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The silence is killing me! I take it back, school is not better off with too much silence. I can literary feel the pressure killing me from this. I feel like I'm going to have a hard time breathing. Sometimes noise is also good. Like right now. I need some noise that doesn't involve the noise of the moving pen my school's principal is using to write something on the paper. Am I going to get it? Oh, I hope not. I looked at my invisible companion through my peripheral vision and saw him taking his time looking at the office, completely oblivious to the mood.

"So this is what they call a classroom?" Him, being invisible, floated to the picture frames hanging on the wall beside the window. "Funny, I expected it to be more...I don't know noisy and uncontrollable."

That's exactly what my usual class is like, Jack. You just got the whole picture wrong because you're in the principal's office, is what I wanted to say, but couldn't because of the pressure building up.

"So..." I managed to get out. "Why am I exactly here again, Ms. Rivers?"

Our principal looked at me sternly. "I didn't particularly say the exact reason you're here, Ms. Rainsfield, but," She pressed her hands together. "it has something to do with your little accident with your chemistry teacher a few weeks ago."

"Is he still hung up on that one?" I asked as I slumped on the chair.

What a great way to start my day in school. Before I could even go to my first class I was halted my two teacher telling me to go to the principal's office, and even if I could escape, they had placed another teacher to block my path. Lovely.

"Yes, but this is about something else he has with you." She sighed and looked at the door. "You can come in now."

Me and Jack looked behind us and saw my chemistry teacher walk in, complete with his squeaky clean lab coat. I looked up and saw that he was wearing a hat. I raised a brow at this. He never wore a hat in school or outside of school. I remember him saying that wearing hats in chemistry class was for the rebels and hooligans, and he was looking at me when he said that.

"Hey," I greeted him with an uneasy smile. "Mr. AmpleBrief"

"It's Ableleaf." He glared at me.

I just shrugged my shoulders and rolled my eyes. "So what am I in trouble now? Is it because I'm the culprit for how the test tube in the lab just mysteriously disappeared while I was in my History class or is it because you think I was the one responsible for the sudden switch of the chemicals during the weekend when I was at home taking care of my little brother."

"You're just as worse as your little bratty brother." He muttered under his breath, but I heard it loud and clear.

"Hey!" I stood up from my chair. "Don't bring Dirk in this!"

"Enough!" Ms. Rivers said loudly enough for us to keep quiet. Jack was levitating beside the principal looking amused. "Now sit down."

The two of us sat down.

"Now Mr. Ableleaf has something to say to you about last time where you had accidentally caught his lab coat on fire." Jack chuckled at this and looked at me in disbelief.

Mr. Ableleaf snorted. "As if it was an accident."

Ms. Rivers gave him a warning. I smirked. "But, Ms. Rainsfield, due to this accident you still caused..." She glanced at the angry teacher unsurely. "I don't know how to put this but...it caused an undesirable after-effect on Mr. Ableleaf."

Now this got my interest. "What?"

Mr. Ableleaf stood up and pointed to his head. "This! You caused this!"

I looked at Jack confused. He shrugged his shoulders. "Hey don't look at me. I'm just a visitor, remember? I have no idea what's happening."

I faced my chemistry teacher and guessed. "Your face?"

Jack put his hand on his mouth to cover the laugh wanting to break out, but it wouldn't matter even if he laughed his self out since he won't be heard.

Even Ms. Rivers couldn't help but let a chuckle escape her.

But Mr. Ableleaf was fuming. "No, this!" He quickly took off his hat and at that moment, I was blinded by the light.

Yeah right, I was just exaggerating.

"Oh my..." My jaw was left open. "Schnitzel"




"You're shining!" I pointed at him.

A soft thud was heard and the two adults looked around, wondering what it was and where it came from, but I didn't. I already knew where it came from. I tried to get a peek behind the principal's table and saw Jack not laughing but howling on the floor hugging his stomach like what he did yesterday.

"Oh shut it, snowman." I muttered to him. I know he heard me because he paused and gave me a look before going to back to howling on the floor.

"You did this!" Mr. Ableleaf clutched his head like it was his most prized possession.

If you were wondering what happened well I'm sure you guys still remember the time when I told you about the incident where he got his lab coat on fire and slipped into a shelf full of chemicals that fell on him. Turns out, those chemicals did something to him, more specifically, his head. He turned bald.

Yep, you heard me right, B-A-L-D.

I just made my chemistry teacher who is bent on making my life hell turn bald. Sweet!

But I guess it was not so sweet for a man in his mid-thirties. "You're bald." I pointed it out dryly.

"Yes! And you did this!" I seem to have burned out all patience left on Mr. Abeleaf as he faced the principal, his finger still pointing at me. "I want her out! Suspension is not enough. I want her expelled! Out of the country even!"

"Wao..." Jack mumbled. I didn't notice him come beside me. "So this is your chemistry teacher Jamie told me about. He sure fits the description I thought of him."

"Which is?"


I mentally snorted. "You have no idea."

"What was that?!"

"Nothing" I tilted my head to the side acting innocent.

Just as Mr. Ableleaf was about to say something else, Ms. Rivers cut in. "Silence please." She gave me a glance before looking back at the other adult. "I know that this is..." She looked at him and at his shiny head. "a very serious matter to you, but I think giving her expulsion is way overboard here."

"Why is that?" He stomped on the floor. "I have enough reasons for her to be expelled!"

"Do you have evidence?"

Mr. Ableleaf sputtered. "Um...w-well no, but I'm very well assured she did it!"

The principal sighed. "Mr. Ableleaf, it has come to my attention as well that you keep blaming past pranks or mess that's happened in school to Ms. Rainsfield without sufficient proof that she did do all of those things."

"May I ask why? And I don't want the reason 'that you just feel it' thing because we need convincing evidence she did do all those things you keep mentioning. I'm afraid to tell you that you won't hold much if you were in a court especially since Ms. Rainsfield has more convincing alibis for all of those incidents."

"W-well s-she j-just..."

You just got burned.

"You see my point?" She then continued to write something on the paper. "I see no good reason why we should expel a bright student like her. Besides, I think it wouldn't do your record any good if we put there that you were blaming innocent students for school pranks without any proof but out of personal reasons." She eyed Mr. Ableleaf. "I know you were spreading those rumors to the faculty staff, but it's a good thing the teacher's didn't buy it."

"But she still needs to be expelled. You don't know her!"

"Are you telling me to how to do my job?" She gave him a pointed look. Me and Jack felt like we were just audiences watching theatre. "Wish I had popcorn, right now." I mumbled. "Me too"

"I'll handle the situation, and rest assured, she will be responsible for this. I believe you still have a class waiting for you." She motioned to the door. "I'll see you later."

"Fine" Mr. Ableleaf said.

"Bye Mr. Amplegrief" I waved with Jack.


With the door shut, I muttered under my breath, "He didn't have much hair to begin with."

"Calla," Ms. Rivers gave me the look. "Sit down. We have a lot to talk about."

Her eyes softened as she took off her glasses. "How many times have I told you to stay away from Mr. Ableleaf's bad side?"

"Many actually...but he's the one who keeps coming to me."

"I've noticed, but he's the only available substitute we have for Mr. Carter."

"So how is Mr. Carter? Is his injury healing well?" I asked. A woman in her mid thirties as well, she still looked like she was still in her late twenties Ms. Rivers is actually a very understanding, caring, and fun person. When the two of us are alone, she calls me by my first name unlike how she calls everybody by their last name. She looks after me and Dirk and is one of the few who know about our father's condition. I didn't tell her of course. She just found out about it when police contacted her when my father...was arrested for doing something bad while he was drunk. Ever since then she had been checking on us if we're doing well.

"Don't worry," She laid back on her chair and rubbed the bridge of her nose. "He's doing fine. He'll be back in no time, but until then," She sighed. "Stay away from trouble."

"Yes ma'm" I stood up and was about to walk out of the office when she called me.



"Nice trick with Mr. Ableleaf's hair. He really didn't have a lot of hair in the first place." She flashed me a smile.

I grinned and left the office.

"She seemed really nice." Jack walked beside me. "Where to next?"

I turned left and looked at him blankly. "History"


"Interesting," Jack flew around the class making anybody he comes near to shiver. "so you're focused right now on Thaddeus Burgess, the founder of Burgess?" He chuckled as I tried to ignore him. "I've lived even before he was born."

"Of course," I rolled my eyes and continued to focus on my own work, my doodles.

"So, if you look here," My history teacher pointed to the board where a picture was projected. "we have a very old picture of Mr. Thaddeus Burgess and his family when he first found Burgess. Now if you look closely..."

"What in the name of fudge?"

Whatever words our history teacher was saying was completely drowned out to my hearing as I looked at the picture more closely. I know that the picture was about our founder, but what really caught me by surprise was another strange figure behind him. As I inched forward, I recognized the annoying and cocky smirk on the old picture, and immediately recognized it as Jack Frost. There he was, doing a 'v' pose with his left hand as his right hand was holding the same stick right behind Mr. Thaddeus Burgess.

You've got to be kidding me. Jack saw this and smirked. "Told you so" I just fell down from the chair causing everyone's attention to focus on me. I pulled my bonnet to cover my eyes, I didn't like people looking at me.

"I'm starting to like school. I didn't know you were learning about me as well." Jack laughed forming ice to appear on some of the students' chairs making them jump in surprise.


I'm surprised to even say this, but I like math. Weird as it may sound unlike most of the people in my classroom right now, but I really like math. Honestly, the exciting part is where you solve the problem, using your solution to solve it and finally come up with an answer that fits it, and get it right. The best part is when you solve them nonstop and get it correct straight.

Good thing our lesson right now seemed very simple. It's just going to be a brief introduction to Matrix Algebra. The teacher said we weren't going to tackle anything complicated, but the simple ones.

"The Matrix is a rectangular array of real numbers with...(1)" I took down noted and remembered the important stuff. I looked behind me and saw someone dozing off. Never mind him...So whenever I see a T that's written in a superscript, that would mean I have to transpose the whole matrix. Okay... seems simple enough.

Once I was sure that I'm okay with the notes I have, I saw Jack grasping his head like it was on fire. "Wait, so you mean-what?" He was floating on the teacher's desk as he tried to grasp the sense of the lesson. "Then A would be transposed-what the heck does transpose even mean?! Columns A become B's row and vice versa?! GAH!" He waved his hands in the air. "I give up!"

I have to give him points for his enthusiasm.

"Now to multiply Matrixes-"

"Wait there's more?" Jack looked at me. I shrugged at him and continued to listen. "This is what modern education is like? A and B meet together and then we have to solve what happened to them? Then why did they have to meet in the first place? If they hadn't met then there wouldn't be a problem!"

Looks like math and spirits just don't go well together. "Ahh!" Oh look, I just saw Jack trying to pull his hair from another problem our math teacher wrote on the board. Looks like it's just a simple 5x5 matrix, but to Jack it looked like it was a ticket to a mad house.

"Now I understand what Jamie feels like when he has math homework. Those numbers are killers!"

I fixed my glasses. "It's math, Jack. It's improved through time."

"Well it's doing a great job brainwashing people." He pointed to the back of the class. I looked behind and saw some of the students dozing off in their seats with some drool on the edge of their mouths threatening to fall.


"There, there" I patted Jack's back as the spirit rubbed his nose. "I never want to see Math again."

I smiled softly at him. I have to admit, he looks sort of cute like that. And just as the thought came to me, I quickly shook it off. That's bad, Calla. That's very bad, Calla. Snap out of it.

"Maybe lunch can make you feel better." I told him, but this time he gave me a blank look. "I don't need to eat."

Oh, right.


"But a few bites wouldn't hurt you, right?"

"True, do you have snow cones or ice cream?"

"I don't think so." I looked at the choices. "How about an apple?"

"NO" He replied almost instantly before floating away from the tray full of apples. "I'd rather having something else than that."

"Suit yourself." I took a bit out of it liking the crunch I made. The crunchy ones are always the tasty ones. Jack cringed at the sound, but I continued to bite on my apple at the same time looking for an empty table. Once I saw one, I sat down and enjoyed my lunch. As I was drinking from my water bottle I threw a small container at Jack. "Maybe you'd like that instead."

Jack blinked at me and then inspected the container. He opened it and saw chocolate chip cookies inside. He looked at me before looking at the sweets. He did this motion two times before I waved it off. "You can have it. You may not like what's in the menu anyway." I saw a grin spread through the snow white haired boy's face and he leaned in closer. "Aww, so you do care."

"Don't make me use my apple on you." I threatened him.

Jack backed away...but just a bit. I nodded at this. It was kind of weird that mere had this kind of effect on a winter spirit, but who am I to complain? It's kind of funny to threaten Jack with an apple. Yep, it's really funny.

"Why aren't you sitting with the other students?" Jack asked taking a bite on one of the cookies.

"I don't want to."


"They judge you. They first look at you and see whether you fit their tastes to join."

"You didn't join?"

"No, why should I change for them?" Not anymore...

"Hey Calla!" I looked up and saw a boy no older than me grinning. "Mind if I sit with you?"

"Not really." I said taking a bit out of my sandwich. "How's it going Mason?"

Mason grinned at me and fixed his blue cap hiding his strawberry blonde hair. "Good, but I hate math."

"You're not the only one buddy." Jack crossed his arms sitting beside me. "You and me on this one, buddy."

I looked at Mason's grinning face and knew something was up. "What?"

"Can you teach me math?"


"I need help with it."




I'm getting a sense of déjà vu.

"Come on, please?"


"Yes" Mason pumped his two fists in the air and started digging in how own lunch. I paused from eating and once again looked at him. Mason Dewlow, one of the few people who even bother talking to me in school. He's a few months older than me, and is pretty tall for his age. He has strawberry blonde hair that he likes to hind under his cap, just like me, also is in the 'rebels' list of Mr. Ableleaf, but I'm more on his red alert kind of list. He would have fitted well with the crowd if he just wasn't a video game fanatic although from what I know his obsession is with a fantasy game about kids with cool hairstyles with giant keys as weapons teaming up with characters from children's cartoons. What was is called again(2)? I noticed the change of pin on his hat. This time it was Pikachu jumping over a pokeball. Cute.

Truthfully, I don't really know what side he's on. I don't know if he's just an acquaintance or a friend. I know it sounds weird that shouldn't he already be considered a friend since he actually talks to you, but I'm really looking things like this over before getting comfortable. I don't know if I'm just paranoid, but it's been like this ever since I moved out of their group and went to being myself.

"Hm?" Mason looked up from his hamburger and motioned for me to take a look as well. I complied and my eyes went hard. They're here.

I turned back to the table and kept eating my sandwich. Mason soon joined me and started up a conversation trying to lighten my mood. I appreciated it. Jack watched us both in confusion nibbling on his cookie.

"Calla dear~" A cheery voice called me. Being polite, I greeted them in return.

It's been months since I had to talk to you.

"Hey Trania." With her beautiful short hair, Trania smiled at me.

Her fake smile

"We were wondering if you'd like to join us for lunch?"

"Sorry, but I can't. I'm almost done with my food, I might disturb you from your lunch." I looked at Mason. "Besides, I'm eating with Mason."

Trania glanced at Mason, and I didn't miss the look she gave him.

Her judging eyes that measured your worth

"I see," She took another look at the pin on his cap and cringed at it. "well if you have time, let's catch up. Come on girls." I saw the people I once considered as friends walk away. One of them turned her head to look at me with those sad eyes that kept saying 'you shouldn't have turned it down'

Llana... It used to hurt, but now, I just felt nothing. No pain, no relief, just nothing, like I didn't care anymore.

And it felt wrong.

"Calla?" Mason made me snap out of my thoughts. "You okay?" I nodded at him.

"Yeah, just a bit" What was the right word? "Uh...distracted. Yeah just a bit distracted."

"Yeah sure," Mason gave me a disbelieving look but decided not to pry anymore. I needed that. "So is it okay if you teach me tomorrow?"

"With what?"

"Math, of course"

Right, Math of course. "Yeah works with me. Later" I waved to him goodbye and picked up my things before walking out of the canteen with Jack following me.

As I turned right, I felt my chest suddenly tighten and I stopped in my tracks. I started feeling dizzy and found difficulty in breathing. Calla, breathe in and out. I repeated those words over and over again until I found my stability. A sudden rush of emotions isn't going to get you anywhere good.

I put both of my hands on my chest and tried to calm myself down. Jack stepped in front of me with a worried and confused look. "You okay?" I nodded dumbly and continued walking, but this time in a slower pace. I wasn't in any rush to go to my next class. "What just happened back there? Who were those girls?"

"My old group" I replied quietly. We were still in a public place after all.

Jack patted his stick or staff on his shoulder and raised a brow. "Let me guess, the usual cliché drama where you got kicked out of it?"

"No" I turned to him, my hazel green eyes turning a bit hard. "I didn't get kicked out. I left." I continued walking. "I kicked them out of my life." And I'm not going to let them in it and ruin it again.

"Why?" Jack scratched his head.

"I didn't want to change." I mumbled. After looking at Jack's confused face, I felt horrible for bringing him into something he shouldn't be in. I kind of lost myself there. I looked around the hallway and noticed that the coast was clear. I sighed in relief. I immediately made a dash around the corner to hide. Jack soon followed with an incredulous look on his face.

"What was that for?"

"Wanna skip the next class?" I asked cheekily, trying to lighten the mood.

"Why?" He crossed his arms over his chest. "Why the sudden change?"

"I'm not going to skip the rest of the day. Just this class." I fixed my bonnet and decided to tell him the truth with a blank face. "My next class is chemistry. Get the picture?"

Jack smirked, his eyes taking its mischievous glint again. He grabbed hold of my wrist and dragged me away and ran around school. "Well then, we better get going then!" I gave him a full tour of the school during the time we had. It had helped me forget my sudden rush of emotions, I was really glad Jack came with me today, but I would never tell him that in person. The fun part about giving Jack the tour was escaping the hall monitor and passing teachers. Jack did the 'ice slip' trick again and made anyone coming near our direction slip and fall down.

"Did you see his face?!" Jack slapped his knee as he slid down the wall he was leaning on joining me on the floor. "That was priceless!" I laughed together with him.

"The best part was when we saw his teeth fall!"

"Yeah, I didn't even know Mr. Hodouh had fake teeth at all!"

Jack kept laughing , but his attention was soon caught as he looked around the room we were hiding in. "Wow...Is this? Is this your school's music room?"

I blinked at his surprised reaction. "What gave away? The piano that's in the middle of the room?"

The winter spirit glared lightly at me. I chuckled. "Yeah, yeah, we're in the school's music room." I walked toward the piano and ran my fingers over it gently. "To think I'll be in the room of my weakest subject."

"You don't like music?" Jack looked at stupefied. I shook my head. "I love music, I just can't sing. Our music class usually makes us sing a song for the class, and let's just say that me and singing isn't a very pretty idea." I rubbed the back of my neck sheepishly.

"That bad?" Jack had on a smug look on his face.

"But I can hum a melody!" I tried to defend myself. Come to think of it, the only song I sang which others liked was a lullaby I loved when I was a kid.

"Sure" Jack shrugged his shoulders and examined the piano more closely. "How long has this piano been here?"

"I don't know" I pondered for a bit. "Probably it's been around here for more than thirty-five to forty years already."

Jack kept looking at the piano like it was to be forbidden to be touched. I tilted my head so it would lean against my shoulder as I put my hand on the piano. "You play the piano?"

Jack looked at me, but quickly looked away, embarrassed. "A little..."

This caught me by surprise. "Spirits can play instruments?"

"Hey," Jack flew beside me shoving his into the pocket of his hoodie. "a guy can pick up pretty neat things living for more than a hundred of years."

"An old guy such as yourself?" I stifled a laugh.


"Just kidding, you're not old, but ancient." He gave me an annoyed look, but I couldn't stop the awe coming out of my voice. "And that's pretty awesome."

Jack did a mock bow to me. "Why thank you, miss." Again, I caught him looking at the piano shyly. I decided to give him a little push. "Go on," I inclined my head to the piano. "play your song."

"Won't people get suspicious?"

I quickly took a peek outside and saw nobody passing by as of yet. "It's fine. Nobody's passing by, so things should be fine."

Jack, at first, doubted whether or not, but soon his urges got the best of him. He sat down and stretched a bit. He looked at me. I smiled at him urging him on. He mouthed a short 'thank you' and began to play.

As soon as his fingers hit the keys, I closed my eyes and listened.


Jack sure knows how to touch a person's heart with this piece. His music immediately touched me and made me feel all warm inside, like the bitter memory I had in school, didn't happen, but instead was replaced with something sweeter and softer. I just wanted to fall down and just remember my good memories of childhood. The childhood memories that I cherished and both hid for a long time were coming back to me as Jack was probably in the middle part already. Nostalgia came over as I recognized this melody(3).

"Hey there, my little girl," a man's soft voice called me. "Wanna hold your little brother while I help your mother with setting the table?"

"No! He bites my finger! It hurts!"

"Calla, Zander doesn't have any teeth."

"Then he's gumming my finger!"

The man laughed as he carried her to the living room. "Look at Daniel, he's taking good care of little brother. You should too."


"You're their big sister now. Their big sister." He put his finger on her nose. The little girl laughed. "Now go have fun with your little brothers."

"Yes daddy!"

"I'm done." Jack was looking at me with an expectant look. "What do you think?"

I grinned and clapped my hands. "Wonderful." This seemed to really make him happy as flew around the room leaving frost in his trail. He looked at me with a nervous look at the mess, I only grinned. "Do spirits take music lessons as well?"

"Nope," He rested his hands on the piano. "just picked it up."

"Funny though, it reminded me of the lullaby I used to hum."

"Is that so? I only picked it up from a believer who was also humming this song." I gave Jack a light shove on his shoulders, liking the shock in his face. "You sure do know how touch a girl's heart with that piece though." Jack snapped out of his stupor before giving me one of his signature smirks.

"Would the young lady want another piece just for her?" I have to admit, he looked ridiculous doing all that 'young lady' thing.

"Nah," Jack looked disappointed. "I still have classes, remember? So do you too!" Jack stepped back and closer to the piano. "Can't I just stay here instead and play?"

"Nuh-uh," I put my right on my waist. "didn't you just say you were curious about how different modern education is right now?"

"Math is already enough." Jack stood his ground, it felt like I was arguing with a kid. "I don't want to spend another subject that brainwashes people!"

"Well I don't want people to start spreading that there's a ghost in the music room as well!"

I narrowed my eyes at him.

He stood his ground.

"So that's what facebook(4) is!" Jack began scratching his head with a weirded-out face. "And here I thought it was a face with a tattoo of a book. I owe Jamie an apology." I snickered at what he just said. Jack had taken an interest in the subject computer as well. I guess it gives Jack a closer view on how technology has improved. "Next one was...what was is called again? Tweety? Twit?"

"Twitter(5)" I supplied him. Jack's eyes brightened. "That's right! Twitter! I can't believe people can just leave a message to each other from across the world with just a click!"

"School is so much fun!" Jack flew up. "Well, except for math and science. I'm the only proof they need for the change in weather during winter!"

"Sorry to burst your happy bubble, but we're going home now." Jack fell down from midair. "How come?! I'm just getting the hang of things!"

"It is dismissal now, and I still have my math homework. My math teacher gave us some 10x10 matrix problems." I paused in my step as I remembered an incident which Jack caused during computer class. "Besides, you thrashed one of the computers with your stick inside the computer lab when the teacher said that 'there was a bug in the computer'."

He slapped his face and groaned. "I thought she meant it literally." He pointed his stick at me. "And it's not a stick. It's a staff." He said pointedly. "Come on Calla, say it with me. Staff. S-T-A-F-F. Staff. There's a big difference between a stick and a staff."

I decide to ignore and head straight to the exit. I needed to get that math homework done. The 10x10 matrix is going to take some time to finish. As I opened the door to leave, I was immediately hit with the cold wind of winter and found the exit blocked with a pile of snow. I closed the exit and looked-no glared at Jack. "What did you do?"

Jack looked at me innocently. "What do you mean?"

I was about to say something, but the voice of the principal rang throughout the whole hallway. "There's been a problem with the weather, students. All exits are blocked out from the severe snow that's suddenly piled up blocking anyone from passing through it. Everyone, do not think about shoving your way past the snow. Stay in school until further notice about the snow that's blocking our exits. Thank you."

"Oh you mean that," Jack examined his stick before looking at me playfully. "I know Jamie and Dirk have a project in school they have to work together for, so Dirk is staying at Jamie's to work on it. You don't have to pick him up so early, you know." He got me on that one...

I walked toward the nearest wall and started banging my head on it, repeatedly. 'So this is what losing against a winter spirit feels like.' I again, repeatedly started banging my head on the wall, hoping it would bleed and cause me to faint and hopefully wake up to see that the snow is gone and I can go home. "Aww...don't worry, Calla. You still have me." I shivered as I felt cold breath on my ear. I turned to my side and saw Jack leaning towards my face before blowing a cool wind to me.

"Come on! There's so much to see, Calla!"

I could only groan.

It's official: Jack – 30 Calla – 0

I have a lot of catching up to do.

Parts to notice (*)

(1) - I just randomly picked out a lesson from my math notebook in school for this, ah good times...good brain cell killing times from all of the long problems my math teacher gave the class. The part about the 10x10 problems are REALLY long...if your teacher won't allow you to use a calculator...which mine does on some occasions.


(3) - The title of the piece Jack is playing is called "The Palm of a Tiny Hand" from a very wonderful and beautifully made anime called, Clannad. I thought the piece fitted the mood, and I just really think the melody can touch somebody's heart. Try checking it out!

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(4) and (5) - I just don't own facebook or twitter -_-

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