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(Harry´s POV)

Daily Work

It was the summer after the incident with the Triwizard Tournament and like always I had to stay with my relatives. I didn´t feel pretty good, who would after watching someone die and Voldermort coming back? But that wasn´t the only reason why it definetely wasn´t a good summer.

Every day I had to get up at six to make breakfast for the Dursleys of course there would be no food for me. Uncle Vernon would then go to work, Dudley was still sleeping and aunt Petunia would sit down in front of the tv, from where she wouldn´t move for the next ten hours.

As my aunt said when I was six that I was responsible for cleaning the house to earn my right of living there. I only had the next five hours to clean the house and if I didn´t do it right, I would get punished, I would probably get punished anyway. I didn´t understand, why I had to clean the whole house every day again and again, it wasn´t like the dirtied everything again in just one day, but I didn´t resist anymore or my punishement would be even more severe.

Then after that I would make a big lunch for Dudley. I was allowed to eat the rests, I was more like a compost heap for them. Old bread and cucumber peels were a pretty big treat for me in those summers.

After his lunch Dudley had to do some "sport" like his mother always told him. His sport was "Hunt Harry Potter down and kick him around", his friends often joined him and after a while I got pretty good at running, but they always caught me.

From 13 to 17:30 I had to do the gardening. I pretty much liked the garden work. Nobody was disturbing me or shouting at me. I just had to pull the weed, cut the hedge and look after the flowers. Every evening before I went to make dinner, I looked at the work I had done and I felt good.

After dinner it was time for my punishment. Today it was getting flogged with Vernon´s belt 25 times, at least he had said that.

"Look at how he tries to wiggle away, Dudley. He still hasn´t realized that he won´t get away from his punishement.", taunted Vernon and they started to laugh. Aunt Petunia just watched, she didn´t do anything against it, but she also didn´t help them. It was like she wasn´t there at all.

"Yeah, he is wriggling like the little worm he is. Maybe we should flog him a bit more? 25 times aren´t enough."

"You are right, Dudley." They flogged me until my back was bleeding and I lay passed out on the ground. It hurt so much, why didn´t anybody help me? Did I really deserve to be punished? Why did Dumbledore always send me back to those horrible people?

If you think that was already my whole day, it wasn´t.

I always go to sleep after being punished. I only had a few hours of time to sleep, most of the time I couldn´t sleep anyway. Nightmares plagued me. Of Cedric´s or my mothers death, of Voldemort and his cold laugh or about the things to come after I would wake up in the morning.

Around three o´clock Vernon would come into my room. Sometimes he came sooner or a bit later, but he would come. It was always the same routine after that. He would push me down with his weigh onto my bed. He was already naked.

I was still wearing my my old pyjama, but not for long. But before he would tear off my clothes, he would gag me with an old sock or some of his used shorts. And then he would start to touch me. The sock or the shorts were disgusting, but his touches were even more.

He always uses me as his sex toy, his dirty secret from aunt Petunia. But I am sure, that she already knows that he is using me. With Dudley I am not so sure, but it wouldn´t astonish me, if one day Vernon would bring his son with him to show him, how to really dirty the freak.

I don´t go to sleep after that, after an hour of trying to calm down I stand up and the next day with the same routine starts all over again.

Again and again.