Toadette and Vanellope Von Schweetz continued chatting amongst each other as Vanellope was explaining the world of Sugar Rush to Toadette, who was in awe as she sat down on one of the plush bushes. Vanellope was standing up, posing vividly as she was helping describe the whole picture further.

"Wow. So this whole land of sugar you described... it's your sweet home, huh?" Toadette asked as she held her hands down on her pink dress, "And this is a video game, let alone an arcade game, right?"

Vanellope nodded as she placed her hands in her pouch, smirking. "You bet your mushroom, bucko!" She stuck out her tongue as she moved her hips back and forth. "Now, can you tell me what is this place, and where did you come from?"

Toadette placed her hands on her hips as she stood on her feet. "Well, I don't remember where I was born, but I mostly live here! And this is the Mushroom Gorge!' She tossed her arms in the air, reveling in the nice cool breeze as she turned around, revealing the grassland to Vanellope. "This place isn't as sugary as you described, but there's a lot of grass here! And plenty of mushrooms!" She pointed at the gorge they were next two, which had two bouncy red mushrooms and one lone, non bouncy green mushroom in the middle.

Vanellope whistled as she turned back to Toadette. "Wow. I guess that describes why you look so much like a mushroom!" She then tilted her head to the right as she asked, "Now, can you tell me what video game this is, and for what arcade cabinet?"

Toadette chuckled sheepishly as she touched her fingertips together. "Well, actually, this isn't for the arcade at all..."