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When I came too, I was in what looks like a cage high in a tree. I couldn't even escape because I was so high up. I sat down, I didn't like this place, I don't like the screams, and it was scary. I was so confused; I want Dante to be here right now. I curled into a ball and cried. Suddenly I felt the cage lower itself. I looked up and saw Blood Eyes looking at me.

"Get up!" I did what he told me to do and he grabbed my hands and tied them. I yelped in pain when he moved my broken arm. "Follow me and you won't get hurt."He said coldly. I glared at him but followed him as he was taking me farther into the dark woods. I wanted to run away, but I knew I could never out run a devil.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked frighten.

Blood Eyes never looked at me. "The Master wants to see you right now."

I kept walking, not speaking another word. As we were walking, the screams where coming from people who were being tortured by the demons. I stopped and stared in horror, and wondered if that was going to be me. "Keep walking!" He pushed me and I stumbled forward a bit. I looked away from the tortured souls and continued walking.

As we walked out of the forest, I saw a big, dark, scary mansion behind a tall black gate. Blood Eyes push the gate open for us to walk in. Demon dogs where snarling at me, foaming at the mouth and looked like they wanted to attack me.

"Shut up, you damn Hell Hounds!" Blood Eyes yelled. They backed away, but never keeping their eyes off me. We walked in to the doors of the mansion and right away, I could feel a very strong presence. It must be Mundus. "Walk!" Blood Eyes pushed me through the door and I quickly picked up pace. We walked up the stairs, and at the top had two ways to go, left or right. Blood Eyes walked right. We walked down the long hallway until we stopped by a tall door. Blood Eye's pulled the door open and as we walked in, there was a spiral staircase that went up a lot of stories.

"You got to be kidding me, right?" I looked at Blood Eye's with a disbelieving expression. "How in the world do you think I can climb all those stairs?"

I could hear Blood Eye's growl deep in his throat. "I forgot humans are this weak…" I glared at his response but was surprised when he grabbed my waist and fling me over his shoulder.

"Hey, put me down!" I punched his back as I complained.

"Shut up and stop moving, or I will drop you on your head!" Blood Eye's growled. I stopped quickly, not wanting to get even more hurt.

It seemed like hours when we reached the top of the stairs and reached an even larger door. Blood Eye's put me down on opened the door. As he opened it, I could feel the most powerful energy hit me and I was paralyzed with fear.

"Get moving!" Blood Eye's pulled me towards the door and pushed me inside. When I got inside, I was facing a three eyed statue with angelic wings. I was facing Mundus, lucky me…

"Lord Mundus, this is the human you commanded me to capture." Blood Eye's said as he bowed down on knee.

"Good, my human spawn…" Mundus said as if he was smiling. "Step forward, child." I didn't know why but I stepped forward to Mundus just as he commanded. "You are under my command now, you will obey me." A bright light appeared over my body, I had to close my eyes. When I opened them, I saw I was wearing dark demonic armor. I felt weight on my back so I turned my head to look over and I had a large sword on my back. I didn't feel any pain in my broken arm so I started to move it and was surprised to see it didn't hurt one bit. It felt like sparks where going through my veins, I feel stronger than ever before.

I looked at Mundus, very frighten at this point. "What did you do to me?"

"I gave you power a normal human would love to posses." Mundus said. "You belong to me now, child."

"I don't belong to anyone, especially someone like you!" I yelled at Mundus and started running out of the room. I could see Blood Eyes running after me.

"Stand your ground General; let's see how this plays out…"

"Yes Master…" Blood Eye's stopped and let me run out of the room.

I ran out the room and started running down the stairs. I had to get away and somehow get back to Dante!

Dante's P.O.V.

I slowly opened my eyes and found myself back in Hell. I got up and looked around for any demons. It was all clear so I walked on, looking for Melissa. I heard the screams grow louder so I hid behind a tree and looked to see what it was.

"Shit…" I gasped. Demons where torturing souls, ripping them apart and hitting them with sharp whips, the damn demons where enjoying it! I clenched my teeth, trying to control my anger. The only good thing was Melissa wasn't being tortured. I looked to my right and saw Mundus's mansion. "She must be in there." I mumbled to no one in particular.

I stayed hidden behind the trees and made my way up to the mansion's gates. I pushed it and was surprised to see it open without any alarms going off. "You would think the Prince of Darkness would have a better security system…" I walked in, closing the gate behind me. I took two steps and then I was surrounded by Hell Hounds. "I take that back…"

I took out Rebellion and swung down on the first Hell Hound that attacked me. I put it back on my back and did a back flip in the air, taking Ebony and Ivory out and shooting many of the demons. I landed and shot more on the ground. More and more Hell Hounds appeared and I was starting to get bored and I need to find Melissa fast. I quickly ran to the front doors of the mansion and ran in. A Hell Hound tried getting in, using its head to push the door open so I quickly shut the door on its head, causing its head to fall on the ground. "Well that works too…" I said looking at the head dissolving into the ground.

Now inside Mundus's mansion, I was determined to get Melissa out of here. Mundus better have not of harmed her if he did, I will make sure he is dead. As I was claiming up the dirty front stairs of the dark castle, I heard someone running down them. I stood there frozen on who I saw...

"Dante, you came!" Melissa cried and ran to hug me. I was too shocked to see her, did she escape? That's when I realized Melissa was wearing dark armor and a sword on her back.

I frowned; it remained me of Nelo Angelo... "Melissa, what's with the armor?"

She looked up at me, still holding on to me. "Mundus wants to use me as his human spawn, so I escaped! Dante, the demons are after me!"

I growled. "Okay, I'm going to get you out of here! Stay behind me!" I turned around and started walking out of the castle until I heard something rush at me from behind.

I turned fast to block whatever blow that was about to come. I was surprised to see Melissa, with her blue eyes glowing and a dark cloud surrounding her body. Her sword was against mine.

"Melissa, what the hell has gotten into you?!" I shouted. Melissa glared at me and stepped back, positioning herself to perform another attack. "Melissa, I don't want to do this..." I said getting into the same position. Melissa rushed and swung her sword at me. I dodged and moved to my left, kicking at her legs in the process. She stumbled but did a roll on the ground and picked herself up, recovering fast. She spun around and charged at me again. I jumped out of the way as she swung her sword near my neck. That was damn close... "Melissa, get a hold of yourself!"

As her response, she ran at me and unleashed a series of sword attacks. I blocked each attack, trying not to hurt her, but I would have to defend myself. I kicked her in the stomach and she few back a couple yards, but landed on her feet gracefully.

"Melissa..." I said feeling guilty. She disappeared before my eyes. "What?!" I looked around confused and let my guard down. Which was a big mistake...Melissa appeared right front of me and I had no time to react as she impaled the sword into my chest. I grab her hand that was on the sword.

"Melissa, wake up! I know you are in there!" I choked out, blood dripping down the corner of my mouth. Something flashed through her eyes as she stepped back, startled, and drew her hand back. I took the sword out of my chest slowly, kneeling on the ground panting painfully.

As she had her hands to her head, the dark cloud around her body dissipated and her eyes went back to normal. She stared at the wound she gave me and her eyes began to water. "Dante? I-I'm so sorry!" Melissa choked, tears streaming down her face. "I-I didn't mean t-"

I cut her off by holding her in a tight embrace. "It's alright kiddo, you had no control over your body." I rubbed her head as she cried into my shoulder. "And besides, I'm still in one piece." I said trying to make her laugh, which didn't work because her shoulders shook and cried more.

For a couple seconds I let her cry it out, it was probably a very scary experience for her. As her sobbing subsided she pulled away, wiping her tears.

"Hey, are you alright? I didn't hurt you to bad, did I?" I asked, remembering I kicked her pretty hard. She shook her head no.

I had to think of something that would make her laugh. "You know, you cry a lot!" I said sarcastically.

This seemed to work because she smiled. "Shut up!" She laughed but was still choked up. "I was really worried because I hurt you!"

"Yeah, yeah. It's because you're human!" I laughed.

She stopped crying and smiled more. "Whatever! It's not like you cried before!"

"Nope, I never did!" I lied.

"Yeah whatever!" She gave me a disbelieving look.

"Devils never cry." I said.

She smiled. "Yeah, sure."

I rolled my eyes. "Come on, let's get going." I picked up her sword and handed it to her.

"Are you crazy? I just attacked you with it!" Melissa said surprisingly.

"You will need it for know." I put the handle in her hand.

"What if I lose control again?" She asked.

"Don't worry about that right now." I finished. She sighed loudly and put the sword on her back.

We walked over the castle door only to find out it was locked.

"That's just great!" I exclaimed angrily.

It's rude to leave without saying hello, Son of Sparta. A mocking voice echoed throughout the castle.

"Mundus!" I growled slamming my fist on the door. In the corner of my eyes I saw Melissa shake at the voice. The voice laughed. The only way out is through Mundus.

"Melissa, we have to go up and face Mundus, do you think you can?" I asked.

Melissa looked hesitant. "Yes."

I nodded. "This time I promise, nothing bad is going to happen."

Melissa nodded in understanding. We both stared to walk up through the castle, and defeat Mundus.

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