Despite Rivers bitchin' they landed on Persephone without a problem, except that we had to meet with Badger, but he was consistently a problem. I try to be friendly, it's my mercenary's job to be menacing, my reader and pilot package's job to be creepy and my first mates job to be stoic.

"Mornin' Badger, how's yr world" I say in only a slightly sarcastic tone

"Let's quit the friendliness and start talkin' business, don't ya think Mal" say the irritating man with the cockney accent

"Kay, heard word you had some clients looking for safe passage to Boros and we think we can help"

"40% finder's fee" he says

"20%" I reply

"35%" he retorts

"30%" I reply

"32%" he snarls

"Deal, at 32% finder's fee, nice doing business with you"

We shake hand and me and my crew leave with Badgers clients, a guy about 20 and a girl about 14 claiming to be brother and sister and a woman in her late 20s to early 30s with startling blue eyes. Kaylee, as always wants to know everyone's names and there life story's so I leave them in her charge while I check up on the rest of my crew.

(Line break)

River liked the passengers, her favourites were the siblings, Celia and Alec, secrets cloud their minds. Some things Celia didn't know, like why they left, secrets to her but he knows why.

Celia knows that Alec wasn't always Alec, it was changed, to make it harder to find them, he had made them fugitives but she didn't really know why. River knew why, assaulted their father, left to bleed to death in an alley, but he had survived 'went crazy, my son did, and he kidnapped my sweet daughter', what wasn't added was that he was going to hurt Celia, in the worst way and he had stopped him. Celia never knew, he would never tell her, she didn't need to know why there father was dead, she needed a good father figure and he was going to let her have it, even if it killed him to hear his baby sister talk about their father like he was some 'gorram hero'.

River liked Alex, he was like a rimified version of Simon, she liked that he would put a bullet to anyone who would hurt his sister and she liked that he would do it without mercy.