The five men sat gathered around the tree. Bobby had an armchair to himself, Gabriel and Sam lounged on one sofa while Cas and Dean cuddled up on the floor. Christmas day was the only day Dean was happy to get up early.

"Come on you two. Hand some presents out!" Bobby said to Cas and Dean.

Dean rolled his eyes and passed two presents to Bobby.

"One from the Winchesters and one from the Angels." Sam explained.

Dean and Sam had brought Bobby a shirt that said 'Idgits' on it. Cas and Gabe had found a rare and powerful knife.

"What did you get me?" Sam asked Gabriel.

Gabe grinned as he handed Sam his present wrapped in red and white wrapping paper which looked a lot like a candy cane. Sam cracked up laughing when he saw what it was. Moose antlers. Gabe grabbed them and shoved them on Sam's head.

"My moose." He said as Sam handed Gabe his present.

"No way...SO MUCH CANDY!" Gabriel cried like a child.

Different coloured wrappers fell onto his lap.

"Don't eat them all now, you'll make yourself sick." Sam warned.

Gabriel rolled his eyes as he popped a chocolate into his mouth.

"Come on Cas, I can't wait any longer. What did you get me?" Dean begged.

Cas handed him a medium sized box. Dean ripped the wrapping paper off to reveal the complete box set of Doctor Sexy MD.

"I love you forever." Was Dean's reaction.

He sat crossed legged reading out all the bonus features.

"I got you something else." Cas added.

Dean looked up, excitement in his eyes. Castiel handed him a large rectangular box.

"No way man. You got me an electric guitar!" Dean said, jumping for joy.

He jumped onto Cas' lap and showered him in kisses, not caring the others were still in the room.

"Oh great. Dean's gonna sound like a dying cat with that thing." Bobby whispered to Sam.

"Hey dude, catch." Sam said, throwing Dean a small flat square present.

Inside were a few CDs from his favourite bands.

"Upgrade from tapes." Sam commented.

Dean laughed and handed Sam his present.

"It was expensive so it joint between me and Cas." Dean explained.

"No way you got me a new iPod!" Sam cheered.

"What happened to your old one?" Bobby asked.

"It my pocket while on a hunt." Sam muttered.

"Clever moose." Gabe chuckled.

"So Dean what did you get my little bro?" Gabe mocked.

Dean suddenly blushed bright red and handed Cas a small box. It was wrapped in green and blue paper. Attached to the bottom was the hand made card.

"I almost forgot your card." Cas said, handing one to Dean.

Naturally the card was amazing. It looked exactly like the front of his Impala and Dean claimed he couldn't tell the difference.

" put so much detail into this card. No wonder it took you ages. They look exactly like my wings!" Cas praised, watching the card reflect the light.

"Open your present already. I'm so nervous I might throw up. That's a gift none of you want." Dean said, nerves clear in his voice.

Cas unwrapped the present to find a small, dark blue velvet box. He gasped when he opened it to find a silver ring.

"Dean...are this?" Was all the angel could muster.

"What is it?" Gabe whined.

Dean slowly got down on one knee.

"Yeah Cas...I am. know I love you and everything. (Jeez was this a chick flick moment) You raised me from Hell...what more can you do for a guy! You saved my ass countless times and somewhere along the line I fell in love. You have made me happy I was hoping. Castiel, angel of Thursday, will you marry me?" Dean proposed.

Cas threw his arms around Dean and sobbed into his shoulder. Even Bobby shed a few tears. Out of everyone there though, no one was crying more than Dean. He couldn't care less, this was the happiest he had ever been.

"I take that as a yes?" He said, hands shaking.

"Yes. Yes Dean of course!" Cas replied.

He put the ring on Cas' elegant finger and pulled him into a romantic kiss, just like the ones in the movies. This was by far the best Christmas ever!

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