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A Strange New World

Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep,

"Ugh I really hate alarm clocks!" I mumbled as I got out of bed.

My name is Melissa Nicole Fisher and I lived in Florida for all of the 16 years of my life. I go to Fivay High School and I'm in my junior year.

As I was walking out of my room I almost tripped over my dog, Bandit. He is a white malamute and he is a bundle of energy. "Move it fur ball, "I laugh at him as he got up and wagged his tail.

I sat down and ate my breakfast. My mother walked in and kissed my forehead. "Good morning Melissa, ready for school soon?" I made a noise in my throat. "Not really but its Friday and 8:00 me and Payton are going to hang out tonight." My mother smiled, "I hope you two have fun."

Payton and I have been best friends since the very first day of Kindergarten. We pretty much grew up as sisters. Today we plan to go into this abandon house I found near our school so after we are going to walk there.

People at our school say that the abandon house is "haunted" so Payton and I, who are very into the paranormal, are going to see if this is true.

I took the last bite of my breakfast and went into my room to get ready for school.

15 minutes later I walked out of my room with a black t- shirt and jeans, I had my brown hair up in a bun and the bangs to the side. "I'm ready mother!" I yelled.

"Melissa!" I heard Payton yell as I was talking to my friends Amber, Lexi, and Andrew. "Hey Payton are you ready to go to that 'haunted house' tonight?" I asked Payton as she gave me a look. "Of course I am, are you kidding me?!" Andrew, Lexi and Amber looked at us with a concerned look. "You two are going in that abandoned house? You better be careful!" Andrew said with worried eyes. Lexi spoke up. "Yeah Johnny and Emily went into that house and now they are afraid of their own shadow!"

It was true about Johnny and Emily. Before they went into that house they where a very happy couple. Now they are so scared that they jump when ever you say their name, make a loud sound, or touch them on the shoulder. Whenever we ask them what happen in the house they have a nervous wreck and say something about voices and unseen forces touching you.

"We will be fine, trust me." I said as they relaxed a bit.

The bell to first hour rung and we all rolled our eyes and departed. I was sitting in journalism class as my friends Rose and Marlene come up to me and whispered, "Is it true that you and Payton are going to the abandoned house?" I sighed, since when did we become the while talk of the school. "Yeah we are" I said with a smile. The two gasped with scared faces. "Dude, they say that it's the most haunted house in Florida!" Rose said. "Yeah and that's why we want check it out." I said with a bit of annoyance. They looked at me with perplexed expressions.

Half of the day flew by fast, we where now at lunch. Andrew, Lexi, Amber and Payton where sitting down eating their lunch, I sat down next to Payton. We talked about how we will go into the house. "Okay we can go threw the back door, there isn't any lock. We will bring flashlights because the house won't have power." Payton nodded and the smiled. "I can't wait!"

Lunch was over and I was sitting in my English class. Johnny came up to me, he looked pale he is probably scared again. "Hey Johnny?" I said which came out as a question because he never talks to anyone but Emily. "Are you going in to that house?" He said with a scared voice. "Yeah I want to go in. I want to see what is inside with my own eyes." I said with a nod. "Don't. That house is Hell. If you go in it will change your life forever." I looked up at Johnny, his blue eyes filled with regret. "I'm guessing you're speaking from personal experience." I said looking at him sadly. Johnny swallowed, "Yes I am, it changed me and Emily's lives completely." I looked away from him and sighed. "I'm sorry." The bell rang and it was time to go to the next class.

The last bell rang and I was so happy! I saw Payton come by and I stopped to talk to her. "Hey, my dad is going to let me use the car so I'm going to pick you up at 7:40." Payton said. "Alright that's perfect then remember bring a flashlight and extra batteries." I said and Payton nodded.

I got home and started to do some of my Chemistry homework. Bandit was barking at me for a while and I looked at him with a frown. "What!" Bandit was wagging his tail as I looked at him with his dog leash in his mouth. "Oh, good, a perfect excuse for getting out of homework."

Bandit and I went on a long walk and when we came back it was dinner time. I sat down and ate the food. "How was your day at school?" my mother asked. "It was good, happy the week is finally over!" I said to her. She laughed. "Agreed…"

After I finished dinner I went to feed Bandit. I gave him Puppy Chow and put a treat on top. He ate happily and I laughed at him. My phone rang. I took it out and I had a text. It was Payton. "Be there in 5." Wow time flies.

I grabbed a flashlight and some money and waited until Payton was here.

A couple minutes later a car horn was heard from outside of my house. "Mom, I'm going out!" I yelled to my mom. "Alright be safe."

I ran out of the house and went into Payton's car, "Let's roll!"

We arrived at the abandon house and parked behind the house and we quietly locked the car. We looked up at the house it was creepy as hell! We grabbed our flash lights and moved to the door. I grabbed the door knob and with a little push, we where in. We walked in and almost immediately I felt a strong negative energy. "Whoa." I said as I held my head. Payton just looked at me. "Come on," she said. As we moved around we found what looks like a living room. We went to the fire place, which had so much dust all over it. All of the sudden we heard footsteps above us. We both looked at each other. "Did yo-." We both tried to say but stopped when something fell behind us from the shelf. I walked over to the object that fell and it was a picture frame. I went to pick it up and it was so cold! Then the back of my neck got really cold… I felt like something was breathing down my neck. "Stop that Payton!" I turned around and Payton was standing over the fireplace. "What?" I looked at her "Ah never mind, let move on."

We went in a bed room I felt like someone was watching us. We heard some knocking and banging noises and we couldn't help but feel a little scared. We calmed down quickly.

"If you are in this room with us, give us a sign." I spoke into the air. Then I saw something on the dresser. I walked over to it and it was a beautiful pendent and it had a gold chain. The gem in the pendent was red ruby. "Beautiful…." Payton said. Then we both heard a women scream. I dropped the pendent and I looked at Payton. Both of our faces were pale with fear.

Payton started to run but I caught her hand. "Payton wait! I know you're scared, I am too but please, one more room." Payton calmed down and we both drew a breath.

We waited a couple more minutes and then I said. "Come on lets look in the bathroom." Payton looked at me with fear, but then nodded.

We walked into the bathroom and I had a very bad feeling about it. We stood in front of the mirror and looked at our reflection. The mirror was cracked with a lot of smudge marks.

Then the room became cold, very cold. Payton laughed and it scared me as I looked at her. "This, Melissa is the dumbest idea we ever did." I laughed and smiled slightly. "Yeah…" For a couple seconds we stood there looking at our reflection.

Then there was a dark laugh that echoed through out the bathroom. We turned around. "Who's there!"I yelled with a scared tone. We both looked at each other. Then Payton's eyes went wide and pointed a finger behind me. I turned my head and screamed. There was a dark mist and in that dark mist was three evil looking red eyes.

I tried to run but I couldn't. The black mist was engulfing me! I looked at Payton and her eyes where full of tears and she was scared. "Melissa!" She screamed and shot her hang out so she could grab my hang but her hand went right threw mine! "Payton just run don't let it get you!" I yelled at Payton as the darkness was swallowing me. "No! Melis-"was the last thing I heard Payton scream as I was swallowed completely by the darkness.

I saw the three red evil eyes once again and a dark voice echoed with laughter. "Foolish human, you are a pathetic being!" Then I stared to fade into this darkness.