Beauty Pop Fan fiction…

Kiri's house is under renovation for the next 6 months and now where will they stay?! (This story takes place shortly after the ending, but I changed it so that Kiri never moved to L.A.)

Chapter 1.

Kiri's POV

I watched as my house drew further and further away from us. I was in a car with my dad on my way to Naru Naru's house. Why, you ask? Well, it started like this…


"Hey Kiri", my dad called out, "start packing your stuff, just your clothes and a couple of items, though."

"What, why?" I asked

"The roof has been leaking for a while, and I've just found out that it will soon collapse if we don't get fixed. The walls also need renovation, especially the ones from the kitchen and living room, and now we can't live here because of safety hazards" he sighed "what a pain."

"So what, where do we go now?"

"Well, the closest friend I have to here is Narumi… well; I wouldn't exactly call him my friend though… and you're already friends with his 2 kid's right? Yeah, that'll work!"



"Nothing. When do we leave?"

"By the end of this week, so 4 days." He turned to leave when he turned. "Hey, by the way, make sure you pack some sweaters, it's supposed to start snowing soon."


Now, here I was, on my way to Naru Naru's house. 3 days ago, when he found out that I'd be staying over, man, did he flow a fuse… I'm still surprised he hasn't popped a blood vessel yet. My dad had tried to start a conversation, but it was no use since I was really tired and cold, because I had to get up early to pack everything in the car and because I had forgotten to wear my coat even though I knew it was snowing outside, typical. We pulled up to the curb of my new house for the next 6 months and I could see Naru Naru's dad standing beside him at the front door trying to get him to kiss his father.

WOW, what a house. I thought, as I looked at the huge structure that was in front of me.

As I got out of the car, I could feel Naru Naru staring intently at me. When I looked over at him as I was taking my suitcase out of the car, he seemed really embarrassed and blushed, then looked away. I had no idea what he was doing and why. Well, to be honest, I kind of knew why. What, after confessing your love to someone and now ending up living with them for the next 6 months, you'd obviously be acting like this. Especially since he didn't know whether he would be rejected or not…

Normal POV

Kiri was lead by Chisami to a room upstairs, which was on the same side as Narumi's and Chisami's room. Narumi's room was down the hall, while Chisami's room was right next to Kiri's room, on the left. After showing her the way to her room, Chisami left Kiri in the room, saying she'd be back later to call her down for lunch. She started unpacking her things, but decided not to until after she took her nap. As she lay on her new bed, she decided to look and engulf her surroundings. The room was neatly yet beautifully arranged. The walls were painted a light green, with bed sheets and curtains of a darker shade. There was a desk in the corner of the room, near the window. A folder was placed upon it, and many sheets of paper on and surrounding the desk. There was a pencil and eraser just on top of the papers. As the cold chilly wind blew into the room through the open window, most of the papers flew all over the floor. Kiri got up to close the window, as it was getting really cold inside and also to pick up the sheets of paper that had fallen.

As she got closer to the pieces of paper, she could see that they were sketches, rather familiar sketches… they were Narumi's hairstyling sketches! Kiri slowly figured out that this room, in fact, was Narumi's sketching room.

Why doesn't he just set up a desk in his own room and sketch in there? She wondered. Well, it's HIS house after all. She she walked around the room picking up some more sketches, one caught her eye. It was a sketch, and its hairstyle looked vaguely familiar. It was a layered bob, and somehow, the face looked familiar. It was a sketch of Kiri herself. But before she could think anything of it, her thoughts were interrupted because of the yelling she could hear outside of her room. She could hear loud footsteps stomping towards her room.

Naru Naru POV

"Dad, leave me alone!" I shouted.

"Sho-Chan, some here and give your Papa a kiss, right now!" My dad called after me as I raced upstairs into my sketching room.

I have so much on my mind right now, and that old man is trying to make me kiss him, YUCK! I thought. Suddenly, a picture of Mussy Head popped into my mind. Wait, how'd that get there?! She's probably sleeping right now, in her room for the next 6 months. Chisami said her room was right next to her room. She didn't say whether on the right or left, but nobody's THAT dumb to put her in my sketching room? Boy, was I wrong. Still thinking she was on the right side, I barged into my sketching room. I was halfway into the room when I realized Mussy Head was also there. Of course, why not, just put her in my sketching room, very smart Chisami. I thought bitterly.

"Hey", I heard her say behind me.

Good thing I was near the bed, because before I could respond, my world blacked out and I landed on the bed with a thump.