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(POV Harry)

Happy Ending

It had been one year since I had run away from the Dursleys and I was really happy. Draco was a very attendive lover and always looked out for me. He comforted me when I had nightmares and didn´t push me to make love with him.

Of course we had started to change that slowly, but I still needed time, which sometimes made myself pretty mad. I wanted to give Draco my body, but every time a certain touch reminded me of my uncle and I started to panic and cry.

For a few months now I weekly go to a psychologist to work on this issue, but he told me that it will take pretty much time before I can live a completely normal life.

"Harry, I´m home.", shouted Draco from the doorway and immediately I was up and greeted him with kisses. I know it sounds cheesy, but I enjoy it immensly to greet him like this.

"Welcome home, Draco." He put his bag down and I pulled him into our living room. We had graduated and now lived in our own little flat in London near the wizarding area. We pretty often had visitors, so the flat was pretty big and airy.

"And Draco? How was your day with Severus?" Draco wanted to become the next potions teacher in Hogwarts and now was learning under Severus everything about potions and ingredients. Severus was a good teacher, but he wanted from his pupil to be a hard worker and not slack off.

"He wanted me to make several potions for Poppy. And how was your day?"

"I was mostly reading books about healing, but Tom came over and told me about his new plans for the school. It will be fantastic!" I wanted to become a healer and work at Draco´s side to invent new healing potions. I would take over Poppy´s job in the future and Draco and I could live at the new Hogwarts. Tom´s plans for the school were a revolution. He wanted to renew the old building and make it more modern and light. Nobody would freeze in the halls in the winter time anymore. Also like in the Slytherin house the other houses would be modernized and separated into two people bedrooms.

The house system would still remain in the same way, but one didn´t have to sit with their house at mealtimes anymore and could visit their friends in the other houses. The restricted section had been taken from the library. It was just too dangerous and Tom didn´t want to risk any student trying to create something like a Hocrux like he did when he was young.

Tom and I had brought Severus to the dead basilisk. Tom wasn´t too happy, he had kinda like the big snake, but Severus was practically dancing. The ingredients he could take from the snake would help him immensly to brew new potions.

"You know Harry, today is a very special day.", Draco started and interrupted my thoughts.

"It is?"

"Yes, today one year ago, I told you that I love you." He blushed but suddenly kneeled down in front of me and I gasped. He wouldn´t, would he?

"I don´t want you to leave my side again and that´s why I want you and me to bond." Tears were in my eyes. One year ago, I would have never thought that something like this would happen. That I would have home and people who really cherished and loved me for who I was and not the boy-who-lived, even though that is a lie.

"Of course, Draco. I love you so much!"

And that was mine and Draco´s happy end.