ok so this is the story of derek who was mentioned in in simply charmed

piper pov

time fly so fast i look out the window as grams chases the toddler around the yard laughing three years ago i gave birth to a beautifull baby girl i was only sixteen that's right and yet i still would do it all agian i think back to that night it was five years ago

"piper come on "i hear prue yell downstair

"i'm coming"i yell while running down stiars"hurry up this is a senior prom" prue smiles as i make it downstiars"now this outfit i approve of' i look down to my pink dress

two hours later

prom is over in five minutes and I"m snuggled up to Derek my longtime crush this had to be the most magical night i've ever had we start walking out the door to his car

"i wish this night didn't have to end" i whisper to derek he take another turn

"it doesn't have to piper i have a hotel room and no one to share it with"i look at him and smile

"well let's see what we can do about that shall we" he park and walks around to my side of the car swingin me up into his arms as we enter he turns around and presses me into the door closing it in the process he unzips my dress and it pools at my feet in a flash my underwear is gone so is my bra

Derek lays me gently on the bed and start kissing my neck i run my hands over his chest as i push her shirt off his shoulders oh my god he has abs I gasp as he bites gently on my collarbone

"ah i found your spot hmm"he chuckles he starts to grind his hips into mine

i remember the feeling of him slamming into but after that everythings a blur

i look back out the window i see aria running towards the door

"Phoenix Aria Halliwell stop runnining in this house"i shout she skids to a stop

"mommy grams made the mean man go away she's a superhero"i look to aria my poor baby girl she has such a wild imagination it doesn't help that grams encourages her she just five but i think she actually belives grams story sometimes

skip to five more years

Aria pov

"grams when will mom get her powers back "grams smile at me"soon my darling" she looks to the attic we walk up the stairs we turn to the door that leads into the attic amn is standing infront of it grams pushes me behind her

"penny where is she"he sounds desperate grams keeps me hidden behind her"Derek you know you can't meet her" i look down to see a shadow coming up the stairs

grams doesn't notice it it pulls her down she grabs her heart it slowly comes back for me suddenly i see blue lights now i'm at the bottom of the stairs

I am light,

I am one too strong to fight,

Return to dark where shadows dwell,

You can not have this Halliwell!

Now go away, and leave my sight,

And take with you this endless night

i said the spell just like grams taught me

the shadow screeches before disappearing i look to grams

"are you a whitelighter" i look to the man who is still starring at me

"i don't know" but with a flash of blue lights a man appears and grabs him taking him

"WAIT HELP ME GRAMS NEEDS HELP PLEASE DON"T LEAVE!"I scraem mom comes in and starts calling for an ambulance today i lost my grandmother all because of a damn shadow

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