A/N: Welcome to my first fluff-filled oneshot between Sebastian and Ciel! Yay!

Ciel, the Earl of Phantomhive. Yes, that's who I am. I sigh softly, curling up under my sheets. No one would guess- no one would know. I'm Ciel Phantomhive, and I'm in love with my butler. I don't know if he loves me back- he might just see me as anohter source of food. I curl up tighter, gritting my teeth as the thunderstorm rages out side. Perhaps I'll stand on the balcony and let myself get struck by lightning. Or maybe I'll jump off. It doesnt matter, really. Sebastian would save me. But why? Afraid of his food slipping away or afraid of his love leaving him behind?

I clung to my comforter, fighting back tears. I hate this. I hate him, I hate myself. I wish that all this pain would leave me alone, but that will never happen. I hide under covers, trembling, unsuccesfully pushing back tears. I sob as let the tears roll down my cheeks. Tears stream down my face and I clench my jaw harder, listening to the thunder bang, feeling the vibrations in my chest. Sebastian, why?! I let out a chocked sob, unable to hide my emotions any longer. The sobs rack my whole being, draining my of my own strength. I love Sebastian- that I've come to terms with. How I manage to fall over myself for him time and time again is still a mystery.

I jump when I hear my bedroom door click open. I poke my head out from under the top of the covers as part of the bed sinks down. My eyes catch sight of my butler, looking down at me with a smile. A smile. Not a smirk. I tremble, whispering, "S-Sebastian?" He sets the candles on the bed stand beside my bed, "Yes, my lord?" I crawl out from under the covers and say softly, my voice still full of sorrow, "Why are you here?" Suddenly, his gloved is on my shoulder, "I-I could hear you sobbing as I came to check on you." I look up at him, my eyes wide and hiding my secret. Did Sebastian just stutter? I manage to find my voice, "I-I just..." His hand is suddenly joined by his other one, pulling my into his lap, "What's wrong, my little master?"

I blush deeply, my head on his chest, my heart pounding, "Sebastian! What is the meaning of this?!" Could it be...? Sebastian's arms wrap around my waist, "I'm sorry, my lord, but I thought you wanted this?" I tremble again, a new set of tears rolling down my cheeks. Wave after wave after wave. Each time his 'heart' beats against my ear, another wave of loss envlopes me. He holds me closer, resting his chin on the top of my head, "There is no need to cry, Bocchan. I am here for you, no matter what." Even if I tell you? Will you stay- return my feelings and keep me as yours for all eternity? I feel him gently kiss the top of my head, "Tell me, what has you this upset?"

Should I tell him? I shake my head, not saying anything, buring my face deeper into his chest. No, I won't tell him. I'll just get pushed aside. It's like a delictable cake suddenly sprouting a mouth and crying out it's love the one who was going to eat it. Creepy. He tilts my head up with his index finger, "Won't you tell me, Bocchan?" I take a deep breath, looking up at him, "Even if I tell you, you will not leave me?" He smiles again, "Of course not, my lord."

Here goes everything. What else do I have to lose? Nothing.

"I love you, Sebastian."

Silence. I'm met with silence. A deafening silence. I messed up. I messed up big time. Then Sebastian is holding me tighter and his lips are meeting mine. So struck with shock, I can't help but freeze. Sebastian doesn't seem to mind, though. He kisses softly, his hand cupping my chin. I slowly melt into his delicate embrace. The thunder cracks in the air, making me tremble and press closer to my butler now lover. He slowly pulls away from me, his voice warm and true,

"I love you, too, Ciel."