A/N-This idea came to me the other day watching an episode of "Dick Van Dyke". Let me know what you think.

Rob had retired from being a television writer for about 20 years and he was proud of his accomplishments, he had even wrote a few screen plays and wrote a few plays on broadway. He finally managed to write a book with Sally's help before she passed away. So he spent all his time with Laura trying to make up for the time he had to spend away from her.

They were vacating in Brazil, one of the places that they both wanted to go to before they died. They were walking on the beautiful beach and the sand that was under their feet was luxurious, the weather was extremely beautiful and the breeze was blowing slightly. Laura had her arms around Rob and she was smiling, she threw out one of her arms and said. "Oh Rob! I can't belive we are actually here! This place is so beautiful!" She gives him a little hug and lays her head on his shoulder for a second than Rob says. "I am so glad we were finally able to come...we deserve this..." He turns to her and says. "You deserve this. You've gone through a lot with me...the Alan Brady show, Alan Brady himself!" She giggles then says. "It wasn't so bad". He looks at her with a questioning look then she says. "At least it helped you get ready you for writing for those Hollywood shows". He smiles then says. "At least it helped you get ready you for being jealous of those Hollywood stars". She tells him. "I was never jealous of any of those dancers or guest stars in New York !"

He doesn't say a word and a smile breaks out in Laura's face then she says. "Well, maybe once or twice". He looks at her again without saying a word and she breaks out in laughter then says. "Or 400 times!" They both roar with laughter over that and he raises his hand then says. "Finally the truth!" She then says. "Well, I wasn't jealous in Hollywood". He looks at her and smiles and then she says. "Not as much!"

They laugh at the memories of a lifetime with each other and Rob sits down in a lounge chair nearby them and she asks. "What are you doing?" He takes off his shoes then says. "I'm taking my shoes off to walk on the sandy white beach". She then says. "Rob..." He gets up and says. "Well, here I go for a walk on the beach of beautiful Brazil". She scratches the side of her face and says. "Rob...". He steps out on the sand and walks maybe five feet and then he makes an agonizing face and hops back to the lounge chair then says. "M-m-maybe I'll wait until the sun goes down and we can walk together". She laughs and when he gets his shoes back on they walk around some more and a child's beach toy comes rolling out in front of him, he picks it up and sees the little girl in a red one piece bathing suit and throws it back to her. They spot a speed boat racing in the water, Rob picks up a shell and holds it to his wife's ear...then they see a fishermen getting in his modest little boat to go out to get his catch of the day. They just enjoy the time together in their twilight years.

They finally get to the end of the beach and they start to turn around and go back when Laura spots a road going up one of the mountains and she looks up and she sees a beautiful house at the end of the twisting road and she says. "Look Rob!" He looks up the mountain and sees the house and a dozen or so cars parked around and he says. "Somebody's home on top of the mountain". She sees all the cars and the cars continuing to go up there and she asks. "I wonder what is going on?" He shrugs his shoulders then says. "I have no idea, let's go on honey". They start to turn to go when Laura sees a sign that says 'Estate sale' then she says.

"Oh look honey". He looks at the sign then asks. "So?" Excited, she says. "Oh! Let's go up there Rob! Come on, I've never been in a home in the mountains of Brazil!" He laughs and shakes his head then she starts to take off for the walkway up the mountain then he says. "Hold on Laura, I know you and I are in good shape but let's face it with me in my 80's and you, well, um, 70 something...cough...Ritchie will be ..." He has his hand go downwards and he makes the sign for 'in the ground". She looks up at the road then says. "I suppose you are right, come on...race you to the car"

They turn around to do a brisk walk back to the car and they look out over the vast ocean and see a man hang gliding then they finally get to their car and go up to the mountain and drive on the long and twisting road and see the pyramid roof on the house and they get out and go in and the first thing they see is how the living room is built around a huge tree of Brazil and Laura's mouth falls open and she says. "Rob! Look at that!" He goes up to it and says. "Oh yes, it's a copaifer langsdorfin, a native tree. It's illegal to cut down one of these so they built around it...pretty clever I would say. I think there's a hotel down by ours with a tree in its lobby". She keeps looking at the tree and she say. "It's just so amazing! I never have seen a tree in the middle of a living room!" He snickers then says. "How about a huge rock in someone's basement?" She turns to him and laughs as they think of the rock in their late friend Jerry's home and they go on and walk around and Laura says. "Oh, look at these huge window's"

Rob shakes his head and they walk around the place and see all the items up for sale then Laura says. "Oh Rob, you know what this reminds me of?" He turns to her and asks. "What?"

She then tells him. "You remember that auction we went to that time in New York so you and Buddy and Sally could write a sketch for Alan?" He smiles and says. "Oh right, well, nothing like that will happen here, this is a sale, not an auction. And I'm sure there won't be a 'thing' here". They walk around and look at the fabulous things of the owner that they are selling and when Rob goes over to look at a great painting of some Brazilian hunters, Laura walks away then she steps in front of a huge painting and her blue eyes go huge in horror then she says. "Rob? Rob dear? Would you come over here please?" He turns to her and asks. "What is it?" She silently points to the painting and all color drains from his face and he looks around then he puts his hand on his face while Laura wants to die.