Ajax and Odysseus stood in front of each other, both stripped of their arms and armours, fiercely gazing into each other´s eyes as hungry wild wolves snarling over a dead carcass in the depths of a gelid winter night. The men gathered in a circle around the two great warriors, shouting and howling in such a thunderous roar that the gods themselves could not but be drawn down from Mount Olympus to the trojan arena and mingle with the audience of the magnificent combat over the arms of dead Achilles, between two of the finest greek heroes.

Even Zeus breathing was paused by the anticipating moments of the fight. For a second, the whole world froze as a maiden carrying fresh water from a fountain that gets surprised by the sight of an enormous lion - the wind stopped blowing, the aegean sea stood still, eagles soaring in the sky suspended their flight, even the crowd of deadly soldiers suddenly stopped screaming. Odysseus´ and Ajax´ muscles were as tense as the string of a powerful bow pushed back by heavenly hands. Their minds were set in nothing more than defeating the opponent thus gaining the honor to possess the arms of mighty Achilles.

When Agamemnon made the signal for the fight to start, the world resumed - the wind blew again, the waves broke on the beach, the eagles flew even higher, and the soldiers burst into a frenzy. Ajax, stronger than Odysseus, and a better warrior, jumped on his opponent, set he was to quickly end the quarrel. But the king of Ithaca, the one of many resources, jumped to the floor and, laid on his back, used his legs as a catapult to throw Ajax´s body out of the fighting circle! The fight was over, won by Odysseus and his slick tricks!

And so, full of wit, Odysseus turned to the audience and said, loud and clear, after winning Achilles´ arms:

- "Among all the great greek warriors conquerors of Troy, will one of you, just one of you, defy me to battle for the great Achilles´ legs?"