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This is MelodianSkykz and this is the first fanfic I've made in Rise of the Guardians, so I hope this is a good first try.

Like many other fellow authors here, I just watched the movie and I was totally taken by the story. At first, it may seem like a child's movie, but I saw the depth of the story. Believing is truly something. The characters turned out different from my usual imaginations of them. So I guess, I just joined the crew?

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I hate this.

"Stupid school" I repeated for like umpteenth time.

Stupid school…I kept mumbling these two words as I walked back home. It's true you know. I was given detention by my chemistry teacher because I accidentally used the Bunsen burner wrong. I don't see the reason why I had to be given detention. Sure I accidentally set his lab coat on fire making him panic and run around the whole room with a constipated look on his face…wait that was his usual face. It's not my fault he tripped on one of the chairs and went rolling until his back had hit the shelf making the bottles of all sorts of chemicals fall down on his head. Good thing, none of them opened except for this one bottle which I don't know of. All I know is that after it landed on top of his head, he immediately got angry and sent me to the principal's office. Okay, I might have heard wrong when he told the class to turn the Bunsen burner to low while I turned to high…I better stop talking, huh? Well the point is that I'm late and I still have to pick up my little brother from his school…which is like really far! Thanks a lot!

I looked around the whole neighborhood and watched as kids I recognized as my brother's classmates ran around playing with the snow. I couldn't help but smile as well. What? It's contagious. I waved at them as they waved back at me. I like those kids. Truth be told, I get along better with them than I get along with my classmates. They're innocent and fun while they're all rude and just immature. I don't get them.

"Hey Stahn!" I yelled to one of the kids! Stahn was one of my brother's close friends. He's always about fun and mischief. I remember him as one of my partners-in-crime when me, my brother, and his friends started throwing snowballs at random passersby and when those poor suckers looked at our direction, we would just look innocently and start pointing at the random birds yelling "They did it!" then laugh goofily at each other.

I'm a kid at heart and proud of it. Booyah!

"Is Dirk still at school?" I asked him.

"He's at Will's house right now. Will asked him to come to his house when you were late in picking him up." Oh, nice Will. Always there for little brother. That makes things easier since he live near us. "Thanks! I gotta go now. Bye!"

"Wait!" He yelled frantically. I raised a brow. He ran towards me and gave me a grin. I stared at him. "Come play with us! We're trying to build a snow fort! It's going to be fun."

"I can't" I replied. "I have to go and pick up my little brother from Will's house."

He pouted. "Just one game." He pleaded. Oh no, the puppy dog eyes! He's using the lethal weapon on me! "Pretty please? Just one game?" Must…resist…

"Fine" Resisting failed.

"Yeah!" Stahn jumped up and down. I soon sighed and ruffled his brown hair as a grin soon spread on my face. "So where's the fort we're going to build?"

"About the fort…" He trailed off as he looked behind and towards the others. "We sort of thought about something else…"

"And what would that be?" I asked unsurely.

"Ambush my comrades! To battle!" He cried as he started pelting me with snowballs.

"TO BATTLE!" His other friends joined as well. Why that little scheming brat. I laughed as I scooped up some snow and started aiming at them. I must say, I have a strong arm with a very nice aim. I laughed as I had with Stahn on his face. His face was priceless! Too bad, I left my phone in my bag which on the side. I didn't want it to get broken from all of these. I ran around trying to make snowballs faster and shoot it as well, but I soon noticed that there already nicely made snowballs scattered around the place. Where did those come from? Maybe someone had let go of it as they got hit as well.

"Think fast!" someone yelled. I looked to my left and saw a snowball nearing me. I immediately ducked and rolled to the side before aiming one to the one who threw it, but to my surprise I saw…no one. Not a soul was there. Strange…I looked around and saw that it was getting dark. Darn, I need to fetch Dirk. "Hey! I need to go now! Dirk's probably waiting for me."

Sound of 'awwss' were heard. I smiled. They're so sweet…scratch the fact that they did not just pelted me with snowballs. "Can't do anything about it. Gotta go now!"

"Our friends here says you should stop by again!"

"Who?" I turned around. "Who were you talking about?"

"Jack!" Stahn grinned. "He said you were fun, but already left some time ago. He said that you should play with us more often."

"I see…well tell this 'Jack' that he should tell this to me in person." I looked at all of them and noticed that none of them had left since the beginning of the snowball fight. Heck, I don't even remember Dirk having a classmate named 'Jack'. Must be their imaginary friend or something, kids these days… I laughed heartily. I can't just wave them off about this. I too believe in these imaginary friends and still do…well maybe I'm starting to grow out of them, but it's still nice to think of friends who only you can see. "Bye!"

"Bye Calla!"

I picked up my bag and the chemistry book I carried with me. Believe it or not, I like chemistry. I'm just not good with directions.

As I walked down the path I felt a chill run down my spine and no, not in a good way. It was then I noticed that it suddenly got colder. "What's happening?" I question to myself because it's not getting any warmer but colder. I remember that it wasn't this cold a minute ago.

I kept shivering as I continued my way towards home hugging my chemistry book hoping that it would at least give me some warmth.

"Try wearing your jacket that's tied around your waist." A voice sarcastically told me.

I wanted to retort back at that person, but he was right. I looked down to my waist and saw my large and warm jack around my waist. I just wanted bang my head on a tree right now, but I just resorted to hitting my head with my chemistry book…which I forgot was thick. "Ow…" I moaned. Did I mention that it was thick?

"Thanks for the heads up." I muttered under my breath as I placed my things on the ground for a while before putting it back on as I wore my jacket. I sighed happily as I felt the warmness of my jacket. Thanks you sarcastic person. Unlike normal people, I can handle cold situations better than them, but this time is a different case.

"You just now noticed that?" The person laughed. "I can't believe you didn't notice you had a jacket around you!" He kept laughing to himself. He was getting ahead of himself now. "I mean…how could you not notice that you had a jacket with you in this weather?! You should have seen your face while you were shivering."

Now he's getting irritating.

"Man, this is the reason why I love doing this."

"Well sorry for not noticing but I have a lot in my mind right now!" I turned around to face the sarcastic person but noticed that I was only facing his chest. I looked up and my eyes widened for only a portion. 'White hair? That's not normal…unless he's an albino.' I quickly noticed his cool blue eyes and his really pale skin. 'Is he sick or something?'

He seemed like he was shocked for a minute when I snapped at him. His eyes were wide and his jaw was left open. Was I that harsh? It's not my fault , he was being too annoying. Oh well…

"Look, I'm sorry, okay? It's your fault anyway. You shouldn't make fun of people like that." I reasoned out but he was still shocked. I must have left an impression on him. "Okay…I'm really sorry, okay?" I trailed off as I started my way back. "Well that was weird…" I mumbled to myself. Good thing it was all over…finally.

"Wait up!"

Not so good thing

I blinked repeatedly as he appeared in front of me. Well that was fast. He quickly grabbed my shoulders and looked at me as if he was a doctor looking at his patient intently. I was freaking out inside, but it was also then I noticed that he even though he may be pale, he still looked very lively to me. He looked to be older than me since I'm fifteen. He was wearing a blue sweater with snow or frost on it…wait what? But his eyes took me by surprise. Up close, I'm mesmerized. It had a nice shade of blue, it reminded me of the sea maybe the sky as well, but wow. Wait! I'm not supposed to be thinking this! Snap out of it Calla! Calla, snap out of it! This is not good! This is so not good!

"You heard me a while ago, right?" He asked me cautiously as if trying to make sure.

I nodded.

"You can see me, right?" He asked again.

And again I nodded.

"Unbelievable…" He mumbled to himself. Yeah, unbelievable that this is happening to me, buddy! I'm supposed to be fetching my little brother here! "This is amazing." He breathed as he let go of shoulders and ran his hands through his snow white hair. I wonder what it would feel like if I ran my fingers through it as well…Bad Calla! Bad! Sorry inner-self.

"Are you sure you can see me?" What's with this guy? Of course, I can see him. I'm not blind.

"Yes, now will you disappear now so I won't see you?" I told him with an irritated tone.

He only laughed.

I stared at him as if he was crazy. Wait…he might be crazy.

"How old are you?" He asked quickly. Do not answer…do not answer…whatever you do, do not answer.

"15" Damn it! Why is my will failing me today?

"This is a first." Jack mumbled. What's with mumbling? "Wait till they hear about this! 15! I can't believe it! And I think I'm the first one she ever saw! Wow!" He looked really happy, but I looked really creeped out…wait. There's more people like him?

I need to leave. Now. I made silent movement to get away from him as far as possible but no, fate just had to be playing tricks with me when called out to me. Looks like he was holding a stick…or was it a staff all along. Wait…a stick? I looked back and forth between him and the stick. He's holding a stick. He's sort of nuts. He's holding a stick. He's weird. He's holding a stick. It's almost night. He's holding a stick. Nobody is around here but us.

Uh oh…

"Hey! What's your name?" He asked me as he leaned closer to me. This isn't good.

"Uh…" Okay Calla it's time to do what you need to do.

As he looked expectantly at me for an answer, I did what any sane person would do in this situation.

Hit him with my chemistry book.



And then run away screaming:

"MURDER! MURDER! MURDER!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"Hey! What was that for?!" He shouted, but I didn't care. I wanted to live so I ran as fast as I can towards Will's house. "Hey, wait up! I need to ask you something!"


Thank you think chemistry book!

Well that's how everything started. By everything, I mean things that I never would've thought possible even in the wildest of my imaginations. Who knew hitting a guardian with a chemistry book, was a bad thing?

Waddya think?

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