Title:Keep Holding On

Summary:Alfons has a nightmare, but Ed knows how to handle those. He's got an Alphonse back home, and Ed wonders whether or not helping this Al, protects his own.



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Keep Holding On


Edward runs through the apartment, turning the corner again, stumbling blinding through his drowsy stupor. The taller blonde boy's screams can be heard through out the rooms, and Edward came running. How many times had he heard those screams?


"Edward! Edward, please!"

Edward burst into the younger boy's room, and saw the boy writhing on the bed, his sweaty palm gripping the sheets, desperately trying to stay out of the torments in his head.

"Alfons! Alfons, wake up! It's just a dream!" Alfons was crying as he found the older boy next to him, finally coming into consciousness. He wrapped his arms around the older boy, sobbing into his lap. Ed expected this response, and simply stroked the too-long hair on the back of neck.

"Shhh," Ed whispered. "Al, it was only a dream."

"I know, brother, but I was so afraid..."

Ed stiffened, remembering.

"I know," Alfons reiterated his counterpart from Amestris, stopping to sniff away the tears,"but...I was so afraid..." Alfons closed his eyes tight, then pulled away from Ed.

"I'm sorry," he said. "I should've...I'm sorry. Thank you for coming, Edward, but I woke you up. I..."

Al was stumbling and blushing, but Ed just smiled, and lightly punched his friend's arm.

"It's okay...this kinda thing...it keeps me sane," he whispered. Alfons stared at the older boy.

"It reminds you of your brother...doesn't it?" he asked.

Ed didn't look over at Al, but still nodded. "Yeah...Al, you really are like him. A lot. I know you don't want to hear that, but you two are practically identical."

Alfons looked away. Every time Ed said that it did hurt him a little. Alfons was an individual, not a replica. Ed thought everything over hear was a dream, a mirror image. But it wasn't true, it couldn't be. Al shook the thought away. He didn't want to argue with Edward, much less resent him. He laid back down, and smiled at Edward.

"Thank you..." he mumbled, nuzzling into the sheets.

Ed laughed gently, and started to rise.


Ed turned. Alfons smiled sheepishly at him. "Can you stay with me...till I fall asleep?"

Ed smiled at the boy who looked so like his brother.

"Edward...I don't wanna wake mom up...can I sleep in your bed? Just for tonight. Please?"

"Yeah, Al," Ed said, sitting in the chair next to the younger's bed, taking Al's hand. "Yeah, I will."

Alfons Heiderich was the last piece of his brother he had to hold on to. He would do whatever he asked, to keep holding on to it.