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Ella sat on the couch with the painting sitting 5 five in front of her then she hears the keys turning in the front door then in comes Laura and Rob happily chatting then Laura asked,

"How are you Ella? I'm sorry it's been a long day but..."

She stopped talking when she saw the painting, all color drained from her face. Rob still hasn't seen the picture, he closed the door but the color drained from his face also when he saw the painted shame of the Petrie family. In his focus on the painting, he almost tripped over the stool in front of the chair but at the last moment, he did a side step and avoided it. He pointed to the painting and he asked,

"How, how, how, how..."

Laura looked at him, she nodded her head then asked nervously,

"Who, who, who,who...?"

Ella made a face then she stood up then said "One asks How, how, how and the the other one asked who, who, who...sounds like mock American Indian and hoot owl but let me explain. "

She walked over to the painting then said, "I didn't 'go looking' for it, a personal item of mine fell out of my hands and rolled by it, I found it and this too. I just had one of my news feelings and I took the cover off, I'm sorry about invading your privacy but now that..."

Ella stood directly in front of the painting then asked, "Now, that everything and I mean everything is out in the open, can somebody tell me the secret of this? I know there's got to be one with a beauty like this."

Laura said, "Well, you think it's a beauty?"

She smiled then she said, "Yes, whoever painted it has real talent and you were a perfect model."

Laura beams with pride then Rob shouted: "Laura!"

Laura twisted her hands then she looked at her husband then back at Ella then tells here the whole story...wanting to make a painting for here husband...the painter taken advantage and removing the clothes , Laura throwing the white paint on it to try to destroy it then Rob blackmailing the painter into selling it to a man in Brazil. Then how Rob and Laura re discovered the painting in the estate sale, hiding it in the hotel, finding out about the 'curse' on it then Rob getting a "witch" to remove the curse with a weird dance. Now, trying to decide what to do with it.

Laura then finally said, "And that's all of it, the whole sorry story."

Rob then spoke up then said, "Whoa, after all that, I need a drink of water."

He starts to go to the kitchen then Ella asked him,

"Just one thing Rob, you said this witch doctor danced on chicken feet that looked like shoes?"

Rob nodded his head then did a weird impersonation of the dance into the kitchen then Laura looked back at the painting then asked,

"But what are we going to do with that?"

Ella turned to look at it then she said, "Simple...paint over it."

Rob walked back in the living room with a glass of water, took a drink then asked,

"But who are we going to get to do it? We don't want just anybody seeing this."

Laura shook her head in agreement then Ella said, "Simple, I'll do it."

Rob and Laura look at each other in shock and surprise then finally the both ask at the same time, "YOU?"

Ella shook her head again then she said,

"Sure, painting is one of my hobbies , has been since I was a kid, it's something to do when you're sitting around bored. I didn't bring my painting supplies with me because I didn't think I would need them on this trip but I'm sure we can scrounge something up in New Rochelle"

Laura and Rob looked at each other then Rob asked, "You can really do this Ella?"

Ella thinks about it then she asked, "You have a computer?"

Rob nodded his head then said "Sure"

He walked over to the dining room table, opened up the computer, pressed the power button then put in the password then Ella walked over then she said, "Type in Mayberry museum"

He looked at Laura, she nodded her head with enthusiasm then when the museum picture comes up Ella says,

"Click on gallery."

Rob does as he is told then the first thing that pops up is a beautiful, amazing painting ! A beautiful painting of two American Indians, a male and a female holding hands in a awesome back drop of a red sunset. Laura then asked, "YOU PAINTED THAT?"

Rob zooms in on a small section at the bottom of the painting then said, "Yes, she did."

He shows Laura Ella's signature then Laura said, "Ella, that's beautiful"

Ella blushes then she said, "My editor used to own was a horrible smaller version of that so one day I asked him if I could redo it, he gladly said yes because he had seen some other paintings I had done over so...I took my time and created that...he was so impressed that it he invited the whole town, nobody had ever seen such goings on since Aunt Bea had that rich cousin of hers come visiting back in the 60's. Then after he died, his wife donated it to the museum."

Laura looked back at Ella's painting then she asked,

"Ella, why didn't you do this professionally? You're GOOD."

Ella shrugged her shoulders then said, "Oh, it was always just a hobby...I enjoy painting but I have always enjoyed the newspaper business more"

Rob then asked, "But why paint over paintings?"

Ella sat down on the couch then said, "I don't know, I've always liked the idea of making something ugly into something beautiful."

Laura walked over to the painting of her in the buff then said, "What can you do with that?"

Ella looks at the painting then stood up then said, "I got some ideas but Rob, I need you to run down to the craft store and get some paints and brushes."

Rob looked at Laura then said, "I'm gone."

Ella then said, "Let me write down what you need to get, you can't just get anything."

Laura gets a small notebook, tore out a sheet then picked up a pencil then writes down what Ella tells her then she gave the sheet to Rob

then he ran out the door.


Slowly over the long night, Ella sets to redoing the painting while Laura and Rob try to busy themselves with different activities to help pass the time...playing cards, eating dinner ( very little of it ), trying to read books and watching t.v. then in the wee hours of the morning, they are in their pajamas pacing back and forth then finally Ella walked into the living room from the study wiping her hands with a rag then Rob and Laura both jumped up then Laura asked, "Well?"

Ella looked at them then said, "It's finished."

Laura smiles with excitement then Rob asked, "Why didn't you bring it in here?"

Ella then said, "Well, it's still wet; it's got to dry."

Laura asked, "Can we go see it?"

Ella shrugged her shoulders then said, "Of coarse."

Rob, Laura and Ella walked into the study, turn on the light then they quickly go over, Laura gasps in amazement while Rob smiles wide and proudly then he says, "Ella! That's beautiful and perfect!"

Laura then said, "Ella, I don't know how you did it, it looks even better than the first."

Ella walked over then she said, "Well, really it was easier than 'Indian Lovers', the man who painted this did do a good job so I just used basically what he had. The white paint you threw on it really looked like falling snow so I expanded on that idea more than he did."

Rob then said, "Well, it looks perfect."

Ella then goes on, "If you noticed, I moved Laura's arms to the front. Painted a black and white coat on, blue scarf...I hope you don't mind me painting your hair longer Laura."

Laura shook her head then said, "No, I don't, in fact, I did wear my hair like that in the 70's, remember Rob?"

He gave a little evil smile then said, "Yes, it was good for...the fingers."

Laura smiled then blushed then said, "I like how I'm throwing the hat in the air also Ella."

Ella shrugged her shoulders then said, "I thought that was a nice touch to make over that light blue burst of whatever he had painted in that spot."

They all stand back admiring the painting then Ella said, "Well, Laura, it looks like you are going to make it after all."

Laura then said, "Thanks to you Ella."

They all stood around admiring the picture of Laura throwing her hat happily into the winter air, snow falling all around her and a beautiful snow hill in the background.

The End

Well, that's it; what do you think? I had Ella do the painting with Laura throwing her hat into the air to tie in with Mary Tyler Moore's show in the 70's, she did that with throwing her hat into the air but in front of buildings and the tag line on that show was "You're going to make it after all " I tried to tie it all in to give respect to Mary Tyler Moore in both her roles. I hope you liked this and if you did, please review.

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