we all ran back to our building. emma, ravi, zuri, jessie, and i ran into the elevator. we went up before luke got in. we were laughing all the way up. when we got to their penthouse, my mouth dropped. it was so amazing. all the sudden, luke came running from the stairs looking like he was about to die. "you suck zion." "thanks, i'll get you some water." "thanks. i'll come with you." "but the kitchen's right-" "just shut up and let me go to MY kitchen with you." i rolled my eyes and walked to the kitchen with luke. "where's the cups?" i asked luke. "right here." he said handing me a cup. "thanks." i said grabbing the cup and filling it with water. "you're the best." luke said sarcasiticlly and taking the cup from me. we both started to laugh. "i think i need to go back to my apartment." "can't you just stay for a little longer?" luke said coming closer and grabbing my waist. i started playing with his hair and said "well maybe i can stay for a little bit longer." seductivley. "you know i'm really turned on right now." luke said coming in for a kiss. i put my finger to his lips and "nu uh." "bu- but why?" luke said with a sad face. "just... because." i said coming closer making our lips almost touching. then jessie came in. "what the hell are you two doing?" she asked with her eyebrow up. "umm... nothing?" i said pulling away from luke. i really hated jessie right now. "i think i better get going." i said walking out. luke wrapped his arms around my waist and said "you aren't going anywhere."