The diary of Quartermaster Josef Videnski, Russian Army

1st June 2013

I can't believe I agreed to write this journal, but my wife has insisted. Katerina has always been the boss in our marriage. I remember her words as I picked up my kitbag from the front door and was about to leave our tiny Moscow apartment. She handed me this leather-bound notebook, my name in gold on the front, said to me that she wanted me to write in it every day, so,if anything happened ,she would have something to remember me by. Thinking back as I write this, it seemed a bit extreme! But I could hardly refuse. I know nothing about this latest posting, something so secret even our battalion commander doesn't know about it. All I know is that, whatever it is, I'll be there at least a month, and will have no contact of any sort from the outside world. To be honest it's kind of scaring me, and the rest of the men are feeling it too. Things in the world just aren't right at the moment, I remember on the news about how the United Nations was 'dissolved indefinitely' how the American ambassador said he would never make deals with an 'evil empire' like Russia. I don't know what this is, but whatever it is, seems units from all over are being mobilised. Our boys are out on the borders now, staring down the Chinese and NATO, daring them to step onto our soil. I just hope things can be resolved, go back to normal. Or things could get a lot worse…

A/N Just a quick note to any of you reading going over this story again I've been finding specific pieces of the Metro 2033 soundtrack that 'go' with each part ,at least I think ,if you want an extra level of depth to each section just search the music in brackets at the top of each chapter. Thanks for reading!