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Prompt: Explain how Holmes came to own his magnifying glass.

From: Ennui Enigma

Date: December 8th

Sherlock Holmes was young, alone, and thoroughly exhausted. He had just saved... How many was it? Ah, yes, 10 blundering idiots belonging to Scotland Yard. They would have all been killed if he hadn't intervened with their little "raid."

Lestrade was furious with him, and not even because he'd been called an idiot at least twice in the following chaos of handcuffs, paperwork, and ballistics.

And all on Christmas Eve...

Holmes awoke on Christmas morning and walked into the sitting room to fetch the newspaper. On top of it, he perceived a smallish package, with a note attached to the outside of it.

He walked over to look at it.


I suppose you were entirely correct about the Waterford case. I apologize for not involving you from the inception. I am also obligated to thank you for saving our skins yesterday, and saving the Yard the cost of nearly a dozen funerals. You can say this is a little thank you from all of us at Scotland Yard - the timing of the calendar worked out wonderfully.

Merry Christmas,


He opened the package and pulled out something golden and shiny.

A magnifying glass, with a polished handle and strong lens.

Holmes peered at the handle to make out the figures which were engraved there. It was the year, marked in the books of history as the First Year Sherlock Holmes Saved Scotland Yard: 1878.

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