author note: okay 1st this is an AU i've taken some of my ideas and bits from hawkman in new 52. second this a hawkman and hawkgirl fanfic that is based off the comics and not the cartoon

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Lying down on a king sized and auburn hair woman arose from her sleep. "Carter?!" Shayera question where was her fiancé was she walked around their new apartment still full of unpacked boxes left spread out. She stopped looking for Carter when she looks outside the penthouse window and her soon to be husband flying over the Chicago skyline as Hawkman. Shayera pulled out the coffee maker and made a pot Joe and sat down in the front of the slot they picked to use if they ever decided to pick up their wings again and be Hawkman and Hawkgirl. Carter slid into their escape wing and started to change back to normal. "Damn it Carter what the hell?!" "Shayera what's wrong?" "You are you idiot what are you doing I thought we agreed that you would take it easy after your accident meaning no flying unless in a jet and no heroics." "I'm sorry Shay look I trust you I am trying to take it easy. I've been up for only two hours. And all I did hero wise was stop a drug dealer and a punch a purse snatcher. I'm sorry I know I was supposed to be resting but the Nth metal inside me felt like it was screaming almost. Shayera please let's not fight. Now come on Hawkman may have been flying around, but Carter got some fresh fruit and made you some oatmeal and bacon." Shayera took the bag of fruit and said "Fine Carter is free but Hawkman still need some since knocked in him." She walked away trying to stay angry. In the breakfast nook Shayera sat in silence refusing to talk to her fiancé the only sound made from the TV. On the television a news report about Hawkman had just came up which only enraged her even further. This lasted for seventeen minutes until Carter got fed up. "Okay Shay I thought you said that Carter was forgiven." "Carter, yes. Hawkman, no." "You can't stay angry me forever Shayera." "Number one Carter you and I both know that I can and number two I'm not angry I'm concerned. On second we are the forest ready to burn our wings when you lit your on fire with your armor it sprang to life and you were attacked by a giant bird made out of molten Nth metal. One second the man I love was cover in flames and liquid metal and then the armor and wings just appear on you and with no scratches. Carter with our lines of work BOTH lines of work we don't get lucky like that." "Shay we aren't tip toeing in lethally rigged tombs we fly around the world saving lives. if we ever get the kind of luck that I got that day I think it's safe to thank the gods and live tomorrow. Plus I never get worried because I have you to do that for me. You the reason I get to be so relaxed." Within seconds the situation change from an ugly lovers spat to the kind of romance seen you would only get in movies. "Damn you Carter, now I can't be mad angry with any more." Carter simply and kissed Shayera "Well then let's make up." They continued their kiss and make-up until a news alert caught both of their attention. [This just police have confirmed that this armed robbery is being condoned by members of the world organization known as Intergang. The authorities have stated that situation is highly dangerous and have asked for caution.]

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