Hogwarts - A Homecoming
Advent's Calendar 201
by Healer Pomfrey

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December 25

It was only five o'clock in the morning, when Sevvy scrambled into his parents' bed and asked excitedly, "Can we build the snowman now?"

Hermione inwardly groaned, glancing at the time display at the ceiling. "No Sevvy, come, lie down and sleep for a little more," she sleepily instructed the boy, cuddling the child close.

Harry merely cast his wife and son a bleary look and turned around, continuing to sleep, until Sevvy woke up again two hours later.


The small family attended breakfast in the Great Hall, where huge piles of presents were placed around the tree stand turned cauldron under the Christmas tree.

"Sevvy, you have to eat a bit more, before you may go and look for your presents," Pomfrey instructed the child, noticing that he barely ate anything, as his eyes kept wandering off to the tree.

Finally, everyone was finished with dinner, and Sevvy dashed away, soon returning happily, carrying a heavy present with his name on it.

"Oh noo," Hermione groaned upon seeing the sender, 'WWW.'

Sevvy tore off the wrapping, revealing an old tome. "Wow," he blurted out in amazement, showing the book to his parents.

"The Tomfoolery Almanach," Harry read aloud, rolling his eyes in annoyance. "Just what he needed," he mumbled, causing everyone to laugh at his exasperated expression.

'Dad, don't scold the Weasley twins,' Sevvy suddenly thought to him. 'This book his very old and rare, and it must have cost them a fortune to lay their hands on it. I'm really happy about it, and don't worry; I'll use it wisely.'

Harry looked at the child in surprise; however, the two-year-old merely returned an unobtrusive nod, before he jumped up from his chair to look for the next present.

Severus received books and toys from all the teachers, and it took him a whole hour to unwrap everything. Finally, McGonagall handed him a wooden box, which had small holes here and there.

Getting very excited, Sevvy opened the box, revealing a kitten. It was completely white, only the paws and the tip of its tail were black, and everyone let out a collective "Awww" at its sight. Shouting a happy "Thank you" in the direction of Minerva, Severus carefully took the cat out of the box, cuddling it close. "Hello Loki," he then said, "I'm Sevvy."

Harry observed the boy in surprise. 'I didn't know that he liked cats,' he thought. 'I'm very happy for him though, and it's a real cutie.'

Severus grinned, as he telepathically relayed to his father, 'Loki was the ancient god of mischief.'


"Very well then, shall we head outside for our snowman contest?" McGonagall suggested.

Animatedly talking and chuckling, the whole group went out onto the grounds, apart from Loki, whom Cicero took with him to care for the kitten until their return.

"Sevvy, what are we going to build?" Hermione enquired, curiously eying the child.

"Let me guess," Harry spoke up, grinning. "Are you going to build your little sister?"

Severus looked up in apparent shock. "I want to build a cat," he then replied.

"All right," his parents agreed and helped the boy build his cat that looked like Professor McGonagall's Animagus form.

Even if Severus was wide awake and well and therefore could rely on his adult self's mind so that he knew exactly what he wanted to do, his body was that of a two-year-old and couldn't keep up with his expectations. However, after an hour of intense work, the three were contented with their work and returned to the Great Hall to warm up with a cup of tea.

It took another hour, before everyone was back inside, and Professors Pomfrey and Flitwick, who were the jury for the contest, headed out into the snow and examine the participants' work.

"Let's go with them and take a look at the other snowmen," Hermione suggested, and Harry readily agreed.

However, all of a sudden, Sevvy had vanished from the spot. Everyone searched the Great Hall for the child to no avail. Only when Hermione announced that she was going to return to their quarters to look for the boy, McGonagall suddenly let out a gasp, pointing to the fireplace.

"Oh Loki is there, sleeping in front of the fireplace together with another cat," Harry pointed out to his wife, "but where's Sevvy?"

McGonagall let out a long sigh. "I'm sorry, Harry, Hermione," she apologized. "I completely forgot to tell you that, mainly probably because I didn't think that he was capable of transforming at his age, but Sevvy's a magical lynx Animagus."

"Sevvy, is that you?" Hermione queried, staring at the black cat.

The lynx lazily stretched his arms and legs, before he slowly nodded his head.

"Well, Sevvy, you better transform back and join us," Harry informed him, seeing that the jury just returned to the Head table.

Everyone including Sevvy in his human form took their seats again, and Pomfrey and Flitwick announced the result. They awarded the third prize, containing of a five Galleon voucher from Honeydukes, to two Slytherin second years for their attempt to build a miniature potions lab, and the second prize, a five Galleon voucher from WWW to three Hufflepuff third years for a life size statue of their Head of House.

Finally, Pomfrey said, "and the first prize, a ten Galleon voucher from WWW, goes to Sevvy Snape and his parents for a perfect image of Professor McGonagall's Animagus form. Congratulation, Sevvy."

"Thank you, Aunt Poppy," Sevvy replied, happily accepting the voucher. "But that wasn't Minewva's Animagus fowm but that of my baby sista, cause I'm going to teach hea to become a cat Animagus."

While everyone excitedly discussed his announcement of the soon to be expected youngest resident of Hogwarts, Sevvy climbed on Harry's lap, tiredly leaning into his robes. 'That was my bested Christmas ever,' he thought, happily, as he drifted off to sleep with a smile playing on his lips.

The End

Thank you all so much for your continuous support throughout this story. As announced earlier, this story is dedicated to my friend Faye.

Merry Christmas to you all!