She was sitting there again, in the kitchen on the bench top which I am trying to use to make some protein more edible, just staring into nothin', or everything, hard to tell. Ebony curls twitching as she looks at me with those all-knowing eyes

"The girl doesn't know everything, just more than imaginable by you, overgrown ape-man" she says with a smirk just as Mal stalks across into the kitchen and begins to pace, I'm about to ask him if he could make the 'little crazy person' leave him be when craziness herself leans over and whispers

"Does not advise irritating Captain Daddy, he's busy with other though process, man with a girl's name, high risk of being thrown out the airlock" and gives a curt nod. He hated to admit it but since Miranda he'd been listening to River and taking her advice under, well, advisement. Picking up on his 'though process' she gives his a small smile and just looks at him for a couple moments like she was trying to remember something important

"Captain Daddy, go to bed, all problems can be fixed when the morning cycle begins" she can see he's about to complain, Mal was always goin' on bout people givin' orders on his ship, like he ever really did own Serenity, so she interjects "don't want to be over-tired do we, little badgers can smell fear, did you know that, Captain. Must be ready for Persephone, picking up more aimless nomads, more mouths to feed, and you gotta keep you resident Crazy in her place, flyin' the ship" she scrunches up her face "must check up on her, she seems restless" she states this clearly and then flounces out in the general direction of the bridge.

"Well that was weird" I add simply after a few minutes of silence

"I think I'll be goin' off to bed now" the captain says with a shrug and leaves him alone in the kitchen, his protein had been forgotten the moment she had opened her mouth, he found himself no longer hungry and decides that seein' as he wasn't in need of food, or what people on this boat called food, he would just go to bed too. He needed to look as menacing as ever with Badger ever since the Miranda broad-wave, the little weasel had decided that Mal had done him a disservice by showing the world the truth about the alliance, not that it had done much. People had been shocked for all of 2 minutes 'fore the alliance had come up with some sad excuse that all them core folk had eaten up, even though they knew the alliance was lying' through their teeth, all they cared bout was status, but what did Mal think would happen, the worlds just don't want to change