Title: A bad day, A date, a disaster and a love that was for told

Rating: T

Heya guys and anamie girls, im new on the fanfic writing scene so this is my first, it's a HaruhiXHikaru story (Ouran High School). Enjoy

Chapter 1 A bad day


Kaoru was yelling at the top of his voice even though it was nearly eleven that evening.

Im coming hikaru sighed tiresomely. The day he had just gone through would surly end his life forever and if it didn't telling his mother surly would although, it wasn't all bad…And it was replaying in his mind…

(that day)

The day was like any other, the lessons were fine, the lunches and breaks were fine but just as the host club members were about to leave for the day , a boy who none of them had ever seen before (except Kyoya and Haruhi) requested to see Haruhi. As soon as Haruhi had seen who it was she was ecstatic, it was a friend of her from her middle school she had not seen in years, his name was Akito, a fine looking, smooth talker who's family happen to be in franchises with the Otorri family, I wonder how Akito found Haruhi? Kyoya sneezed from the back of the room. Now Hikaru already thought to himself, I don't like him but once Akito kissed Haruhi on the hand as he always does to greet her, he lost it and stormed out of the room mouthing words that shouldn't be repeated. Kaoru was soon to follow looking at Haruhi apologetically, she nodded in reply and then started talk to Akito

(with Hikaru)

"Why does everyone find Haruhi so GOD DAMN CUTE". He slammed him fist against a window and it started to bleed from a shard from the now Broken window that stuck in to his hand, Kaoru walked through just as he pulled the shard out and since Haruhi was the only one who knew what to do with any thing like this. Kaoru told Hikaru to:

"Stop being such a baby and tell her how you feel". With that he dragged him back to the music room

(with Haruhi)

"I am so sorry about that he will get like that sometimes". She said awkwardly.

"Haru-chan its ok, any one would get jealous to be able to get as close as I am to you". He said with a slick tone.

"Urrr huh ok.. Any way what do I owe the pleasure of your visit". She said slightly dumbfounded.

"I just came in to see how you were getting on at school and to see if you were free tomorrow evening for dinner with me". He said as if expecting a yes.

"Oh. Well I cant tomorrow I have got plans already"… (she lied)

Just at that moment Hikaru and Kaoru came back in

Kaoru was panicking about his bleeding brother as it got worse while they were walking back to the club room and Hikaru… was being Hikaru, Haruhi turned to face them, angry and flushed, but as soon as she saw Hikaru with his now drenched in blood hand she looked concerned. She knew, sometimes better than Kaoru, what he would do to himself when upset or provoked. She ran to where the first aid kit was kept, went to Hikaru and started to clean his hand when she started asking him questions about how he did it, he was embarrassed, she could see it in his eyes. So she grabbed his other hand and took him outside with the first aid kit and said:

"Hikaru does it bother you that much when you see me with any other guy who is not in the host club?"

He looked down red in the face, she sighed and started to put a disinfectant on his hand because of how deep the cut was, his face reacted in pain, she said

"Why do you do this to yourself Hikaru, it irritates me when you run out of a room mouthing of at an old friend oh mine, but doing this to yourself, im starting to get upset I cant see you like this anymore-

She was cut of by Hikaru putting his head on her shoulder and softly crying audibly in to her blazer.

"Sorry Haruhi, I just get so worked up an-

He stopped when Haruhi started to pat his head once…twice… three times.

Its alright Hikaru I know you get upset but when I ask you why, you always say the same thing

"I wont answer that" she pulled a face that he would when he said that and then went serious again.

"Why, Hikaru, why wont you tell me what is on your mind, how you are feeling". She said pleadingly his reply:

"Because if I tell you, you'll never want to see me again, It… I would ruin your life." He said this with a dull as if lifeless tone.

Haruhi finished putting a bandage on his hand and then kissed it lightly and whispered

"please try to be more careful", Hikaru blushed. She said no more on the matter until later when Hikaru (instructed by Kaoru) offered to walk her home to say sorry.

(walking to haruhis)

"You know that was a stupid thing to do right?" Haruhi said breaking the (to hikaru) nice silence,

"well yeah I know but my temper just gets so ugh" he said letting off a lot of steam,

as he did Haruhi saw a little twinkle in his eye she knew it was a tear and when he tipped his head back as if looking up in the sky she knew it was the "if I do this they will not know im crying" trick he pulls when Kaoru is angry with him or he is stealing a glance of Haruhi.

"it just gets so what?" Haruhi asked plainly.

"Well it… it gets the best of me I cant help myself when"

- he stopped dead in his tracks of what he was saying because Haruhi was getting something out of her backpack… it was a tissue when she reached over and wiped a tear that had slipped when he was talking he couldn't help but flinch she laughed and said

"you are such a baby it's a tear don't worry I wont tell your embarrassing stories to the guests" she winked and continued. He smiled and caught up with her and got her home,

(At haruhis)

Of course haruhis father invited Hikaru in, in fact threw him in ( not as harshly as he would have Tamaki (in to the nearest wall) but it was a rushed welcome. (Ranka)2

"So my darlings how was your day,"

Hikaru said: "it was fine thanks Ranka"

Haruhi gave him a look as if to say you liar and he just smirked she then said

"oh you know same old same old".

Hikaru gave the same look and she smirked, Ranka looked between the two then asked himself if he should even ask what was going on then he asked if Hikaru was busy tomorrow and Haruhi said not to pester people on weekends, Hikaru said no and Ranka asked if he would make sure Haruhi does not do ANY chores tomorrow because she needs to act like a normal teenage girl FOR AT LEAST ONE WEEKEND (he yelled that last part because he needed to make sure Haruhi knew what he was doing), Haruhi rolled her eyes. Hikaru lit up and said what about the amusement park that is here for the weekend, Haruhis face slightly lights up (she was remembering the last "date" she had had with Hikaru which while was nice to start off with ended awkwardly) she after 10 minutes of both her father and Hikaru whining grudging agreed to spending the day with Hikaru… after which they said there good byes and Hikaru went home.

How was it guys I hope you enjoyed it sorry it was so short it took me long enough ill be honest…

Next chapter coming soon so keep reading


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