the boy made of stars

ten is the age of innocence

thirteen is the age it ends.

so maybe it's fitting

that when you meet him,

you are newly double digits

and he is thisclose to be becoming a teenager.


his sisters tells you this

while he's sitting across the room

and you're playing dolls.

you smile at him and he

tells you

dolls are stupid.


now you wonder if that was a sign.


when you learn that maybe

people aren't all that great, you are

thirteen and awkward

and he is sixteen and all-knowing.

he's not mean anymore,

but maybe that was better than avoidance.

he kisses his girlfriend

while your heart slowly breaks

over nail polish and his sisters shoes.


he's back from college

and you're all grown up.

because you kiss boys and drink at parties and dance

with those two girls

who are so much easier to be around

now that their brother is gone.


when he sees you

with your long hair & smoky eyes,

he smiles.

and you feel sick,

because this is what it took for him to

notice you.


the first thing you ask him is

do you remember me

and his eyes are confused

and yours are rolling.


it's so like him to forget

the little girls' heart he broke.


you walk away

because, to you, he is no longer

the boy made of stars.

he's just a boy

with absolutely no shine at all.