How He Got There

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Ryuk wasn't one for gambling or napping. Gambling was for humans, who actually had something to lose. It wasn't very logical for a Shinigami to play those games, the wagers being nothing more than a stolen gem or a severed bone. Napping was also for humans, who actually needed to sleep. Sleep, for a Shinigami, wasn't something needed at all; merely a coping mechanism so the gods of death wouldn't have to see the desolate existence they now endured. Ryuk spent his days roaming the confines of the Shinigami Realm, playing aimless pranks on the Shinigami who had a lesser intellectual capacity than himself. Some days, he also just sat near the bony remains of some long-lost creature and stared into the human world, longing for some entertainment.

"Ryuk," said Sidoh. Ryuk looked away from the Death Note. Sidoh wasn't very intelligent. Just a few days ago, while Ryuk was insufferably bored, he decided to pull a prank on the unsuspecting Sidoh. Ryuk knew he was crossing the line, but what trouble would come to him? The Shinigami King didn't care anymore. Sure, tricking the old man had been no easy feat, but he had done it, hadn't he? So, Ryuk had stolen Sidon's Note, having big plans for it. "Why are you writing names in your Death Note? Your lifespan can't be that low. Lighten up." Sidoh walked away. Snickering, Ryuk continued to write names in the Death Note, Sidoh's to be exact. What a dimwit.

Making sure nobody was around, Ryuk threw Sidoh's down into the human world, after carefully ripping the used pages out and writing in a few rules. This was sure to be entertaining. Ryuk hoped that the person who picked the Death Note up would go kill crazy at the very least. Maybe even a child… Ryuk laughed. This would be an experience unlike anything else.

After five days had passed, Ryuk could not wait any longer. He stood up from his seat on a pile of bones. "Ngh." He said, stretching his limbs out. Today was the day, he thought to himself as he began the walk to the stairway between the worlds. "Hey, Ryuk, wanna play Skulls?" Zellogi asked. Ryuk stopped for a moment, but didn't look around.

"No." Ryuk said, and he began his walk once again.

"Hey, it's a barren wasteland wherever you go." said Zellogi.

"I dropped my Death Note." Ryuk said, not pausing his walk this time.


"The human world." Ryuk said, walking down the stairs and opening his wings to fly down into the door of humanity. It was far from a pleasant trip, the way there full of shadows and malevolence. The trip itself took about ten units of Shinigami time, about an hour in the human world. Nobody knew where the Shinigami world was in relation to the human world, but it couldn't exactly be just a hop, skip, and a jump. Time was a rather…vague thing for the Shinigami. When one lives, well, potentially forever as long as humans carry on, time passes rather quickly. The voyage could have taken a year and it would have been all the same to Ryuk.

Once he arrived, tracking the notebook down was another thing. Finding it took nearly three hours. The door to humanity had left him in the country, Japan, and the region, Kanto, which is one of the most heavily populated places in the human world. But a Shinigami always knows where his Note is. Again, another vague thing of the Shinigami species. They had an attachment, per se, to any note that he had held in their hands. However, only Shinigami who had the mental capacity enough to use this ability could. So, in theory, Sidoh couldn't. Nonetheless, Ryuk knew that someday, Sidoh would come looking for his Note. "Hopefully, I'll have my fun first." Ryuk said as he flew into Light Yagami's window.

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