Hogwarts - A Homecoming
Advent's Calendar 201
by Healer Pomfrey

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December 13

"I know, Sevvy," Harry replied, calmly. "But it's all right." With that he took the Howler from the table, folded it and slid it into the pocket of his jeans, before he realised that everyone else sitting at the table was watching the scene. He let out a long sigh and explained for everyone to hear, "Yesterday, I met with Ginny Weasley and told her that I can't get together with her." His mouth stretched to a small smile, when he felt Hermione's hand squeeze his own under the table.

"Don't worry, Harry. Ginny and Ron will get over this," Professor McGonagall said kindly, giving Harry a fond look from the opposite side of the table.

"I hope so," Harry replied in a subdued voice, all of a sudden feeling very nauseous. He slowly rose from his chair and quickly told Hermione that he was going back to their quarters.

"No Harry, you haven't eaten anything yet," Hermione protested, eyeing her best friend in concern. His face had taken on a yellowish shade. "Harry..."

"Mama," Sevvy interrupted her, sounding terrified, "wook Dada's hands."

Harry slowly raised his right hand that felt incredibly heavy and stared at it in shock. Large, pink pustules were quickly spreading over his skin. He questioningly looked at Hermione.

In the meantime, the teachers had become aware of the commotion, and Madam Pomfrey and Professor McGonagall stepped around the table.

"Mr. Potter, I believe that you have been poisoned," the Healer said, calmly. "Please accompany me to the hospital wing." To Severus, who seemed to be panicking, she said, "Don't worry, sweetheart. This is only a prank, and your daddy will be fine again soon."


While Harry had to spend two days in the hospital wing with a very itchy skin and a high fever, Hermione tried to distract Severus by taking him to the room of requirement, where she had made a huge indoor playground for him. While she was observing the small boy enjoying himself, she engrossed herself in her own thoughts. 'Sevvy called me Mama,' she remembered, 'I love it, even if he only said it when he was panicking about Harry. But I need to give Harry time, considering that he only just now told Ginny off.'

She was pulled out of her thoughts, when Severus climbed onto her lap. "Is dada awwight?" he asked, his small face scrunched in concern.

Hermione pulled the small boy into a hug. "Yes Sevvy, dada will be okay. Someone played a prank on him, which is a bit painful for him but otherwise harmless. He'll be fully healthy again tomorrow or the day after. Do you want to go to the Potions classroom and brew a potion?"

Severus happily agreed, and the two made their way to the Potions classroom with a small detour to Madam Pomfrey's office to ask if the Healer needed any potions for the hospital wing. During the next two days, Hermione and Sevvy brewed several batches of potions. Of course Hermione did all the work for which a knife was needed; however, Sevvy busied himself fetching ingredients and also adding ingredients to the potions under Hermione's watchful eyes.


A few days later, Harry received a huge packet labelled 'WWW'.

"Be careful, Harry," Hermione warned him, seeing that he extended his hand to open it.

"Ah Mione, it's from the twins, and they won't want to harm me," Harry replied, trying to sound more confident than he actually was, and hesitantly opened the box. It was filled with all kinds of goodies from the joke shop as well as a small parchment.

'Our apologies, Harrykins.
Please understand that we had to do what we did or Ronnykins would have killed us for sure.
Your big brothers Gred and Forge'

Hermione let out a snort, while Harry examined the content of the box with amusement.

At the Burrow

Ron could not wait for Hogwarts to begin again. 'I hope everything will go well. I wonder how Voldemort will reward me,' he mused, finally coming to the conclusion that it would already be a great reward to know that Severus was going to be taken away from Harry. 'He really deserves that something like that happens,' he thought, feeling very jealous of his friend, while he got ready for bed in the evening of the last day of the summer holidays.

At Hogwarts

Hermione, Harry and Severus were spending a quiet day in their quarters. In fact, the head girl and head boy had been supposed to apparate to London and ride the Hogwarts Express back to the school; however, since the previous night, Sevvy was suffering from a bad chest cold that was resistant against Pepperup potion. Therefore, Hermione and Harry had begged the Headmistress to excuse them from the train travel, and McGonagall had agreed immediately, knowing that Sevvy needed his parents nearby, especially when he was unwell.

The two students were sitting on the sofa next to each other with a sleeping Severus spread over their laps.

"I hope he'll be all right in the morning, so that we can take him with us to class," Harry said quietly, absentmindedly observing Hermione gently bathe the child's flushed face with a cold cloth. 'She makes an awesome mother,' he thought, feeling very happy to be alone with the girl and Severus.

"Well, otherwise we'll have to leave him with Poppy," Hermione replied. "I just hope that you're not going to catch his cold like you usually do," she added, sighing.

According to the Healer, Severus' immune system had suffered from his previous death, which was the reason why the small boy caught colds and other illnesses almost every week. Unfortunately, due to the neglect by his relatives, Harry's condition was not much better, and he often shared Severus' ailments.

'She is beautiful,' Harry mused, staring at his friend, who looked at him in concern. "Mione," he heard himself speak up without even thinking about what he was going to say. "Will you become my wife and Severus' mother?"

Hermione's expression turned into surprise. "Sorry," Harry said quickly, "if this is too sudden or too early or quickly or..." He slowly trailed off, unsure what to say.


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