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Prompt: Decorating 221B

From: ImaLateBloomer

Date: December 1st

It was with an innate curiosity that Sherlock Holmes entered 221 Baker St. after seeing some strange glittery thing in the upstairs window.

Mrs. Hudson's voice greeting him from somewhere upstairs. "It smells as if the biscuits are ready, if you would care to bring them up, Mr. Holmes."

Holmes sniffed, and indeed there was the smell of baked gingerbread wafting from the kitchen. But all other reaction was dulled by the sight of the entire foyer bedecked in a festive display of holly branches, red bows, and glitter.

After a moment of silence, Mrs. Hudson appeared halfway down the stairs. "Mr. Holmes, kindly do not pretend you are not present. The cookies, if you please."

Holmes knew from experience that the wrath of the motherly Scottish woman should be avoided by all costs. He sighed and followed the smell to the kitchen.

Once upstairs with the treats on a platter, Holmes walked over to his desk and pulled a sheaf of telegraph paper from the drawer. Now where had she put those blasted pens?

He turned around to ask her. "Mrs Hudson -"

Without turning to face him, she answered calmly. "They are in the back of the drawer. I bundled them."

Holmes pulled out the door the rest of the way, revealing a neat bundle of pens. Hiding his astonishment at how the landlady had known what he was looking for, he took one out and penned a message on the paper.

Watson, may I spend the day at your house? - Holmes

"You are insufferable, Mr Holmes. You know the Doctor shall say the same thing if you follow through with it. Now would you get me the brown box from the upstairs hall?"

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