my name is ziella williams but i hate my name so everyone calls me zion. i have lived in california until my mother got a promotion and we had to move to new york. we walk into our new apartment building and a cute little girl walks up to me. "do you live here. i've never seen you around here." she asked me. "i'm zion. i'm new here." "you're new! i'm zuri. do you wanna go to the park?" "sure." "okay. let's go!" we ran out the door and kept running for a few blocks. "zuri! i've been looking all over for you!" a red head girl yelled at zuri. "sorry. i went back to the apartments. this is zion." zuri said. "oh hi. i'm jessie. zuri's nanny." the red head said. "he has some nice moves." i commented on a kid dancing nearby. "that's luke." a indian boy said walking up to us. "and sadly he is our brother." a really pretty blonde girl said. "you were talking about me i suppose." the dancer said coming up to us. "this is zion." jessie said. "i'm luke." freckle - face said. "i'm emma" the pretty blonde said. "and i'm ravi." the indian boy. "so you guys have different parents." i asked. "we are all adopted. except for me." emma said. "so... where you from cutie?" luke asked me. "luke. do not call people cutie." jessie said. "it's fine.i'm from california." i said. "that's so awesome." emma said. "come on guys. let's go home." jessie says.