead, both archers took an arrow each, pulled the strings of their bows back, and unleashed their skills on the poor bear simultaneously.

'I will not die here, I will not let Sinon die is well!' Naruto thought with a burning resolve showing in his eyes.


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