Author's Note:

I may be insane for attempting this, but here's my contribution to the 2012 December Calendar Challenge of Awesomeness! Hades Lord of the Dead is being completely amazing and organizing this for those of us in the Sherlock Holmes fandom.

We will be given a prompt assigned by one of the other authors participating in the challenge every day in December and it will be our task to write something based on it. With some luck, this will (hopefully) be updated daily for your reading pleasure!

Without further ado, here's December 1st's prompt assigned by Rockztar: "Watson is moving out of 221B, write a 221B about this"

[A 221B is a oneshot that is exactly 221 words and the last word begins with the letter B.]


As if it wasn't bad enough that he was moving out of 221B, he had to pack up all of his things and get them ready to be moved to the new house. Unfortunately, that meant that he would have to find his belongings before he would be able to pack them. He stared at the front room that he shared with Holmes with a feeling of dismay. As typical as ever, Holmes had felt no need to clean up after himself and the flat was in shambles; Watson was fairly certain that the flat was actually worse off than normal.

"Holmes!" he called out, attempting to wade through a large stack of papers. "Holmes, this mess of yours is completely intolerable."

"You've never complained about it before," said Holmes dryly from his preferred chair.

Watson chose not to touch that remark. "Holmes, how in the world do you expect me to locate my possessions when the room is in this state?"

Holmes raised an eyebrow and traced his lips with the stem of the pipe, looking expectantly at him.

Watson shook his head. "Would that be jealousy, Holmes?"

The man shrugged. "That's one way of putting it. In any case, your Mrs. Watson will thank me."

"How's that?"

He chuckled. "Why, Watson! Wherever would she store all of your belongings?"