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Chapter 3

Kiri's POV

I walked out of the room, sighing and shaking my head as I closed the door behind me. A smile played at my lips, but I didn't think too much of what had just happened. I sighed, yet again. This was going to be a long 6 months.

At school the next day,

Normal POV

They had all gone to the SP room before school had started to discuss their next SP project. Ochi (heehee, that's what I'm going to call him XD) was busy talking away, and much to his irritation, no one seemed to be paying even so much as a glance to him. Kanako was busy blushing and talking to a very shy Kenichiro, who, also was blushing. Iori was busy talking to a crowd of girls out the window, all while spraying them with his perfumes and oils. Kei was at the SP door, taking sweets and candy from the girls who were offering him some. Kiri was half asleep on the couch, while Narumi was doing the usual; trying to wake her up by yelling into her ear like the world was going to end.

"Wake up, DAMMIT!" he yelled. He then ruffled her hair to get her to wake the hell up, and I might add, a bit too playfully. She groaned and slowly got up and looked up at Narumi when she noticed his hand in her hair. She looked up at him, as he was leaning beside her and he blushed and pulled his hand away. She didn't say anything, but you could tell she hadn't exactly minded the fact that his hand had been playing around with her hair. The rest of the SP group had gone quiet, as they gazed at the two showing their 'affections' for each other. Narumi was looking out the window now, and Kiri was still slowly getting up from her little nap. Nobody said anything, but simple stared at them. Suddenly, a dark aura started emanating from Ochi. Everyone turned to look at him tentatively.

"You all are here, slacking off while I work my butt off?! Psh, no way, my friends. That isn't how it's going to work around here! Now listen up, there is a runway fashion show happening in 2 weeks at the mall and I, just last night, got a call. We're doing the makeup and hair of each model, including the aromatherapy and everything else." Ochi started.

"What?! Really?" Everyone said, all awed.

"I entered us in a concert to see which amateur group would be able to get each model ready and we won." Ochi said. As always, he was full of surprises.

"Why didn't YOU tell us before?" Iori wailed, obviously looking a little insulted.

Ochi sighed. "I didn't want to get anybody's hopes up; there were a lot of groups who entered."

"Well, we're going to have to practice every day after school! Where are we going to do it?" Narumi said, excited because of this amazing opportunity. Everyone in the room looked over at the still half asleep girl. She lifted her head up because of the uneasy feeling of all eyes on her.

"What" She half groaned, half mumbled.

"O-oh, Kiri-chan we're meeting at your house every day after school for practice" Kanako shuffled.

"Yeah, yeah" Kiri groaned just as the bell rang.

"Ugh, not cute at all" Narumi glared at the spot Kiri was standing before she left for class.

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