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... and Now, Again

Lucius had fallen into a light state of sleep, but then roused himself to wake, not knowing the time and feeling discomposed. He blinked, reminded of where he was... In the Potters' back parlour...

He still held the photo in his hand. As Lucius recollected his past 'sins', his past atrocities, he dwelt on how it would be years later, himself broken and existing in a living nightmare, that he would witness the death of Charity Burbage by the wand of the Dark Lord and then be forced to watch Voldemort's loathsome familiar, Nagini, devour the corpse, swallowing it section by section.

It was to Lucius' credit that a single tear rolled down his wretched cheek in remorse for so many abominable things which he had done as a Death Eater—Charity being one of the most abhorrent among them.

His sullen reflections of times gone by was interrupted as he heard the melodious tone of Ginevra Potter's voice teasing him. "Here you are, hiding from me, you naughty man!"

Lucius didn't respond, so she explained, "Sorry, I took so long, but I had to wait until the few darlings sleeping over were deep in sleep; after all, it's after midnight—" She stopped in her tracks, seeing his dour demeanour, and asked in a worried tone, "What's the matter? What has happened?"

Lucius still spoke nothing but remained staring at the photo intensely.

Ginny walked over and took the picture frame from him, and assuming she'd detected the cause of his serious mood, she said, "Ah, Professor Snape... You were his friend; a true friend, were you not?"

He blinked the memory of Charity away, far away, as he had done so many times before.

Hoarsely, he uttered, "For many years, Snape considered me one. I tried to be... a friend as much as one could be under the circumstances we were all under..."

Lucius rose and, giving Ginny a decisive look, crossed to exit the room. At the feminine touch to his arm, halting him, he turned around and faced her.

Ginny watched as his hardened look slowly softened as they held each other's gaze.

"You're leaving? What's wrong? What's the matter?"

Giving her an odd look, evidently in turmoil with himself, he finally answered, "So much, my dear. So much."

"I thought... I thought you were enjoying yourself?"

At her pained look, he offered, "More than I deserve, my lovely, incredible Ginevra".

The witch lowered her head, and Lucius cupped her chin, lifting it to see that tears had filled her gentle, sad eyes. His nostrils flared with an intense emotion and, making a decision, he guided her to the plush sofa, sitting down beside her. He took one of her hands and raised a brow in speculation at the incongruous situation he now found himself to be in.

"As you well know, I'm a vile man, Ginevra. Ruthless, cold blooded, selfish, and self-serving. I have done many, many unspeakable things in my past..." Lucius could not speak for several seconds, and instead, he gently rubbed the witch's hand held warmly in his. Taking a deep breath, he continued, "Even though Azkaban and Aurors have mollified my behaviour on some levels, my innate inclinations are still to be cruel, inflict pain. I do try to keep my sadistic tendencies under control, but my past is always here," he touched his chest, "a part of me."

The witch started to protest, but Lucius pressed his point. "Let's end this delectable little game of yours before you get hurt further; I hope the pleasure you've given me and I've expressed to you has been mutual. For my part, you have been an undeserving wizard's dream." He brought her hand up and kissed her palm slowly, succulently. Placing her hand back down, he quietly announced, "But now I must go before I harm you more."

"Harm me? You harmed me when I was an eleven-year old girl!"

It was as if she had slapped him in the face; Lucius froze, not knowing how he could ever further make amends, help her distance herself from the past, a past he was so intertwined with.

He flinched as he felt her gently touch his face and say, "I'm not a little girl anymore, Lucius."

He huffed. "No. No, you're not... but your pain is still well and alive."

"It is not my pain, Lucius, it is my darkness. My guilt. I spoke of it earlier."

Lucius raised a speculative brow, curious about her dubious confession.

Ginevra's demeanour was not accusatory but sultry and needy as she continued, "Tom Riddle not only was my confidante, not only did he seduce me with his malicious charm, but even after the diary, even after the Horcrux was destroyed, the desires he had awakened in me... still remained. They were of you. I didn't know at that time, nor you, but Voldemort knew—he knew whose hand had cared for and carried that part of his soul around and whose hand his soul was then passed onto—he knew it was you, Lucius. You and I."

Lucius' muscles tightened throughout his body in keen expectation as Ginny's intimate, dark secrets were being divulged.

"After I had poured my heart out about my childhood crush on Harry, in the middle of the dark nights, Tom Riddle would send me images of other wizards and witches doing acts of carnal passion, things I couldn't understand at that time, but which awakened confusing needs within me. After the diary was destroyed, there was one person's presence which continued to haunt me in the middle of lonely nights—yours.

"The desire for you has never disappeared. Dreams and images of you have continued throughout my whole life: not cruel but demanding ones," she kissed him passionately, "sexually demanding ones, and yet, so needy on both of our parts. You needed me in them... as someone who knew what it was to be possessed by darkness, by Voldemort, yearning for power... and as an equal, sexually."

The words of Charity, so long ago, echoed in his mind: Sexual power between a witch and wizard is to be shared, enjoyed equally, not one taking utterly from the other...

Lucius' burning gaze bore through her as he asked in a strained voice, "Who else have you told this to? Your husband? Who else knows?"

"No one knows," she confessed, smiling shyly. "Harry has definitely benefited from my lack of inhibition in the bedroom, as I have a deep, dark force which surges, needy, yearning for fulfillment... And tonight, when you appeared on my doorstep, I felt the surge, as if we were in one of my dreams. But you're real, aren't you?" She caressed his hardened cock between his legs. "Flesh and blood. I couldn't resist. I thought that if I indulged myself with you, the need would go away. But it hasn't and it won't. It wasn't a cruel man of my childhood past; it was a redemptive man fufilling my desires: you're the lover of my dark dreams."

The blond wizard stared hard at the witch. He was at a crossroads, conflicted, and attempted one last time to persuade her, as well as himself, the reality of who he truly was.

"There is a grave difference between a lover, my dear, and someone who will fuck you just to relieve himself," replied Lucius darkly. "When your fancy isn't controlling you, need I remind you that you're a young mother and wife," he grabbed her hand to halt her skilful fingers stroking his tenting cock and uttered in a low voice, "and I—I am diabolical, Ginevra. Truly despicable. If you only knew... Beyond redemption, I'm afraid. I would bed you all night, my dear, and then tomorrow barely acknowledge you—do you understand what I'm saying? I have no qualms about using you; it's my specialty, always has been."

"Perhaps before, you would've. But that was then, and this," she slowly straddled him, "is now. A man beyond redemption could not say what you've just said. Not admit his weaknesses."

"They are more than weaknesses—they are real deeds of vileness and evilness which I will not," his voice hitched as he felt her rubbing her hot sex against his erection, "drag you further down into. I'm not what you wish me to be."

"You're everything I need you to be. Do you truly believe this is evil?" She kissed his lips softly. "If it is, so be it. I have a darkness within me, Lucius. A darkness that only you can tame."

He attempted to banter reason into her; however, the will to do so faded quickly, replaced by an urgent need to ravish her. Still, as they began to slowly dry fuck each other, he heard himself utter, "Your darkness came about from external stimuli; my darkness is innate."

"Does that really matter," she took his hand and led it under her skirt to her heat and wetness, "when the result is this?"

His eyelids fluttered, and he moaned in a quiet voice,"Ginevra—"

"Silly wizard, don't you know you can have your cake and eat it too?" Raising up on her knees, his hand had latched on firmly to her hot cunt. She ground her wet folds into his cupped hand as she ever-so-slowly unbuttoned his trousers to release his tented cock. "Help me, Lucius. Be my friend. Help me replace the dreams with reality." She whispered hotly in his ear. "Save me. Fuck me."

Lucius growled as her tongue flicked the inside of his ear and she urged, "Let me fuck you."

Simultaneously lunging, Lucius fell backwards with the Gryffindor lioness on top of him; they both began to madly pull and tug, the sound of ripping cloth was heard, each other's clothes flying off here and there until Lucius could feel the indescribable feminine contour and touch of Ginny, nude and fiery on top of him. Hissing as he felt the heat of her sex over his groin, he ran his hands over her ample breasts and through her luscious mane as she writhed over his torso. Pulling her head down, he tongued her deeply as he felt her fingernails digging into his sides and then grasping onto his ribcage to push herself up, tightly straddling him.

The witch has gone wild! He groaned in urgency as he felt Ginny take his cock and place it at her opening. They both paused, panting, until Ginny slowly lowered herself on his pulsating erection, crying out in pleasure as she sheathed herself on his hot thickness. They grabbed and intertwined each other's fingers, and Lucius gasped in between her rhythmic rocking up and down on his rod and grunted out, "I want to watch you—see you pleasure yourself—watch you come—" He stopped, huffing and groaning loudly as she began to rock him, bobbing up and down, harder and faster.

Concentrating to watch her through his half-closed lids, he grabbed her hips and squeezed tightly; Ginny cried out in pain and ecstasy. She leaned back like the acrobatic Quidditch athlete she was, still bobbing on his cock in a more franticly increasing pace, and then threw her torso forward, grabbing onto Lucius' shoulders, and began fucking his cock harder, gripping it in a steel bind, and writhed and fucked Lucius in circular motions, man style.

Ginny's thrusting stopped and started, trying to work through the smarting, exquisite pain growing as her swelling clitoris was being pressed and stimulated with the increasing friction and pressure of slamming and ramming against Lucius. Each gripped the other tightly as they fucked, pushed and pulled their bodies together in a wild animalistic frenzy, sliding on and around the now slippery sofa's surface, each holding onto each other for dear life. Feeling an overwhelming rush in his ears, Lucius balls tightened up, and he spent himself in her tight cunt, exploding inside of Ginny; she was in such exquisite frenzy, feeling his seed deep inside her, and she let herself deliriously pound against him, still holding his ejaculated sex within her until, crying out, her waves of rapture peaking, climaxing.

Lucius watched his Ginevra coming, her exquisite expression of pain and ecstasy.

He knew then that he would move heaven and hell to see that expression on her face, again and again and again but, more importantly, that he would be the cause of it.


They lay in each other's arms, stroking each other, half-asleep at times, dozing on and off in post-coital bliss, until the air changed and both knew that dawn had arrived as they watched the early-morning sunlight stream into the parlour.

Ginny gave Lucius a lazy, wet kiss, and then slowly shifted to raise herself up and away from him. "I must go and be ready for when the children start getting up..."

"They'll sleep to noon. They can wait," replied Lucius caustically. Suddenly, Ginny found herself flipped on her back and a very awake, morning-erection-at-full-attention, Lucius pinning her down.

"Remember? My innate nature is to selfishly take what I want,"his voice grew thick with need, "And before I have to share you with the world again..." His voice drifted off as he pushed and slipped his cock into her lush wetness again. Slowly, Lucius, slowly... he instructed himself; he wanted to savour every second inside of his Ginevra. Mustering every ounce of his willpower, he paced himself, pulling out and thrusting back into her welcoming cunt deeper and deeper, as evenly and rhythmically as he could control.

Neither spoke a word; only their lubricious hushed moans between their lips were heard as Lucius sped up his thrusting downward, discovering and pummeling an electrical spot in her inner core, until Ginny trembled beneath him, out of control. It was only then, when he saw once again her exquisite expression of satiated desire caused by him did he allow himself to spill his seed deep within her.


Seeing the elder and youngest Malfoy to the front door, Ginny said, "It was lovely having Scorpius stay over, Mr Malfoy. And, it was also lovely having you for lunch; so glad that you came to pick up Scorpius early enough to dine with us."

"Too early," complained the younger Malfoy, disgruntled.

Ginny smiled and then suddenly remembered something. Non-verbally Accio'ing a wrapped package, she handed it over to Scorpius. "Here's a little leftover birthday cake for you and your grandfather to take home and have later."

She raised her eyes to Lucius and innocently asked, "You did like the cake, didn't you?"

Lucius eyes gleamed as he replied, "Delicious. The icing was, in particular, exceptionally succulent."

"Succulent?" asked Scorpius, scrunching his face in confusion.

"Luscious," replied Lucius, remembering with a wry smile how luscious indeed Ginny's sex was.

"Luscious? How can cake be succulent and luscious, Grandpere?" demanded the young wizard, his face turning red, flustered by his grandfather's misuse of words. "You can't mean that—you meant it was good, yes?"

"Yes, Scorpius, I meant that the cake was divinely good."

"Then, just say that next time!" He rolled his eyes at Lucius and huffed at his grandfather's capriciousness.

Trying to not giggle at the trademark haughty impatience in the little Malfoy, Ginny's eyes twinkled at Lucius as she said, "Well, thank you very much, Mr Malfoy."

"'Lucius', remember, Ginevra?" They gazed at each other knowingly. Lucius raised her hand to his lips and chastely pecked it.

Scorpius blinked and then smiled broadly. "So you and Rose's aunt are good friends, now?"

"Yes, Scorpius, we are indeed friends," affirmed his grandfather.

As Lucius stepped outside the threshold with Scorpius to Side-Along-Apparate with him, Ginny impulsively offered, "You'll both have to come over again!"

"Only if Rose is here," blurted out the youngest Malfoy, not thinking before he spoke. Then, Scorpius explained, "I mean, Albus is great, but it'd be nice if Rose could also play with us?"

Ginny raised an eyebrow and, giving a fleeting glance to Lucius, she replied to his grandson, "That can easily be arranged. Rose is quite fond of your company, Scorpius." The youngest Malfoy beamed.

"She tells me you're quite skilled with a broomstick and brilliant in Potions."

"Not as much as Rose is... She's wonderful," the smitten little blond wizard confessed impulsively.

Lucius cleared his throat to cover his grandson's confession. "Well, it runs in the family, Scorpius. Weasley witches are extraordinary."

"So then, it's a date," teased Ginny demurely.

Lucius raised an eyebrow, amused. "Absolutely, without a doubt in my mind, Ginevra. I propose we make it a regular function for our families to get together."

Thoughtfully, he proposed, "Would every now and then be acceptable for you? We can owl each other when it's convenient."

"Every now and then would be lovely, Lucius. It'll keep me from having troublesome dreams."

"We can't have that, can we?" Lucius purred, "Very well, every now and then, it is."

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