"Oh Christmas Day in the morning"

John had expected his Christmas morning to start with Hamish loudly demanding a feed, so when he wakes to warm lips kissing down his neck and weak sunlight filtering through the curtains he's pleasantly surprised.

'Merry Christmas, John,' Sherlock rumbles, voice vibrating through both of them before tugging John onto his back and capturing his lips.

'Merry Christmas, love,' John says when he regains control of his mouth, 'Is that the promised present?'

'Just a promise,' Sherlock's smile curls into what can only be described as an impish grin, 'Hamish is going to want feeding again in a second and I don't like sharing.'

John nods before returning the favour, revelling in the pliant warmth of Sherlock's mouth as he kisses him deeply.

'There,' he murmurs when he pulls back, leaving Sherlock deliciously dazed, 'promises given and received. Now up! Everyone will be here soon and there's loads to do.'

'Right,' Sherlock rubs his eyes before following John over to the cot, where Hamish is, as predicted, starting to stir. He watches John scoop Hamish up and cuddle him close before turning, meeting Sherlock's eyes over the mess of blond curls. The look contains a depth of love that steals Sherlock's breath away.

This, he thinks as he steps forward to hug them both, is how all our Christmases should begin.

And that's the end of the Advent Calender! Thank you from both of us to everyone who read, commented and kudos. We hope you enjoyed reading as much as we enjoyed putting it together. Johnlock is definitely better than chocolate ;)

There's just one thing left to say now:

Meretricious, everyone, and a Happy New Year!