Western Air Temple, Kitchen, night:

Zuko: (muttering to self) I can't believe she hid these again. Every friggin time. Didn't even do anything this time.

(thinking out loud – more clearly) Okay, this is easy. I just have to think like her. So I'm Katara. And I'm bossy and friggin irate. Where do I hide the fireflakes?

Katara: (entering) Did you just call me?

Zuko: (nervous) No?

Katara: I thought I heard you say my name.

Zuko: No I didn't.

Katara: (hands on hips and juts her hip out. Zuko is momentarily distracted.) Were you talking to yourself or the frogs again? It's the first sign of madness you know. You could be going crazy.

Zuko: (muttering) I think I'm already there...

Zuko: (directly) Katara, now that you are here, would you mind telling me where did you hide my fireflakes this time?

Katara: (condescending) That proves it – you are going crazy. First the talking to yourself and now the paranoia.

Zuko: I'm not paranoid. I know you hid them!

Katara: (quick glance to the cupboard on the left) No I didn't.

Zuko: (triumphant) ah –ha! They're in here, aren't they?

(Zuko bends down to investigate cupboard to the left. Katara stares at his posterior)

Zuko: Yes! I bloody knew it! They are here.

Katara... (dazed) Sorry? What did you just say?

Zuko: I said I found the fireflakes. Again.

Katara: (sarcastic) Well that is a big relief! I can't even begin to tell you how relieved I am that you found your nasty, disgusting, awful, fattening, and smelly snack. Really I was worried.