Dean shoved his hands deep inside his pockets causing him to slouch like a moody teenager He hated Christmas shopping. Always had. His younger brother Sammy really wanted to celebrate this year. Still Dean said no. However, when Cas, his precious angel boyfriend had begged him to celebrate he couldn't help but say yes.

"It's out first Christmas together Dean, let's do it right." Cas had said.

And that's why he was in this stupid little store, because he can't say no to his angel with those stunning blue eyes.

"We need a theme for the tree." Sam said, looking over all the magical colours glittering in the light.

"Green." Cas answered.

"Dude, the tree is green. And Sam… Could you sound any more gay?" Dean sighed.

"Green is my favourite colour. Like your eyes Dean." Cas said glumly.

Dean felt himself blushing red. It was a manly blush, bear that in mind.

"Why don't we go green and blue?" Dean decided.

"I'm cool with that!" Sam said as he pulled out some tinsel.

They spent the next two or three hours going around the store. Sam and Cas were making most of the decisions.

"What do you think Dean?" Cas asked, holding up two reindeer decorations.

"I don't mind." Dean shrugged.

"Please Dean, I really want your opinion." Cas sighed.

"That one." Dean grunted, pointing at the gold glittering reindeer.

"Dean." Cas snapped, unhappy with his lack of interest.

Dean was bored, tired and slightly hungry. The pie from the cafe was making his stomach rumble. He was fast losing patience.

"You know what. You two do the shopping! I'm going to wait in the Impala." Dean yelled.

"It's best to leave him when he gets like that." Sam advised as he watched his brother storm off.

Cas sighed. He just wanted to make Dean happy, but whatever he tried he just made him angry.

Dean was about to leave the store when he noticed something.


He felt bad about his outburst and knew just how to make it up to Cas.

"So if you can meet us outside the store?" Sam asked down the phone.

"Sure." Dean agreed before hanging up.

He turned the ignition and his baby roared into life. He rolled her out if the car park and found Sam and Cas outside the shop loaded with bags and a decent sized tree. The three loaded the stuff into the car and attached the tree to the roof. Dean said nothing to Cas. Sam shook his head, hating how stubborn his older brother was.

Cas slumped down in the passengers seat beside Dean. Still not saying anything Dean reached into his pocket and pulled out the mistletoe. He tied it to the rear view mirror above their heads. He heard Sam chuckle in the back seat.

"Keep it clean you two." Sam said.

He really didn't want to have to go back outside into the cold snow.

Cas cocked his head to one side, not understanding.

"It's a Christmas tradition to kiss under the mistletoe. Don't ask me why." Dean explained.

Cas smiled and leant forward.

"Wait. I want to apologise for earlier. You have my full cooperation when it comes to decorating the tree." Dean babbled.

Cas smiled.

"Thank you. Now please." Cas said, nodding to the mistletoe.

"Gladly." Dean said, kissing his angel.