Chapter 11 – Fear and his Master.

The dark, decrepit cave rumbled violently from the bellowing of a tenebrous entity, causing rubbles in the form of pebbles and soot to shower down in a dreary manner, dusting the still and humid air. But as though he was unaware of all the commotion that was happening around, the humanoid shadow walked indifferently in the midst of the turmoil.

The Voice boomed in sheer frustration, "Pitch… Why must you foil the plan that I have so perfectly weaved!"

There was a deadly silence, penetrated only by the swaying of the cages that hanged bleakly in mid-air, plaguing the lifeless pit with a symphony of creaks and shrills.

"Explain yourself. Or else..."

"Or else what?" Pitch chimed in, wearing a comical gaze as he stared at the empty space above him. "You'll drag me down once again, to the pit? Beneath the bed?"

Grits from the aged rocks rained down once again from the ceiling as the gloomy lair shuddered. The Voice was clearly aggravated by the Boogeyman.

Pitch's eyes held a glint of satisfaction, "Is that your answer? Threatening to drown me with gravels of my own home? How frightening…" He feigned a mocking shiver.

"Enough with the nonsense, Pitch! You sought to destroy the Guardians just as I did, but now you have attempted to stop me again," the Voice held a tone of resentment. "What exactly are you up to, Boogeyman?!"

"Oh, I simply saw no urgency in destroying those wimps just yet," he replied nonchalantly. "I want them to suffer for what they have done to me, what fun would it be if the Easter Bunny had simply just died…?" Pitch lied.

"Such complacency... And do not take me for a fool Pitch, I know what you are up to... You can't overthrow the very embodiment of fear with your little games. I am a form of higher power, nothing like the rest of you!" Voice jeered at him.

Waving at the air absent-minded, Pitch walked up the flight of stairs that led to his miniature Earth globe, hiding the fact that his words had been seen through. "Then, why can't you just leave me alone and carry on with your plans? The one with the higher power?" he sighed sarcastically as he observed the little lights that danced across the spherical globe.

The miserable clumps of golden lights slowly flickered off as a swirl of darkness began to engulf it. The Voice had no intention to play around with Pitch anymore. It growled, "Not until you agree to be absent in my future plans, Pitch."

Agitated, Pitch scoffed at it. "Humph, you overthrew my reign and now you expect me to step aside? Consider this a fair game Phobos."

The said name snarled, "Do not make me tip the balance, Boogeyman. We both know what I am capable of. Are you willing to put your precious source of power, in danger?"

Pitch winced from the threat, but his voice remained impassive. He knew that the tyrant had planned this from the very start, but there was nothing he could do to stop him. "Is that a challenge Phobos? Well then, do not blame me if one of your plans happens to slip again."

Cackling, the dark monstrosity mocked his feeble attempt to defend himself. "Children are beginning to think that you do not exist, Boogeyman. You are nothing to them. Soon, your control over me will be lost, and I will definitely devour you for all the years of slavery."

Eyes narrowed to slits, Pitch stared dangerously at the darkness that engulfed the globe. "Try harder Phobos. If you think you have the upper hand in this, think again!"

"I do not have to, Pitch. With the power I have harvested from the weakling, it will only be a matter of days before you submit to me. You have merely delayed the inevitable," a sinister laugh echoed as Phobos departed from the miserable lair.

The Earth globe flickered to life once again, rotating slowly on its own axis as the darkness slowly slithered away from every corner of the Boogeyman's home.

Pitch stood still for a moment in the silence; the cages lay dead, suspended above the ground. Furious, he cursed at the dazzling lights that were the cause of his defeat. Pesky children, he hated them so much, yet his power over fear was totally dependent on them. How ironic.

He had lost his control over fear. To his utter disgust, he has to depend on the Guardians to restore his former power. However, being taunted by his own power was far worse than frolicking with those clowns, and he had no other choice. If they cannot stop Phobos from being rampant, then no one else in the world could. The children of the world were at stake.

Pitch turned to gaze accusingly at the rocky ceiling as though he was looking at the Moon. "This is all your fault, old friend. You have put me into this world to protect your precious children from the uncontrolled fear that they felt. If only you had not stopped me with your new pets, this would not have happened!"

Still staring, his eyes sharpened with malice, "It was bad enough that you have forsaken me in my whole life and now, you have decided to stop me when I only want to be believed in again! Now fear runs rampant in the heart of every child and there will be no one around to be able to keep it at bay…"

Pacing around the landing, Pitch remembered the glorious days when he had total control over fear; every child believed in him in the dark ages. The children would not run astray from home when the sun was down and they would obey their parents for they were afraid that the Boogeyman will come after them from the dark if they disobeyed. All was perfect for him for he was believed in, they were afraid of him and in return, he kept them save.

But everything changed when the Sandman, the Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny were chosen. Children who were once frightened of the Boogeyman now basked in all the joy and happiness the Guardians provided them with, they forgot all about the fear that had helped them all to become more careful and independent in life. The fear that had once took care of them.

And to make things worse, the Man in the Moon had even chosen a child to be a new Guardian. Pitch's eyes flared at the very thought of Jack Frost, remembering his schemes to regain his rightful power that were laid waste by the child. The other Guardians were fools for they have not noticed it. Jack, like any other child, was a source for their strength. But his was a little different and Phobos knew about it. When Jack was chosen and was given great power, he still retained the essence of a child. It has made him special; his believe in the Guardians or even in Phobos would be as pure as the snow that he commands, equivalent to that of a few thousands if not more than those of the children of the world.

Pitch knew that he has scarcely any time left before his control over Phobos wanes completely. He needed to act quickly. The other Guardians must know of this and gain Jack's trust before fear takes over his heart once more.

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