A/N-Yes, I have changed the title of the story to 'November Rain', I wanted a title to be similar with 'October's Eve', the name of the episode this story is based on. On the episode, Laura had a blouse she had got from Rob and the painter , well...he 'removed' the blouse in the painting and so Laura was as she was born... . Rob found a loophole and he blackmailed the painter into selling it to a buyer in Brazil, so I'm just doing like a part two! Please read and enjoy!

Laura and Rob still stood in front of the painting looking in disbelief at it then Laura says. "I can't believe it! I just can't believe it! It's resurfaced!" Rob just keeps looking and staring then Laura asks. "Rob?" He stares at it for a few minutes more than he says. "Oh, I'm sorry. I just can't believe it!" Laura then asks. "What are we going to do about it?" He looks at her then asks. "What can we do about it?" She throws her hand up into the air and she asks. "Buy it"

He walks closer to the price tag, looks at it, whistles and says. "It's 20 thousand dollars!" She turns to him and says. "We can afford it Rob!" He turns around to face her and says. "Laura, its twenty thousand dollars ! We can't spend 20 thousand on a painting!" She looks around and she whispers to him. "Rob, we cannot afford to not buy that painting!" He looks at the painting then he makes a face then says. "Oh, come on Laura, this is Brazil ! It's not like anybody is going to see this!" She looks at him and she says. "Uh-huh". Rob walks around but he keeps looking at the painting then he stands next to a woman and man and he overhears the woman say. "Oh, George! I just can't decide which painting to get, they are both so wonderful!" That captures Rob's attention and he listens to the rest of their conversation and George says. "I think either one of them would be an excellent choice...". Rob goes over to Laura and he says in a low voice. "Laura, our problems are solved. That couple may buy the painting!" She then asks him. "And how is that good news?" He shakes his head then says. "Well, um, they probably are going to buy it for their beach house in Bermuda." He coughs then says. "I'm going to go back over there and persuade them...they are looking at the other painting". She doesn't say a word, just watches Rob go back over there and he overhears them say..."Let's go over each of them carefully, either one would be a wonderful donation!"

Rob's ear perk up at the word 'donation' and he looks around then walks over to them and says. "Um, excuse me...my name is Rob Petrie and I, help people solve their problems. Can I help you with yours?" The man turns to him and says. "We can't pay" Rob fiddles with the button on his coat then says. "Oh! I don't want any money, I never ask for any money! I just...do it. I like to help people" Tensions eases between all three of them then the man says. "Well, we are from the School of Visual Arts and we're here to buy a painting to give to them to thank them for all they done for us and for the community". Rob tries to keep his voice under control and he asks. "F-for the School of Visual Arts you say?" The woman shakes her head and she says. "Particularly for the creative writing program...they are doing a Brazilian arts program now. That's why we are down here ". Laura comes over and Rob says. "Oh, this is my wife Laura, these are people from the School of Visual Arts, they are here to buy a painting for the school" Laura does her best to keep a straight face and she says.

"School of Visual Arts?" The man shakes his head and he says. "Yes, I'm Mason Farris and this is Helen Turney". Laura puts out her hand for them to shake and they do and Helen says. "Petrie? That name sounds so familiar, oh, I know! Richard Petrie! My, what a small world!" Laura looks at Rob and says. "Yes, it is. My son teaches at your school and we're his parents" Rob whispers in Laura's ear. "I'm getting a headache" Laura says through the smile she plasters on her face. "It will get worse if they buy that painting"

Rob "smiles" and he turns to the couple and he says. "So, you're trying to decide on the paintings?" The woman shakes her head and says. " Yes, either this painting which is called'Warriors on a Hunt' or 'October's Eve'." Rob looks at both then asks. "Both are great paintings, what's the, um, problem?" She gives a confused, ugly look and she says. "Well, wouldn't it be passe to buy a Brazilian painting for a class that's working on Brazilian writings?" Rob turns to them and says. "No, that's exactly why it wouldn't be passe, it would be an inspiration ! Look, it's an inspired painting...the brilliant use of colors, the way the painter used light, in my view he painted such a realistic subject. You can not only see the scars of the battle on these men but the scars in their souls. I think getting this one would be an inspiration to the students at your school...". He throws his arm to October's Eve and says. "This one, tho as brilliant as this one...it is passe. You can get this painting off of every street corner in New York"

Mason and Helen look at each other than Mason says. "Its settled, we will by 'Warriors on a Hunt', thank you Mister Petrie" They shake hands than Rob goes to Laura and they both give a huge sigh of relief than Rob says. "Whew, well, we got rid of that" Laura then says. "Yes, but what about the next one? Rob, we need to buy this painting and get out of here" Rob looks around and sees an empty corridor for them to go have a private talk so he gets her by the elbow/ arm and takes her over there and he says. "Look, at least we got them not to buy it and I admit that's a close one but come on! This is 20 thousand dollars! I say let it go, let it go to some place in England...hopefully" Frustrated, Laura turns around and she sees another younger couple talking to a man and pointing to her picture then she says. "You better go find out if it is going to England" She points to the young man and woman talking to an older man and Rob looks at them and beads of sweat come out on him.